adnd 2e – An Erik's priest receives ALL powers of a druid?

Birthright's Rule Book, page 74, reports on Erik's priesthood:

PW as a druid and move quietly, hide in the shadows and animal compassion
as a ranger, three steps higher

Since there is more than one Erik church in Birthright, the head of religion is a regent who may be a Level 1 npc (or player), and at the 15th level:

The Grand Druid knows six spells of each level (instead of the normal one)
Spell Progress) and can cast up to six additional spells
Stages, either as a single spell or as multiple spells, their levels
six in total (for example, a sixth-level spell, six 1st-level spells,
three spells of the second level, etc.)

Or it is not considered a druid power, since it comes from its position, as its servants also receive some:

Three of these nine are Archdruids who roam the world as heritage
Messengers and agents. Each of them receives four additional spells

If so, are hierophant powers ignored? Since they originate from the Hierophant status and lead to spells:

After the 15th level, a Druid never gets new spells (ignore the
Priest Spell Progression Table (from this point in time). Casting level
continues to rise with the experience. Instead of spells
Forces are acquired.

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pathfinder – Which sorcerer bloodlines have a mechanical synergy with the wrong priest archetype?

False Priest looks like a cool archetype to play with:

These "priests" are magical charlatans – missionary servants who devote zealous devotion wherever they travel. Altered by divine magic, he can accomplish impossible achievements for other wizards.

Which bloodlines have a mechanical advantage that matches this archetype? Specific aspects that could be useful: *

  • Use Magic Device bonuses / variants as False Priest has a bonus here
  • Perform and bluff, that's what False Priest is all about
  • Spells that are usually just on the list of Cleric spells or that benefit from a particular focus to work well with the fake focus

I am not interested in "best / better / strongest" discussion. This has already appeared on the internet. I'm aiming for a list of bloodlines that have a RAW synergy with False Priest, and brief information on how this synergy works to make it easier for players to choose.

* Do not limit the answers to this list if I forget something or do not see it.