css – How to use nth-child to create a products grid that changes nth-child data on responsive screen @768px

I am designing a products grid which I coded something like this to because I was not able to get the expected result out of :nth-child stuff.

.productsgrid {display:flex; flex-flow:row wrap; margin-right:-1px}
.productsgrid .griditem {width:33.333%; border:#e6e5e3 solid 0; border-right-width:1px; border-bottom-width:1px}

Now the problem arises because of that margin-right:-1px in .productsgrid class. I wanted to use :nth-child so that I could get right-border at 0px when it is the 3rd item in the grid (well, it is definitely possible by using :nth-child(3n) {border-right-width:0}) BUT.

As the screen resolution drops to 768px or less, I want grid item width to change from 33.333% to 50% and so last item in the grid row will now be the 2nd one, not 3rd. And, if I kept the :nth-child(3n) stuff, it will remove the right-border.

<ul class="productsgrid">
    <li class="griditem">bla bla bla</li>
    <li class="griditem">bla bla bla</li>
    <li class="griditem">bla bla bla</li> - 3rd item/last in row (to remove right border)

but as I mentioned, as the screen size drops to 768px, the 2nd grid item becomes the last in row.


<ul class="productsgrid">
    <li class="griditem">bla bla bla</li>
    <li class="griditem">bla bla bla</li> - 2nd item/last in row (to remove right border)
    <li class="griditem">bla bla bla</li>

I wonder if it is possible to use nth-child stuff to set conditional borders to the products grid. Please help.

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magento2 – How can i import bulk products with CSV having 1 lakh in PHP

tried with below code and saved only 10k records, how can i import with batch size?


 if($_FILES("file")("size") > 0)
    $file = fopen($filename, "r");
      while (($getData = fgetcsv($file, 100000, ",")) !== FALSE)
         $sql = "INSERT into employeeinfo (emp_id,firstname,lastname,email,reg_date) 
               values ('".$getData(0)."','".$getData(1)."','".$getData(2)."','".$getData(3)."','".$getData(4)."')";
               $result = mysqli_query($con, $sql);
      echo "<script type="text/javascript">
          alert("Invalid File:Please Upload CSV File.");
          window.location = "index.php"
    else {
        echo "<script type="text/javascript">
        alert("CSV File has been successfully Imported.");
        window.location = "index.php"


probability – Defective products – Mathematics Stack Exchange

A company sends 30% of its product to Client A and 70% to Client B. Client A reports that 5% of the products it received are defective, whereas Client B reports that 4% of products received are defective. The defective products are returned back to the company.

What is the probability of a returned defective product coming from Client B?





None of the above.

The setting the same as in last question.

What is the probability that a product is sent to Client A and is defective?





None of the above.

magento2 – Charge destination based tax on virtual products

More and more U.S. states are requiring merchants to collect sales tax on digital goods, however I cannot figure out how to get Magento to include tax on virtual and downloadable products when tax is configured to be calculated on shipping address:

Tax Calculation Based On configuration setting

Even if we assign a “Taxable Goods” or some similar tax class to the product, sales tax is not charged because orders for virtual and downloadable products do not include a shipping address.

How can Magento be configured to collect sales tax on these types of products in states where the tax calculation is destination based?

theme development – How to create code template to promote products inside WordPress post

I want to suggest products inside a post content, something similar to the wirecutter style, but I don’t how to get started without using a plugin.
Does anyone have any idea what would be the best approach to get this done?
The product promotion has to include product name, subtitle, description, image, and button with the link to the product.

magento2.4.2 – How to add recently products slider in magento2?


I am using Magento 2.4.2. I have added recently viewed products widget in the product details page. Here I want to add slider using swiper. But slider is not working for recently viewed products. JS is loading before the html file.

Here is the file path where content is rendering for the section: [Vendor]/[Theme]//Magento_Catalog/web/template/product/list/listing.html

I have tried with this link as well. Magento 2 – How to apply Slick Slider to Recently Viewed Widget

But slider is not working for this section. When I added demo slider in the same page its working. But only for this recently viewed products section not working. How to do this? please suggest solution for this.

enter image description here