Exchange rate – faster than an exponential price increase?

Has the price on a daily chart risen faster than exponential over the last three to four years (from 1 January 2016) over a period of three or more days? If so, when did that happen and on how many days has the trend continued?

(I mean "faster than exponential" that, for example (no actual data), the price on the first day increases by 3 percent, on the second day by 6 percent, on the third day by 7 percent, and so on.)

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How can you get the lowest hotel price on Expedia?

We searched Expedia for the same data and number of people at 1 minute intervals, and filtered both in a window where I was logged on to Expedia and Incognito Chromium, and found that the results were very different for many properties.


Enter image description here
Enter image description here


Enter image description here
Enter image description here

The price when logging in is almost threefold! It is the same room of which 3 are left and they even give an extra day to cancel with the cheapest rate. I can shop directly without logging in, so the lower price is maintained.

Well, this is one of the bigger differences, but sometimes the price logged in was slightly lower than the incognito, so Inkognito does not seem to guarantee the best price. There may also be other prices, depending on referral links, ads, etc. (There is an office supply store that offers almost 30% off when it comes across an ad, but in this case it is always consistent).

Note that the address is the same but the phone number is different. Presumably, so that the agents know from which price level the callers come.

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After the ticket "Cheap price Cheap service" is, my "websites" hacked …

The web hosting company with an eagle-like logo.

Last year (now still some problems), their database of HongKong hosting sucks (USA no problem), a database created in cPanel, works 3 days later. I open the ticket, they say something like "Yeah, that's a server configuration problem, you can wait or do something you want" ….

The man seems to be "bra **", the last ticket I said "cheaper price cheaper service" of course no answer.

Since the hosting is cheap, I only used it to do some test work if needed. About 20 days later, I re-use it to modify a Design Demo WordPress site. Very soon it is hacked. All websites under the "order (they called it service)" are hacked, then the other "order" under my account is also hacked, even if only some original scripts are installed (do nothing after installation).

I have nothing to lose because it's just a test hosting. I can not even say that they are doing something because they have 100,000 ways to say NO, but I recognize this industry once again.

(English bad, try to understand, TKS, I did not come open, WHT, today I'm trying to find a VPS here, then I remember that story.)

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