About the abnormal problem of iPhone’s ‘Trust this computer’?

My iPhone trusted a Mac mini that named ‘haha’ before with USB cable. but today, this iPhone alert ‘Trust this computer’ again without USB connecte,same content: "Your settings and data will be accessible from ‘haha’s Mac mini’ when connected wirelessly or using a cable."!!!

Although this Mac mini and my iPhone use the same WiFi,but why this happend? alert a ‘Trust this computer’ window by connected wirelessly? I can’t reproduce this situation. Hope knows why and how reproduce this.

ADB wireless :- problem with IP

I use adb wireless tcpip connection but every time I connect my device to my router it assigns a new IP address to my android device which requires me to plug my phone again and restart adb in tcpip with the IP address provided, I dont want this to happen every time, I just want to enter the same IP address and put adb connect <ipaddress>:<tcpip_port> and connect to my device.

i tried to use static IP for the network using the mobile but due to some reason this restricted me to use internet(it was connected to the modem but not able to use internet).

More info:

Android 10
redmi note 7s

i use scrcpy and have created a bat file(.cmd file) which when clicked runs a series of commands to connect to my phone wirelessly using adb and mirror the screen and control it remotely but because my router assigns a different IP ever time i connect my phone i have to edit the bat file.

Even if I type the commands manually without connecting the device with USB cable (adb connect <ipaddress>:<tcpip_port>) it says: unable to connect to <ip addr>:5555: cannot connect to <ip addr>:5555: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. (10061) , then i have to connect it with USB cable and again start the adb in tcpip.

What is the use of adb wireless connection if I have to connect it to pc by USB every time (at the beggining) to make it wireless for that specific time.

pr.probability – A problem on rate of decay of fill distance?

Let $X$ be a random variable which takes on values from $Omega subset mathbb{R}^m$. Assume $Omega$ has a Lipschitz boundary. Let $p(x)$ be the probability density function of $X$ and assume $p(x)>0forall xinOmega$.

Assume we draw iid, two sets of n points each of the variable $X$, from the pdf $p$. Let them be denoted as $A = {p_1,p_2ldots p_n}$ and $B = {q_1,q_2ldots q_n}$.

Consider $zeta_n = maxlimits_{xin B}minlimits_{yin A} |x-y|_2$

I’d like to know the decay rate of $zeta_n$.
Also how does it converge to zero? (in probability? or in expectation?)

What I know till now?

Consider $gamma_n = suplimits_{xin Omega}minlimits_{yin A} |x-y|_2$

I think $gamma_n sim n^{-frac{1}{m}}$.

I’d like to know if we can say similar thing about $zeta_n$?

i had upgraded magento 1.9 to magento 2.4 but it did not work properly so i decided to get back but when i restored it i can see this problem

error log
[14-Apr-2021 15:18:01 Australia/Sydney] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘MagentoFrameworkAppErrorHandler’ not found in /home/martarab/public_html/bin/magento:20
Stack trace:
#0 {main}
thrown in /home/martarab/public_html/bin/magento on line 20
enter image description here

Custom shortcode render problem with return ”

I hope you all having a great day. I’m developing a video player plugin with custom shortcodes and stuff but I’m having a problem with the shortcode render. Currently, my shortcode content is rendered with echo which works fine but it doesn’t render inside the page content so I have to change it to return method somehow but it has foreach loops and if else statements inside it so I can’t just do return '<ul> '.foreach($x as $s){}.' </ul> '; and stuff, do you guys know a workaround for this? I’ve also tried to place everything inside a function and tried to render it inside return like this: return "http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/".renderdata()."http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/"; which works but again it doesn’t render inside the content.

Here’s my complete shortcode function

function vc_playlist_shortcode( $atts = array() ) {

    // add_action('wp_head', 'deregister_scripts');
    // add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'deregister_scripts');
    // add_action('wp_footer', 'deregister_scripts');
    // get the shortcode attribute value
     'id' => "http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/"
    ), $atts));

    $playlistdata = get_post_meta( $id, 'vc_playlist_data', true );

    // Filter the urls in playlist data and assign it to an array
    $playlisturls = array_filter($playlistdata, function($val){
        return filter_var($val, FILTER_VALIDATE_URL);  
    // rebase the assigned array
    $counter = 0;
    $rebasedurls = array();

    foreach ($playlisturls as $key => $value) {
        $rebasedurls($counter) = $value;
    // trim the 'https://vimeo.com/' from the values and keep the ID only
    //$videoIDs = preg_replace('/(^0-9)/', "http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/", $rebasedurls);

    function videostatuschecker($x){
        $unlockedvideos = get_user_meta(wp_get_current_user()->ID, 'vc_unlocked_videos', false);

        if (in_array($x, $unlockedvideos)){
            return 'unlocked';  
            return 'locked';
    // Serve the first video URL to browser so we can access it in our JS function
    echo '<script type="text/javascript">var vc_firstvideo = "http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/".$rebasedurls(0)."http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/"</script>';
    echo '<div class="vc-video-container">';
    //echo '<div class="vc-plyr" data-plyr-provider="vimeo" data-plyr-embed-id="http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/".$rebasedurls(0)."http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/"></div>';
    echo '<div id="vc-player"></div>';
    echo '<div class="plyr-playlist-wrapper">';
    echo '<ul class="plyr-playlist">';

    foreach($playlistdata as $data){
        if(! filter_var($data, FILTER_VALIDATE_URL)){   
            echo '<span class="plyr-playlist-chapter-title">'.$data.'</span>'; 
            echo '<li class="http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/">';
            echo '<a class="plyr-playlist-link" href="javascript:void(0);" data-video-url="http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/". $data ."http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/" data-status="http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/".videostatuschecker($data)."http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/">';
            echo '<div class="plyr-playlist-thumbnail skeleton"><img class="plyr-miniposter" src="https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/" alt="thumbnail"></div>';
            echo '<span class="plyr-playlist-title skeleton"><span></span></span>';
            echo '</a>';
            echo '</li>';

    echo '</ul>';
    echo '</div>';
    echo '</div>';
    echo '<div class="vc-meta-container">'; 
        echo '<button class="fav-video-button" data-video-url="http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/".$rebasedurls(0)."http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/">Zu Favoriten hinzufügen</button>';
        echo '<div class="autoplay-container"><span class="autoplay-title">Auto Play</span> <div class="toggly-container"> <input type="checkbox" id="autoplay-toggle"> <label class="toggly-label" for="autoplay-toggle"><i class="toggly"></i></label> </div></div>';
    echo '</div>';

    return "http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/";
add_shortcode('vc_playlist', 'vc_playlist_shortcode'); 

Any help is much appreciated, thank you.

pr.probability – A fast algorithm for a probabilistic counting problem without replacement?

Consider the integers ${1,dots, N}$ for some positive integer $N$. Let us suppose that for each ${1, dots, N}$ there is an associated probability $p_1, dots, p_N$. We also define an integer threshold $1 leq n < N$.

We sample independently and repeatedly without replacement from ${1,dots, N}$. For each $i in {1,dots, N} $ we sample the integer $i$ with probability $p_i$.

Is there a fast algorithm to compute the expected number of distinct integers less than or equal to the threshold $n$ in a sample of size $x$?

The expected value we want to compute is $sum_{i=1}^n q_i$ where
$$q_i = sum_{y = 1}^x sum_{substack{{j_k neq itext{ distinct}}\k=1,dots,y-1}}left(prod_{k=1}^{y-1}frac{p_{j_k}}{1 – left(sum_{ell = 1}^{k-1} p_{j_{ell}}right)}right)frac{p_i}{1 – left(sum_{ell = 1}^{y-1} p_{j_{ell}}right)}.$$

However this is infeasible to compute for anything but the smallest problem instances. Is there an efficient algorithm for this problem?

gm.general mathematics – I need help with this geometric series problem

An ancient chessboard puzzle has one grain of rice on one square, the next square has double the number of grains, and so on. E.g. 5th square, 2^4 = 16.

(c) According to one website there are about 15,000 grains of rice in a kilogram. And according to an- other website, 1 kg of rice has a volume of 1.24 Litres.
If the surface of the Earth was covered in the rice from the chessboard construction, estimate the depth of rice we would obtain. Assume the Earth is a sphere of radius 6,371 km. Assume also, that the rice can be laid over the (smooth) ocean.

Data files half empty in SQL Server. Is that a problem?

I have a multiple TB database and I have been doing some clean-up and dropped many tables. So now the data files are half empty. If I don’t care about releasing the space to the operating system, is there any other reason to shrink the files?
I am thinking that now at least I do not need to worry about auto-growth settings, which might slow things down if I add a large table with ETL.

plugins – Tutor LMS problem with Paid Memberships Pro

I am trying to Integrate Tutor LMS with Paid Memberships Pro. In Tutor LMS Content Settings, I am using option of full website membership. But problem is when a student becomes a member he still can not access the course.Course shows the message “You must have a membership plan to enrol in this course.” I have confirmed that membership is successfully activated but student still can not enroll the course.

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