SEO for Woocommerce – I redirect the Woocommerce product pages to "normal" WP pages: noindex?

I have done the following manually to improve SEO:

no index for

I think it is better / clearer if these pages are not displayed in the sitemap as well.

My question is:

1) I redirect the woocommerce product pages to "normal" WordPress pages that display individual product layouts. This was not possible with the woocommerce product pages … but woocommerce products are of course set up …

How do I deal with the following single post type:

Products [product]

I can set a no-index, but I'm not sure I should do that?
My goal is to exclude Woocommerce product pages that are empty and redirected to regular WordPress product description pages.
I want the products to appear naturally.

Can I do anything to improve Woocommerce SEO overall?
I read something about OG: Price and Woocommerce Meta Generator …

How do I

2) "Add OG: Price Meta for Product" – does anyone know what this does and whether it is necessary to use this for better SEO

3) remove the Woocommerce Generator Tab in your head – the same here: I do not know exactly what that means … would you suggest this to improve the SEO?

Do you know an article or link that concerns this? Other things I can do specifically for a better Woocommerce SEO?

Help is appreciated.

Which product categories are the easiest to obtain?


Out of boredom, a few months ago, I wrote a program that constantly searches Amazon bestsellers and tries to find similar items at wholesalers. I wanted to answer the following question: How easy is it to find profitable products that you can buy from Amazon??

The program has now found just over 12,000 products. You can check the full list here (

I then asked myself which categories I found in this way. Was there a trend? Some categories that may be over or under-represented?
According to my research, the five easiest categories to get are:
* Clothing, shoes & jewelry
* Sports & Freetime
* Industry & Science
* House & kitchen
* Beauty & Body Care

This is based on real-world data collection and not speculation by a single blogger … Now I've promised a short article to stop here, but you can read the full study on the following page: / blog / best-products-sell-amazon-fba /

Curious about your feedback,


Show Woocommerce product list by day

0, & # 39; orderby & # 39; => & # 39; term_id & # 39 ;, & # 39; hide_empty & # 39; => true, & # 39; order & # 39; => & # 39; ASC & # 39;)); foreach ($ parent_terms as $ pterm) {?>
<a href = "name, $ taxonomyName); ?> "> term_id, & # 39; thumbnail_id & # 39 ;, true); // Get the image URL for the parent category $ image = wp_get_attachment_url ($ thumbnail_id); echo & # 39; # 39 ;; ?>

Surname; ?>

This is the code above where I want to display a product with the latest product tag name.

I can not display the product after the day of the latest product.

Complexity Theory – How can it be shown that the product of two binary numbers can not be determined in $ AC ^ {0} $?

entrance $ x = x_ {0} … x_ {n-1} $, To determine the xor over $ n $-bits $ x_i $ it
is sufficient to multiply the following two $ n ^ 2 $Bit binary numbers:
$$ a = 0 ^ {n-1} h space {2mm} x_ {n-1} h space {2mm} 0 ^ {n-1} h space {2mm} x_ {n-2} h space {2mm} 0 ^ {n-1} hRoom {2mm} … hRoom {2mm} 0 ^ {n-1} hRoom {2mm} x_ {1} hRoom {2mm} 0 ^ {n-1} hRoom {2mm} x_ {0} $$

$$ b = 0 ^ {n-1} hRoom {3mm} 1 hRoom {5mm} 0 ^ {n-1} hRoom {5mm} 1 hRoom {5mm} 0 ^ {n-1} hRoom { 2mm} … hSpace {2mm} 0 ^ {n-1} hSpace {5mm} 1 hSpace {5mm} 0 ^ {n-1} hSpace {5mm} 1 $$

The product of two binary numbers can be determined in $ AC ^ {1} $?

How can I add a bookable Woocommerce product to a page (except the Woocommerce product page)?

Currently there is only one price for a specific service on our website. Now we're adding kids' prizes through the Woo Commerce Booking plugin. I want users to select the number of adults and children and the date of the tour on the page that is not a site for a woo-commerce store. Please indicate how I can do this.

Plugins – naming product pages in WooCommerce

I am using the WOOF product filter for WooCommerce and am quite confused about how my pages load.

I have a shop that has 5 different "categories" …

Scarves, caps, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets

These have subcategories, so for t-shirts I have …

Long sleeve, regular, V-neck

My shop also has 9 different "areas" …

Pure, Retro, Classic, Modern, Range 5, Range 6, Range 7, 8, 9

When I select "T-Shirts" from my navigation menu, I have set it up so that I can get all the T-shirts we offer for sale. That's great. The site says "All T-Shirts"

When I set up the products, I gave each one a domain name, a product category, and a subcategory.

However, if I select the sidebar and filter for a subcategory or area such as "Pure", I will lose the text line at the top of the page labeled "All T-Shirts" and the page labeled "All Products" Confusing because he can only display one product type at this time.

I'm sorry I can not post a link right now, but how can I get the page title to play the product I can see on screen?

I spent hours trying to do this. It is not practical to create a page for each product range and category.

Any help would be appreciated

Many Thanks.

php – How do I add a product with Ajax to the cart and hide the button Add product?

This is my PHP file that allows me to add products to the shopping cart:

<? php
session_start ();

$ itemId = isset ($ _ GET['itemId'])? $ _GET['itemId'] : "";

if ($ _SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == & # 39; POST & # 39; and eat ($ _ POST['qtyupdate'])) {
for ($ i = 0; $ i < count($_POST['qtyupdate']); $i++) {
        $key = $_POST['arr_key_' . $i];
        $_SESSION['qty'][$key] = $_POST['qtyupdate'][$i];

} else {
    $qty = isset($_POST['qty']) ? $_POST['qty'] : 1;
    if (!isset($_SESSION['cart'])) {
        $_SESSION['cart'] = array();
        $_SESSION['qty'][] = array();
    if (in_array($itemId, $_SESSION['cart'])) {
        $key = array_search($itemId, $_SESSION['cart']);
        $_SESSION['qty'][$key] = $_SESSION['qty'][$key] + $qty;
    } else {
        array_push($_SESSION['cart'], $itemId);
        $key = array_search($itemId, $_SESSION['cart']);
        $_SESSION['qty'][$key] = $qty;


The button I need to add products as I would like to hide them for other information if the product has already been added to the cart:

The other information to be displayed:

Product already added