Network – Change the routing priority on the iMac

Our home phone / internet is inactive. was dug up by the Council's contractors and will not be fixed for a week.
I'm using an iPhone hotspot in the meantime.

This works, but if I put the Ethernet connection to my router in my iMac, I can not access the internet anymore.
I use the local network for file sharing and printing.

How can I prevent the iMac from using the Ethernet connection for the Internet, or PREFERABLY set the priority for the hotspot to a higher value when connected? is the hotspot IP

~ $ netstat -nr
Routing tables

Destination Gateway Flags Refs Use Netif Expire
Default setting UGSc 53 0 en0
Default setting UGScI 13 0 en1
10.1.1 / 24 link # 6 BKS 2 0 en0 link # 6 BKS 1 0 en0 78: a0: 51: 16: bb: 56 UHLWIir 31 156 en0 1192 link # 6 BKS 2 0 en0 ff: ff: ff: ff: ff: ff UHLWbI 0 1 en0
127 BKS 0 0 lo0 UH 1 300 lo0
169.254 link # 6 BKS 0 0 de0
169.254 link # 7 UCSI 0 0 en1
172.20.10 / 28 link # 7 UCS 1 0 en1 link # 7 BKS 1 0 en1 3e: 2e: f9: 2a: 33: 64 UHLWIir 15 12 en1 1181 link # 7 BKS 0 0 en1 ff: ff: ff: ff: ff: ff UHLWbI 0 1 en1
224.0.0 / 4 link # 6 UmCS 2 0 en0
224.0.0 / 4 link # 7 UmCSI 2 0 en1 1: 0: 5e: 0: 0: fb UHmLWI 0 0 en0 1: 0: 5e: 0: 0: fb UHmLWI 0 0 en1 1: 0: 5e: 7f: ff: fa UHmLWI 0 10 en0 1: 0: 5e: 7f: ff: fa UHmLWI 0 10 en1 link # 6 BKS 1 0 en0 ff: ff: ff: ff: ff: ff UHLWbI 0 2 en0 link # 7 UCSI 0 0 en1

First order logic – Why do ¬, ∀ and ∃ have the same priority?

Ranking is simply a fictitious convenience. There is no idea of ​​strength here, just notation. All three operators are unary operators with notation "$ circ cdot $", from where $ circ $ designates the operator symbol $ exists, forall, neg $ and $ cdot $ the operand There can never be ambiguities in the order in which these operators are to be applied: The operator on the right must always be first applied to the operand.

They therefore have the same priority if we consider only these three operators. (Note that ambiguities can occur if the unary operators have a different position, such as $ -x ^ 2 $That could mean as well $ (- x) ^ 2 $ or $ – (x ^ 2) $ if there is no priority between $ ^ 2 $ and $ – $.)

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Dependent British Visa … Main Applicant Still Available (Requested Together in Priority Service)

I applied for a British Tier 2 ICT Priority Visa for myself and my wife as a dependent. Yesterday, my wife received her stamped passport as a dependent. However, I have not received updates from UKVI yet.

Date of biometric and document submission: 14 February 2019
Depending on received stamped passport: February 20, 2019

Is there any indication as to why this happened and when I have to expect a decision on my application?


Why does the shutter priority mode not automatically adjust my aperture on my Nikon Coolpix P520?

I have tried different ISO settings as well as auto ISO settings. However, if you are in the shutter priority mode, the camera does not adjust the iris automatically when you change the shutter speed. I only end up with very dark pictures. Is this a problem with the camera or am I missing something? Help!

Usa – You already have a green card priority date, but plan to be unemployed for half a year. What happens to my priority date?

I am a Canadian working on the TN status in the USA. I already have a priority date from the I-140 Approval Notification, I-797. However, I intend to leave my job, return to Canada and return to the US as a visitor for 6 months. By the end of the six-month period, I plan to get another job in the same area that had my previous job in the US in TN status. Does this affect my priority date or invalidate my green card application? I understand that I can transfer my priority date if I simply switch from one company to another and maintain my TN status within the 2-month grace period. However, I'm not sure what happens if I let my TN status pass.

User Research – What would Gerry McGovern's top priority be for an AVOD service?

I read Gerry McGovern's Top Tasks book after receiving the recommended course of action at Reddit, and I try to do that.
While it looks like some people have used it on "product" websites, it looks like the method could be better applied to informational websites.
My confusion here is in the shortening phase of the list.
In my case, I work for a broadcaster that has an AVOD service that focuses on news and TV programs (this is an extension of a TV channel). I'm a bit confused because it feels like all the tasks start with "Watch …" – like "Watch the news," "watch series," and a series in which I saw the first episode on TV, you can keep track of "," Watch News "," Cast to Chromecast ", etc. If you shorten the list, they'll become" Movies, "" Series, "" News, "" Chromecast. "In any case, the list would be real short.
Am I missing or have I misunderstood something? Could you help me with an example (maybe Netflix would be a good case)?
All help is appreciated!

Web Services – What is the optimal pattern to ensure that a Priority API receives cycles through the associated (non-prioritized) API?

I think you can let the middleman track how many VMs are doing what (not unlike the old Apache HTTP server strategy).

At any point in time, an optimization API can only be invoked if there are enough free VMs (or expected to be present within a reasonable amount of time, if the start time of the call and the average call duration are known) to make any high calls To cover priority. This ensures that incoming high priority calls are immediately served immediately (assuming there is no other conflict where we could place a priority broker).

You can keep track of the actual size of the free pool at any time to minimize the number of VMs under load (that is, if 100% of the high-priority calls are always made on X-free VMs, you can decrease X by 1 and continue with it); until you hover around a comfortable number (say 95%).

On the other hand, this means that your middleman can not make calls in batches unless many VMs are free. Calls can not be batched could Impact on performance, while on the other hand, too many VMs will certainly remain free.

You can also track which call is in progress. If a call has already been made and a high priority request is made for the same parameters, it is probably better to wait for the previous call to finish than to immediately place the request to a vacant VM.