Toll-free Dell printer number

Dell is one of the largest technology companies in the world. The company sells PCs, laptops, peripherals, software and storage drives. Dell is a reputed company that adheres to all international standards. Whenever you have problems with your Dell system, you can access Remote or Onsite Dell printer support technical support. If you can not access Dell Support, you can contact other tech companies offering Dell Remote Support.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5200? – Everything else

Canon printer is widely recognized as one of the best printers in the digital market. Some of its regular users have the issue of a 5200 error code while accessing their product. However, this error code is displayed in the printer mainly due to a low ink level or due to a bad cartridge or logic board problem. If you can not solve this problem by yourself, you must contact our Canon printer support Help to fix your problem immediately.

Print – ppd file not found – Install printer driver

I downloaded the correct driver after I did not find it in the database.
I extracted the file and installed the installer file in the terminal
everything is installed
I tried it with cups and set up the printer
They all want a ppd file
This is a snapshot of my ppd folder in the extracted driver, it is locked and there is nothing in the folder.
I searched for a ppd file and the folder is the only thing that appeared on the entire drive

This is my driver He is not in the database

Please help me to get my printer up and running. This is a nightmare. I am a new user. I just want my printer to work. Please do not have any windows that I can access

Printer – Brother MFC inkjet printer does not smudge / print properly after cleaning the printhead

I have a Brother MFC-J470DW printer. Like a year ago, it started to smudge (horizontal lines, only black ink). Running the cleaning program did not help much. Since I also have access to a printer in the office, my use of my brother printer was rather rare, but smearing, as far as I can tell, did not get worse. Then, a month ago, I moved to another apartment and for that reason my brother Drucker stayed separated for a few weeks and completely unused. I know this is considered "bad" for inkjet printers. Yesterday I connected it again. If the smear worsened during that time, then not much. I searched YouTube for instructions on how to get rid of the smudges, and found several videos that suggested cleaning the printhead with a (slightly wet or dry) lint-free paper towel. I used both, first the slightly wet, then the dry towel. After that, I printed a test page and the smearing of black ink was totally gone! However, magenta was not printed at all. So I did a complete cleaning program (black and color). Since then, the printer prints almost no more black and yellow ink, even though magenta has returned. Since then, I've repeated the black ink cleaning routine several times and tried cleaning the printhead a few times, but nothing has changed. Can I do anything to fix my printer?

Share PDF unchanged via virtual printer

In Windows 10, I get a PDF file from an external source via a running taskbar program that automatically sends the PDF file to my printer. I would like to redirect this PDF to save it to my hard disk. Sounds easy, maybe I miss something.
So far, I've tried to set up a generic / text virtual printer to save the output as a file. However, the resulting output is a tiny file that displays a single up arrow when opened in the editor. I have also tried the Microsoft Print to PDF virtual printer, but the output is a PDF file of a PDF file that is slightly modified from the source (and not converted to a text file, which is my final destination after saving ). I also tried to set up a generic printer via the FILE: port, but it had the same output of UP arrows. I also tried activating the option "Print to file" in the various experiments, but they lead to the old, unusable PRN file format.
Any ideas about this (or an alternative approach) would be very grateful! Unfortunately, I have no other way to catch the incoming file (which comes to mind).

Printing – Problems installing the printer driver

I'm trying to install software for a Canon PIXMA iP2770 printer. I am using Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS. Canon itself does not support this printer for Linux, but the drivers I've downloaded have been provided by third-party vendors. When I run the shell script (I can not post the code because it looks like spam), I get the error
L_INST_COM_01_03 = "An error occurred, a required package was not found in the right place. N"
The package folder, resource folder, and file are all in the same cnijfilter-ip2700series-3.30-1-i386-rpm folder
I put this file in a folder I called Utilities … I'm a complete beginner on Ubuntu. Some explicit instructions on how to do this work would be greatly appreciated!

Spoofing – How to Save Computer Printer Presets?

If you connect to a printer on MacOS or Windows, the system saves the printer so you can connect later. Does anyone know which criteria are referenced to verify that they are the same printer when reconnecting?

What happens if a default printer goes offline and another printer with the same IP address, MAC address, and same hostname replaces it? Would it recognize him as another printer?

I suspect that there must be an additional security measure, but no information was found on the internet.

Make printer settings via intune

We have a client that uses intune to make the client configurations. There is a printer, a Ricoh MP C3004, for which some settings have to be made.

These are the following settings:

  • A4 as standard paper size

  • Secure Printing: Username is the Windows user name and the password is 0000 for all users

Is it possible to move these settings via Intune?