Network – The local ISP subnet is 192.168.1.x and causes problems with VPN access

I could not figure out why I ended a client-based VPN connection to a remote site with one 192.168.1.x Subnet until I find out that the internet service provider's modem is running 192.168.1.x Subnet for their own purposes.

I would prefer not to add a routing statement on my own workstations as this is very painful and productive. So I'd like to add a route statement to my firewall (the gateway in front of my ISP's subnet) to fix the situation.

However, I have no idea how to do this or how to formulate Google Search to get close to what I want to do. Do I want a null-route statement, a statement that sends packets to loopback? No idea, but it feels like a "divide by zero" situation.

In the end, I want every device on my internal private subnet behind my firewall to think there is no device Subnet out there. This should force all traffic over the VPN.

What can be done to fix this?

  • Internal private subnet:
  • Internal GW: (PFsense fw)
  • ISP provided internal subnet:
  • ISP GW: (VZ modem)
  • ISP-provided device subnet:

Traceroute without VPN to be active:

Track the route to over a maximum of 30 hops
1 8 ms 12 ms 4 ms kcactc-fw []
  2 10 ms 8 ms 5 ms
3 10 ms 9 ms 13 ms

sharepoint online – Office UI fabric responds to problems rendering the Commandbar 3rd level menu

I had a similar problem. I use the spfx extension to render the navigation (starting point was the starter kit). My problem was that the floating submenu was no longer clickable if the command bar became smaller while minimizing the browser's width (actually in the mobile view).

I fixed the issue by removing the itemType value (itemType: ContextualMenuItemType) to declare the "IContextualMenuItem" object for command bar elements.

Networking – Problems with RD, RT-Import and RT-Export in MPLS VPN and BGP

I am learning MPLS VPN with MP-BGP and I have difficulty finding the RD value and the RT import and export values.

After what I already understood, RD (distance stopper) Identifies the VRFs from a network that makes up the same virtual network and changes the routing information between them. Import RT indicates which VRFs in a network are known to the local VRF and Export RT is sent to identify the information from the local VRF.
To decide in which VRF the router will be installed, if a package will come into the PE, if the RT export has the package and the RT import has our VRF the sameit adds the route to the VRF, otherwise it clears it.

I do not know if everything I've written is right. But I do not understand it right when I find something like that.

Let's talk about the locations PE1, PE2, PE3 and PEC (Central PE).

Which sites does PE3 know?

Is it true that PE3 knows no other network? Because when it sends information to PEC and then PEC compares the RT export of PE3 and its RT import, they do not match.

Which websites does PEC know?

I think PEC knows PE1 and PE2 because the RT export of PE1 and PE2 matches the RT import of PEC.

Am I right? Please, I need help to understand it.

Javascript – problems loading the script

I have a problem I'm calling an action from my controller and loading the information without any problems, but my jQuery-1.11.1.min.js does not recognize me

Debugging I doubt that the way I return the answer is right or wrong, that I need to return the result of my controller (which brings me back to a main view).

  1. script

    $ .ajax ({
    url: & # 39; @ Url.Action ("LoadDataRequest", "Requirement") & # 39 ;,
    Method: "POST",
    Data: {# 39; tiDocu #: TYPE, # NuReqi #: NGO_REQUERIMIENTO},
    Success: Function (Response) {
    $ (# DivPage #). html (answer);
    async: true
  2. error

Enter the description of the image here

Problems Rewriting the vb6 Program for C #

In VB6 on Form_initialize I load public variables

In c # I have created this code below, but error cs0116: My procedure is incorrect when defining public vartiaveis
My code below:

using System.Threading.Tasks;

Namespace DiMemoFone
public static class Cl_Inicia
// Definition of public variables

                private static DateTime wAtual_ = DateTime.Now ();
public static DateTime pwAtual;
get {return wAtual_; }
set {wAtual_ = value; }

private static DateTime wMovement_ = DateTime.Now ();
public static DateTime pwMovement;
get {return wMove}; }
set {wMovement_ = value; }
// Only other public works
public static int wDia = DateTime.Now.Day;
public static int wDiaAtual = DateTime.Now.Day;

Example of a karp reduction between NP problems that is not Levin reduction?

What is an example of a karp reduction? $ f $ between two problems $ A, B $ in the $ textbf {NP} $ so that $ f $ Is there no way to transform certificates of one problem into the other's certificates? In other words, so that $ f $ is not the karp reduction in any Levin reduction between $ A, B $?

The accepted answer to this question mentions that such a carb reduction does not always result in a corresponding Levin reduction:

"It is true that the known karp reductions between natural problems turn out to be Levin reduction, but this need not be generally true."

However, I am trying to find a concrete (if possible "natural") example of why this is the case.

I constantly have problems logging in!

I have a contribution from you that says with one click! NOT! This is not the first time, last month it was something! This morning, when I click on the post. It was said that I have no current code. No, not me, because you did not send today or yesterday. Part of my family is attending a wedding in Israel and I want to keep track of them. I do not understand all this jargon. Last week someone had to take a picture of me so you know I'm not Kay Gebbie. Well, I'm still dead

Wireless Network – RPi 3 B is experiencing problems with the IP address

I played with my Raspberry Pi 3 (model B with Rasbian and NOOBS) and tried to connect to SSH. I booted it on the Pi desktop and connected it to the WiFi to find the IP address. As I floated over the WiFi bars, I got
"Wlan0: [My Network] [IP address]"and under this" Eth0: Link failed "I then right-clicked and selected the Wi-Fi and network settings, from there I selected the SSID in the first dropdown list and my network in the second one trying to set an IPV4 address that I could remember When I connect to my network, the WiFi icon only flashes and I can not find an IP address, and I can not use the Internet on my RPi then tried to find another IP address with an IP scanner It found the Pi and its original IP, but the scanner reported that it was inaccessible, so I tried to delete the IP I had set and changing the network, but to no avail, is there a way to undo this? Better not put the Pi back because I have other software I want to keep.

Visual Studio – Problems updating the data model of basic data in EF with VS2019

I'm testing Visual Studio 2019,
1. I have created a table in a SQL Server 2017 (I also tested with 2014),
2. I created a Windows Forms application with framcwork 4.7.2. I add a new element, Data, Entity Framework 6. I choose the connection string. When I get the window to select tables, views, and procedures, it looks like this:
Enter the description of the image here

It's a problem, but good. The problem occurs when you create a new table in SQL Server and you want to update the model. Then it works a few times (takes a few minutes) and at other times it stays that way:
Enter the description of the image here

I tried updating the Entity Framework from nugenat, even though I tried preliminary versions, but nothing.

Does anyone else happen? or did you solve that somehow? Can the model be updated from the command line as with the entityframeworkcore?

Thank you very much