sql server – Thrown to prevent the insertion of duplicate data

I have a table named dbo.Inventory in SQL Server 2016 as follows:

ProdCode     UPCCode     
   1          11111
   2          11112
   3          11113

When I add a new line, I have to write a trigger that looks for a duplicate in that column. If it is a duplicate, there must be an error and not change the field. If not, it must be inserted as usual. I'm really sure how I would do it, any help would be very grateful!

If you were president, what would you do to prevent weekly mass shootings in the United States?

Nothing. Unfortunately, there is no turning point here. Both sides of the debate – Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals, etc. – are parents and grandparents who love their own children and children in general. So, if little children killed in mass shootings could not be stimulated to act … nothing will.

I've always wondered if the proponents of weapons really thought the government would try to take their weapons? Suppose they did for a moment … what they did not do … could they do it logistically? It is not possible…..

So the cycle continues …..

samsung – How to prevent photo messages from being redirected to a group call?

We have a pair of Samsung Galaxy J3 phones on Virgin Mobile. On a phone, photos received via MMS are usually displayed within the same conversation: As you can see, the cat's photo is sent between two "test" messages. The otter photo was sent in response to the second test message from the other phone and is displayed normally.

Enter image description here

On the other phone, photos received via MMS are displayed in a group call both the contact who sent the photo as well as the telephone number for the receiving phone, However, no test message is displayed in this conversation, and the otter photo was not sent from this conversation.

Enter image description here

Why do these two phones process MMS messages differently? How can this behavior be stopped?

Prevent Netflix from changing the show

When I look at a series with several episodes, I like that Netflix plays the next episode automatically.

However, at the end of a program there is always an attempt to load another unrelated program, which I strongly disagree with.

I've found the option to stop all automatic renderings, but that's a step too far and I have not seen an intermediate option.

Is there an option to play the next episode, but not to switch to another show? If so, where is it hidden?

macbook pro – How do I prevent iTunes from asking my computer for permission to access information on my iPhone every time I connect my phone?

I do not know any way to disable it by asking you every time I connect, but if you do not want to sync or transfer files, why would you want to connect it to the MacBook? If you're only charging it, you may want to connect it to a power outlet using the included USB adapter. While I'm at my desk, I plug my iPhone into a charging USB hub.

dnd 5e – If a wild druid somehow got undead fortitude, would that prevent them from returning?

One interpretation is that, because the undead's strength says that "instead of being reduced to 1 HP," this will cause you to be out of HP at 0 if the Druids' wild form returns to its original form. Unfortunately, D & D does not provide us with nice, accurate timing mechanisms like Magic the Gathering, as it inflates the rules on hundreds of pages more than it needs to. So let's look at other abilities that work in a similar way, namely the Halborc ability:

If you reduced to 0 hitpoints but were not killed instantly, you can drop to 1 instead.

But the boar has a similar, albeit slightly different ability:

If the boar suffers 7 or fewer damage that would reduce it to 0 hit points, it will be reduced to 1 instead.

Well, there is a Devs wording that implies that you will actually get 0 hit points with undead strength and halforc race while using the boar ability due to the "if you […] instead of" versus "if They are instead reduced to 0 […] "

No, the power of the undead does not stop you from leaving the wild form

The conclusion, then, is that with undead powers, you would indeed hit 0 HP, which would throw you out of wild form, but never with the boar's natural ability. This could be a processing error, or the skills were developed at different times , but either way we interpret the writing.

Plugin Development – Prevent profile page as default backend page, but enable "Edit my Profile"

I use the Adminimize plugin to disable most sections in the backend for a specific user role. For this user role, only my pages created by the plugin are available.

After a user logs in with this user role, the Profile page is displayed.

I use the following codes in the main script of my plugin to prevent loading the profile page on the first page after logging in:

// Skip and Hide Profile
add_action('load-profile.php', function() {
    if(check_if_certain_user_role()) {
        exit(wp_safe_redirect( menu_page_url('myplugin-first-page', false)));

The above script works and redirects to the first menu page of my plugin myplugin-first-page, However, it can not be accessed via the "Edit my profile" link in the top right-hand menu. He will also be redirected to the first page of my plugin.

How can I customize this behavior so that users can only switch to the profile page via the "Edit my profile" link?

Thank you in advance.