I installed my printer, but I keep getting an error and it won’t print :( HP DeskJet 4100 Error code 5012

I installed hplip and there were no problems. I installed the printer via USB and there were no problems.
But when I try to print I get an error that there’s no communication with the printer?
I get "device communication error 5012"
Man, I really need to print lol.

Creating a regex to get multiple values and print

I'm looking for any help with the code below. Basically the ip:port string keeps changing and may contain more than one true value in str and i wonder if is possible to use a regex using the search function to get the all ip:port and print in demo.

<p id="demo"></p>

var str = "Please locate where occurs!";
var pos = str.search("b(?:(?:25(0-5)|2(0-4)(0-9)|(01)?(0-9)(0-9)?).){3}(?:25(0-5)|2(0-4)(0-9)|(01)?(0-9)(0-9)?):d{1,5}b");...
Code (markup):

Creating a regex to get multiple values and print

sharepoint enterprise – Format size different on some Multiline text when I print to PDF

I created my own custom print page (HTML) from a SharePoint List. The only issue is, some of the multi-line text is showing up in different font-sizes when printing to PDF or Print Preview in IE or Chrome. I tried, inline, external, !important, and nothing seem to work. Is there way to make the font-size uniformed? Thanks.

terminal – How-to print on the command line under macOS Big Sur? Pipe to “lp” command?

I wrote a Markdown file which I wish to print. The rendered version, not the raw version.

Printing in GUI works fine. I wish to format Mardown files with mdcat and send the result/output to printer.

lpc status
    printer is on device ‘dnssd’ speed -1
    queuing is enabled
    printing is enabled
    no entries
    daemon present

mdcat example.md | lp
request id is HP_ENVY_5540_series-47 (0 file(s))

mdcat example.md | lp -d HP_ENVY_5540_series
request id is HP_ENVY_5540_series-48 (0 file(s))

Those commands didn’t work.

c – Why doesn’t the linked list program print anything? Can the code in my insert() be shorter?

it only prints 5 which is the first node.

If there’s a better way to implement a linked list, that might be what I need.

(order of the below linked list is sorted by value)

typedef struct node{
    int value;
    struct node* next;

node* first=NULL;
node* last=NULL;

void insert(int value){
    node* temp2=malloc(sizeof(node));
    node* temp=last;

    while(!(temp->value<value && (temp->next->value>value||temp->next==NULL)))
    if(last->value>=value){//if the value is the smallest
int main(){
    printf("%d ",last->value);
    printf("%d ",last->value);

printing – How do you print a 4 x6 photo keeping full frame from a cell phone image?

When printing an image that has one aspect ratio on paper that has a different aspect ratio, there are two options if you don’t want the image “stretched” in one direction. You either crop the image to match the aspect ratio of the paper, or you print the image “letterboxed” – I.E. With borders on one or two sides that you can trim off, making the paper match the aspect ratio of the image.

Technically, I guess, there’s a third option between the two – crop a little bit less so the borders are a little smaller – but that’s a compromise you need to decide on.

Most printers will default to cropping the image, but should have the ability to print the whole image if you ask them, although that may be less true with the cheaper fully-automated places.

printing – Printer does not print on Kubuntu 20.04 LTS

Happy new year 2021!!

I write because I have a problem: yesterday I updated to version 20.04 LTS, it seemed everything was fine, but although it detects the printer, it does not print. The messages have appeared:

-Waiting for the printer to be available

And sometimes:

-No data could be sent to the printer

It is a Canon Pixma MG2550S. The driver is the one recommended by the system, the Canon MG2500 series + Gutenprint v5-3-3.

The printer is new (it was bought in December 2020), so I rule out that it has a fault. In fact, with Kubuntu 16.10 I think it was, it worked perfectly.

How can I solve that?

I had thought of buying a support with a Wi-Fi antenna for USB printers and see if it prints from a mobile, but … I would like to print from the computer.

Regards and thanks.