kali linux – Update 2011 Macbook Pro or buy a new NUC

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So I have an old 15 "2011 Macbook Pro and have to bring it back to life with a few upgrades (replace HDD with SSD, more memory and a new battery). It costs less than AU $ 500.

With the upgrade, the Mac looks something like this:

2.0 GHz Quad Core i7 CPU
250 GB Crucial MX500 SSD
2 x 8 GB 1333 MHz SODIMM RAM Apple
Intel HD 3000 GPU and AMD Radeon HD 6490M with 256 MB VRAM
I want to build a dedicated single-boot Kali Linux computer and am considering whether to overhaul the old Macbook or buy a new NUC. For a comparable price (just over AU $ 600) I look at the following at MWave:

Intel NUC Barebone Kit – Core i3 7th Generation (7100U)
120 GB Kingston SSDNow A400
1 x 8 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 RAM Kingston
I am not sure how best to compare them. The CPU is quad vs. Dual core, but I suspect the more modern i3 can be more efficient. The amount of RAM on the old Macbook also seems to be better, but I'm again assuming that the more modern RAM will naturally be faster, so maybe quality wins over quantity?


Thank you, George

Should the best pro golfer be paid as much as the best pro golfer?

The question is not really about skills as others suggest, but about revenue. How much does it contribute to your league and how much does the league itself earn? If your league generates less revenue and it does not generate as much revenue as the best male golfers, there is no economic reason to pay it straight away.

At the same time, however, less skill is required to play the female league because a shorter course is played. It would then be fair to take this into account when paying, but this would likely be problematic, as women would consider it unfair and would never stop advocating the removal of such measures.

iphone 11 pro imessage is not displayed when a certain person sends me an SMS

Okay, about an hour ago I accidentally changed the day on my phone to one day before and while it was still one day before, I texted someone. Now the thing is that I changed it back to normal and now I don't get message notifications every time the person sends me a text message, but they send my messages and they are messages to the person who does not display my read receipts, when I do this I'm wearing it. I restarted my phone many times and did research, but nothing worked. I really need help!

ios – Airpod Pro – The connection with MacOS changes the number of modes

This Apple Support page explains how to choose which "modes" the Airpod Pro should switch with the physical button. Note that this requires an iOS device. With my iOS device, I can configure it so that all three modes are available (transparency, off, noise reduction).

Then when I take the Airpod Pro and connect it to another Bluetooth source, they keep this setting. It's good.

If I then take the Airpod Pro and connect to a MacOS device (e.g. my MacBook), only two modes are immediately available (transparency, noise reduction). This means that the setting "Off" is deactivated. This is bad.

After that AFAIK, the just To restore the 3rd mode, you need to reconnect to an iOS device.

I hope I'm wrong. Please let me know if there is a way to configure it for all three modes at any time after connecting to MacOS.

The MacBook Pro 13 "2019 is not displayed at 75 Hz with a resolution of 3800 x 1600 (Acer XR382CQK).

I saw this problem all over the internet, so I decided to do quality assurance with a solution that I came across by chance

By disabling USB 3.0 I can use the monitor at 75 Hz.

This only affects peripheral devices that are connected to the monitor dock.

On the XR382CQK, the option is located under Menu> System> USB 3.0

I haven't used an opportunity to find out why this is (my theory is about bandwidth constraints), but turning off USB 3.0 can be used up to the full refresh rate of 75 Hz. Switching on immediately downgrades the update rate to 30 Hz.

boot – How to create a partition table for Ubuntu Touch (Meizu 5 PRO)

I need to recreate a partition table for the internal storage in the phone. I managed to brick and remove it, but the internal storage remained messy. I don't have / boot / cache or other important partitions. I found this thread. Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition partition table which I found somewhat helpful but doesn't really say How to create these partitions.

I have unlocked access to the TWRP recovery and the boot loader. The phone currently has no operating system.
What should I do to fix the internal storage partition table? Since the memory has a capacity of 33MB at the moment, I am confident that it had GBs before I started this "journey".

Thanks in advance for the instructions.

macbook pro – How to delete macOS Catalina update files

I have macOS Catalina 10.15.2 installed on my MacBook Pro in early 2015, and I'm running out of space (it only has a 128 GB SSD). I found out that version 10.15.4 was pre-downloaded and 3.0 GB of space, and I don't want to install it. I don't want to update unless I have new relevant features like dark mode in Mojave. And Catalina also makes me angry: one thing that I hated in my Android days was having to manage so many permissions if I just wanted to use my apps. Now this crap is implemented on macOS and I am so upset that I will return to Mojave when I finally buy a new SSD. But even in the terminal, the system refuses to delete the update files, and I really need space because I have to install a second version of XCode for a project (only about 5 GB is available on my CD). Anyone know how to delete it without installing the update? (The update is in Library/updates Portfolio)

macbook pro – Copy and paste Sublime Text 3 from one macOS to another macOS

Your question is somewhat unclear as to how it is phrased, so hopefully I have understood the basics.

If you already have a license for Sublime-Text (or it is a release / freeware), you only need to copy it from one Mac to another. You can do this via USB sticks over the network or just download a new copy from the developer's website.

You don't "create" an app, you just copy it.

If you check the developer's website, it should indicate which version (s) of macOS the app is compatible with. You may need to know which version you have (Sublime Text menu> About Sublime Text menu), since different versions are often only compatible with some versions of macOS.