r – How to print xtable without Hlines

Suppose I have a simple xtable that was created as follows:

x <- as.data.frame(matrix(1:9,3,3))
x <- xtable(x)

How can I print this table only with the columns (ie H. & # 39; && #; S) but with nothing nearby? I do not want hlines explicitly.



returns hline before and after the table. I would also like to see a workaround, though I hope it's somehow possible in xtable to set it up as intended. Thanks for all the hints.

8 – HTML field Print Select option in the PHP header of View

The following code is used in PHP Block of Headers in View Page

condition('type', 'media')->condition('status', 1);
$results = $query->execute();
$year_options = ();
$print_html = '';
        foreach($year_options as $year_optionI=>$year_optionV){
            //echo '';
            $print_html = $print_html.'';
        //echo  '';

echo $print_html.'