Video delivery services with fast delivery + 2nd video FREE for $ 5

Video editing services with fast delivery + 2nd video FREE

Hello, I offer professional video editing services delivered within 24 hours.

The final video can be up to 3 minutes long.

Previous work:

More on my Youtube channel:

Program used:
– Adobe Premiere Pro
– Adobe After Effect
– Adobe Photoshop

– Music video editing
– Commercial and promotional content
– Corporate and educational content
– Showreel video
– Travel and wedding video content
– Motion Graphics (Logo Animation, Lower Thirds, Special Effects)
– vibration / deformation correction
– Color correction

Any desired format: MP4, MOV, MXF, etc.
I can provide project files on request for free.

Have a nice day.


Signal Processing – Graph Fourier Transform: the adjoint notation for the eigenbase matrix

It is known that for a true symmetric matrix $ L $ (here Graph Laplace) one can write the eigenvalue decomposition as

L = U lambda U ^ { mathsf T},

from where $ U $ is a real eigenvector matrix,
In graph signal processing papers, including the grand paper of Shuman et al. (see page 4), the adjunct (complex conjugate) of $ U $ is used to define the graph Fourier transform $ mathcal {F} _ {G} $ as
has {x} = mathcal {F} _ {G} x = U ^ {*} x,

from where $ x $ is the signal in vector form and $ U ^ {*} $ is the complex conjugate of $ U $,

I am curious if there is a specific reason for using the notation of complex conjugate?

film – Agfa Dia direct processing

I have just ordered a Dia Direct ASA32 roll that will arrive in the next few days.

If I had thought ahead, I would have previously reviewed the process as the only lab I found that could charge a fee of around £ 65.

Given that this movie expired in 1987 and I'm not sure how well it was kept, plus the cost of its processing, I'm not sure it's worth spinning.

Having seen the quality of the prints from this film, it's certainly tempting to use them, but I do not know how well this movie fits in memory.

I'm curious if anyone has used this movie in the past and how it relates to it.
Since I'm not familiar with that, I'm not sure if it's worth taking a boat.

After shooting long-running color films, it does not bother me when the cost is so high that I have to spend a lot to satisfy my curiosity.

Since it is such a slow film, it is probably less prone to quality degradation than films from ISO 200, but it is a costly experiment.

Professional video editing at reasonable prices for $ 10

Professional video editing at reasonable prices

I can provide professional video editing and postproduction services for short films, short clips, interviews, music videos, multicam editing, promotions and commercials. The service includes fantastic, fancy transitions, great track effects, shake-out removal, cutting and adding music at the right time. Audio Sync and more • Creative Editing • Short Film • Short Clips, Music Videos • Promotions • Lyrical Videos / Subtitles • Advertising • Green Screen / Blue Screen • Wedding and Birthday Videos • Aerial Editing • Editing GoPro footage • At the highest level Quality • I can output and render in any desired file format. • Revisions included. Many Thanks!


Any image editing, retouching, removing objects or background etc. for 1 USD

Any image editing, retouching, removing objects or background, etc

Perform photo editing ONLY $ 1 FOR A PICTURE

My Photoshop services like:

– Cut out the background
-Crop / resize
– Remove unwanted objects and people

All you have to do is give me your picture and tell me what you want to edit.

– If you have any questions, please contact me by message before placing an order.
-I give you unlimited revisions until you are satisfied.


-I do not handle illegal or sexual photos.


E-book writing and ghostwriting for you for $ 5

Make e-book writing and ghostwriting for you

Are you looking for a highly qualified and professional creative author with a qualification in content and creative writing? I would say you are in the right place!

I am Ashik, I can do creative writing. I will write Ghost Book, Content and Articles on every related topic you wanted.

Here are my services that I will offer you

  • Write A book or article on a 3000 word topic
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  • per 1000 words that write $ 10

Please contact me before placing an order or send me a message. You may also like to receive samples from me. I will provide you with my samples
All you have to do is provide me with the topic and details.
My work will be of high quality as I have more than 5 years experience in writing!
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How do I fill out the processing data of the employee in the automatic processing?

public override void BeforeSave (ref bool cancel, bool NaOExecuteRecall, ExtensibilityEventArgs e)
RhpBFunctional func = new RhpBFunctional ();
func.Funcionario = this.DatasProcessamento.Funcionario.ToString ();
if (BSO.RecursosHumanos.Funcionarios.Existe (func.Funcionario))
func = BSO.RecursosHumanos.Funcionarios.Edita (func.Funcionario);
Perform accounts (func);

Post processing target: three different exposures?

I took a photo yesterday at Roan Mountain in the AT.

In the foreground is an overgrown meadow. Midground is a nearby mountain that is dark in contrast to the sunset. In the background more cascading mountains.

This was shot in RAW on a Canon 40D and I do the post-processing in LR 4.4.1.

I'm not an expert, but it seems to me that each zone needs its own exposure level. But it could be that I have to adjust the lighting in other ways … any help would be welcome.

"RAW" exposure … I would probably use something near this lighting for the low mountain range and the flare:
Enter image description here

Set the exposure to +1.9 for the foreground:

Enter image description here

Heaven and background mountains are mostly visible around -0.4:

Enter image description here

All thoughts appreciated … both about the post-editing and what I need to do next time to simplify this.

Eliminate 25 Photoshop edits and remove the background for $ 30 for 24 hours

Eliminate 25 Photoshop edits and remove the background within 24 hours

I am a professional editor in PHOTOSHOP

Why choose me and work with me?

  • 100% satisfaction and quick response from my side
  • I did not use shortcut tricks. I prefer only pen tool
  • Unlimited revision / change until you are not 101% satisfied.
  • Each individual image selected manually.

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Keep in mind that the simple background removal task uses $ 2 for background removal work. To the
Complex background removal is charged extra. Any Quary text to me in the inbox.

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