Problems because Bitcoin can not be sent to Binance.

Are you facing problems because Bitcoin is not available in Binance? You do not have to worry because such big mistakes are tiny in front of the account manager team, whose job it is to fix users' mistakes. Dial Binance's customer support number at 1-888-927-4399, which is always reachable and allows users to ping at any time as needed and with urgency. The team is always there for you.
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Focusing problems when using a C-mount filter on a CS lens

I'm trying to use the Arducam 8mp with CS mount with a 25.4 C mount filter, but I can not focus the image. The filter fits perfectly and still leaves room for screwing in the lens.

The second link states that focus problems may occur with some CS cameras, and the alternative seems to be a similar filter with a spacer. (I too can not find a seller for this model right now).

Would this issue be resolved with a CS-to-C adapter? What is the cause of the focus problems? Is the filter too close to the sensor? too far? Is the filter too close to the lens?

Every help is appreciated.

NetSol problems

I transferred a domain to NetSol a few months ago and now I wanted to get the authorization code. Instead of giving me this information … | Read the rest of

After enabling SSL in my script (website), Chrome has problems, but not Firefox

Hello everyone,

I have a VPS on which Debian 9 with virtualmin is installed.

I run a script on my server that uses the ffmpeg conversion tool. I've recently used Cloudflare SSL Flexible Certificate and now my site loads as usual, but if I try to do a video conversion, it works just fine Firefox and Safari, but Google's all stuck.

When I disable the SSL Google Chrome service, it works and displays the conversion process correctly. However, if I release SSL again, the process will be terminated.

This is strange, why this only happens with Chrome, not with the other browsers.

If someone can help me to solve this problem, I would be more than happy

Many Thanks

Problems with patterns in JAVA

I have a problem with the introduction of patterns using the keyboard in JAVA. It turns out that I'm trying to give myself three tries to enter a password. Later, after I run the three options, it turns out that this is incorrect. However, if I write it correctly in one of the three attempts, it will show "Correct".

public class Exercise81a {

public static void main (String[] args) {

Scanner keypad = new scanner (;

String key;
int trials = 3;
int maximum = 0;

System.out.println ("Enter password:");
key = keyboard.nextLine ();

Pattern p = Pattern.compile ("([a-z]{4}) ([0-9]{3}) ");
Matcher m = p.matcher (key);

do {
System.out.println ("Attempt Number:" + Attempts);

if ((m.equals (key)) && (tries> maximum)) {
System.out.println ("Fix.");
} else {
System.out.println ("Wrong");
System.out.println ("Retype the password:");
key = keyboard.nextLine ();

} while ((m.find ()) && (Attempts> Maximum));

please help

sql – problems with trigger de orace

I'm having trouble executing a trigger in Oracle. The idea is that this is done by inserting a record in function I & min; m into a function that will eventually perform a calculation between two values ​​(price and quantity) to be updated with the total amount to be paid for the order.

I tried this way and the whole field is null

UPDATE orders
SET Total = fncalcularPrice (: new.Price :: new.quantity)
WHERE orderID =: Order;

And so I'm updating all the previous records except the last one, which is inserted in zero

UPDATE orders
SET Total = fncalcularPrice (price, quantity)
WHERE orderID = OrderID;

How can I solve my problem?

Lens – Are there any problems using Lumix G 25mm 1: 1.7 ASPH with Oly OMD10, Mark 2?

I plan to get Lumix G 25mm 1: 1.7 ASPH for Olympus OMD10 Mark 2.
Should I expect a reduction in performance, since I do not use a Lumix lens with a Lumix camera? I googled, but found no specific answer to this couple. Some people say that stabilization may not work well, but this lens is not stabilized. Some others say about possible violet flares, but few resources mention this and others say that this is not an issue. I understand that it is a very objectively dependent question. So I am especially interested in this mating!
Many Thanks.

Problems with Spamhaus | Webhosting Talk

I recently discovered that Spamhaus is no longer responding to removal requests for EDROP entries.
Spamhaus seems to have the power to destroy entire hosting companies, and does not even have a proper imprint on its website.
They are completely anonymous and hide outside the EU in Switzerland.
This guy named Thomas Morrison, who is obviously not his real name, does what he wants.
Why is there no resistance against this organization among hosting companies?
Is it okay for a single organization to have that much power? in Sweden sent us this message a few months ago regarding Spamhaus:

"We know that SPAMhaus is very close to a terrorist organization, they assume it's not a fact, and there's no way to fight it. They blackmail operators to do what they want, also anonymously, they do not reveal who they are, so you never know who you're talking to. We are just waiting for the day when they start to block IPs / blocks, because people do not like them.
They are already blocking the framework of their mission statement.
They do not follow their own written practices / rules / guidelines.

// Fredrik @ PRQ support

We host everything as long as it is not SPAM or child porn! "