Motion – The status of the preview source does not change

i am currently following this book "development of 2d games with unity" by jared halpern.
I hope you are familiar with it or can help me anyway.

I'm currently trying to make my character's movement functional. (Chapter 3)

I set up the animator with a default status and every transition to any way the character will go.
The problem is, the transition always chooses "Character Goes East" as the previous source state instead of my default state (as it should be according to the book).

I am new to this area. Please tell me what information I need to provide to resolve this issue.

greetings from Switzerland

The Iphone or Ipad button does not appear in the Catalina preview when the signature is added

Catalina 10.15.1, iPad Pro 2nd Generation Pad OS 13

I'm trying to add a signature, but when I see some sites I see the following:

Enter image description here

But I only have the following:

Enter image description here

Where is my iPhone or iPad area?

Unfortunately, the camera does not seem to recognize the signature and trackpad for some reason. However, the left half of the trackpad is not recognized, although the trackpad works fine except for the preview. Seems like a bug.

Thanks in advance.

Firefox – Disables Wikipedia link preview if you are not logged in

I'd like to disable Wikipedia's article preview, which appears when you hover over a link:

Wikipedia Link Preview Screenshot

I know I can disable this when I'm logged in, but most of the time I use Wikipedia without being logged in. I also delete my cookies regularly.

I hoped that there would be a Greasemonkey script to disable it, but I could not find anything relevant on OpenUserJS or Greasy Fork.

I use Firefox.

Preview search without highlighting word instances

I use OSX Catalina. For some time, however, you can not remember under which OSX operating system preview instances of a searched word were no longer highlighted. As suggested in the answer to the article "Preview finds words incorrect", the sidebar displays the page sections that display the word you are looking for, but the word is not highlighted. In addition, there are two arrows under the search box in the upper right corner of the preview window, which you can use to scroll forward / backward through the search results. These arrows remain greyed out and do not work. These questions are pretty annoying. Is there a way out?

8 – The template preview does not work properly

I have a big problem with my template preview. For all my posts (page, article, etc.) I do not have the right section on my page.

My topic is Classy extended.

When I go to the page (not from the preview), I have the good side.
But if I want to see the preview of this page, I have a missing region (I think this is a region).

See, my Page – post-type.html.twig

        {% include '@theme/layout/header.html.twig' %}
    {% include '@theme/includes/page-head.html.twig' %}
    {% include '@theme/includes/page-breadcrumb.html.twig' %}
    {% include '@theme/includes/page-entry.html.twig' %}

{{ some displayed data }}
{% include '@theme/layout/footer.html.twig' %}

My included files work (for both preview and view), but the preview is unclear on this page.

The last block included is the following for the preview:

BEGIN EDITION of & # 39; themes / theme / templates / block / block.html.twig & # 39;

And for some reason, after I have that:

BEGIN EDITION of & # 39; core / themes / classy / templates / content / node.html.twig & # 39;

If it helps, my .theme file:

 * Implements hook_theme_suggestions_page_alter().
function theme_theme_suggestions_page_alter(&$suggestions, $variables) {
//    $node = Drupal::routeMatch()->getParameter('node');
    if ($node = Drupal::routeMatch()->getParameter('node_preview')){
        $node = Drupal::routeMatch()->getParameter('node_preview');
//        if ($node instanceof DrupalnodeNodeInterface) {
//            $suggestions() = 'page__' . $node->bundle() . '_preview';
//            $suggestions() = 'page__node_' . $node->bundle() . '_preview';
//        }

    } else {
        $node = Drupal::routeMatch()->getParameter('node');
        if ($node instanceof DrupalnodeNodeInterface) {
            $suggestions() = 'page__' . $node->bundle();
            $suggestions() = 'page__node_' . $node->bundle();

//    dump($suggestions);


And I also have this feature alstef_preprocess_node () What I took from it: Place block region in node template

I'm stuck for hours, any help you appreciate.

PS: I'm working on Drupal 8 with a custom theme (called "theme" here).

MSYS shell in the Windows Terminal Preview?

The standard configuration of my software development company under Windows includes the use of MSYS. (Either traditional MSYS or MSYS2.) Is there a way to run the shell for one of these programs in the new Windows terminal?

Traditional MSYS has a Windows stack script that orders execution sh.exe In each terminal from which it runs. You might therefore think that you are creating a new profile in WT profiles.jsonWith "commandline": "pathtosh.exe"would do the trick. Oh no, if I do that and WT asks for a terminal of this type, I get a simple old one cmd Prompt instead. (Starting in C:WINDOWSSystem32.)

What you do to get an MSYS2 prompt is a Windows executable file instead of a batch script as in the traditional MSYS, but it also launches its own sh.exe, The same thing happens with it.

I suspect What's going on here is that MSYS sh.exe expects only interaction through stdin and stdout, while an executable file that can be run directly from WT must understand the rather complicated Microsoft console APIs or the like.

I also tried, with little optimism and without success (they all produce the same result as above), the following things:

"commandline": "cmd path/to/sh.exe"
"commandline": "cmd /c path/to/sh.exe"
"commandline": "cmd path/to/msys2_shell.cmd"
"commandline": "cmd /c path/to/msys2_shell.cmd"

Is there a convenient way to get an MSYS shell working in a Windows terminal?

Preview: PDF highlighting and search only work after a reboot

Recently, a problem has come to me more and more frequently when I use the preview to search PDF documents for text (using Command + F or the search box at the top right). At first everything seems to be ok:

  1. (as it should) The sidebar displays a list of thumbnails that contains all the pages with the search term.
  2. In general, but not always, the term I'm looking for is highlighted on the first page it appears on.

After that, however, it quickly comes to malfunction:

  1. When I click thumbnails at the bottom of the list, the preview will generally take me to that page in PDF (as before). However, the searched terms are no longer highlighted.
  2. Instead, Preview emits a low-pitched beep that occurs when someone tries to perform an illegal action in various Mac situations.
  3. In that case, I can not highlight anything in the document I'm previewing. In fact, I can not even select a text anymore.
  4. Closing the sidebar can not solve the problem.
  5. Hiding the search box on the top right does not solve this.
  6. Selecting the Tools menu and then selecting Text does not work or click the text selection icon in the edit box.
  7. If I finish the preview and reopen the PDF, I can highlight it again. However, the problem occurs again as soon as I perform another search.
  8. Working with the same files in other PDF programs (such as Skim, Acrobat, etc.) is easy. I am pretty sure that this is not a problem with the underlying PDFs.
  9. None of the answers to this question corrects this. (In fact, I have delivered such an answer myself some time ago, but this trick and the others are not working anymore).

I use Preview for many years without any problems. I think this issue has come up in the last three to four months. I was hoping that upgrading to Catalina could solve the problem, but it did not.

I'd like to think that I'm pretty sophisticated with computers (I have a reputation of nearly 8,000 on the Stackoverflow main page), but I'm amazed. I also do not have a good overview of how to get diagnostic information or create a reproducible example.

Any hints on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

Unity – Why does the preview camera not work properly when you use the escape key to return to the main menu?

I created a render texture named GUICameraRenderTexture

This is a screenshot of the player camera:
I have assigned the new GUICameraRenderTexture to the target texture:

Player camera

Then, at the bottom of the hierarchy, I have a main menu> Camera:
The new camera for which I've changed Clear Flags in Don Clear and Culling Mask in Nothing:

GUI camera under main menu

Then there is a Canvas area in which the Canvas render mode is set to "Screen Space Overlay"

Lastly, the raw image I assigned to the GUICameraRenderTexture texture:

Rae Image

I want to start the game with the player camera and then use the Escape key to switch to the main menu of the GUI camera.

Screenshot when I disable the main menu GUI camera:

No cameras for rendering

Then I added a script to the main menu object:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class Switch : MonoBehaviour
    public GameObject() cameras;
    public RenderTexture guiCameraRenderTexture;

    // Start is called before the first frame update
    void Start()


    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update()
            var cam0 = cameras(0).GetComponent();
            cam0.targetTexture = guiCameraRenderTexture;


In the editor I have disabled the new main menu GUI camera and its children and enabled the player camera without the GUICameraRenderTexture. The target texture is null at startup.

If I press the Escape key while the game is running, the preview camera will be displayed, as will the player camera, not the main menu GUI camera:

Only player camera

On the escape key it should bring the main menu as in the first screenshot here. If I make the changes and remove the texturiel and activate the GUI camera, it works, but it does not work with the script.

It shows the player camera both in the preview (raw image) and in the GUI camera.

The goal is to press the escape key to get to the main menu. The GUI main menu camera should be black and the player camera should be displayed in the preview raw image.