Use Facebook pixels to add products to the Not Ready state

I'm trying to use my Facebook pixel to upload advertising products to a Facebook catalog.

I've updated the Open Graph Protocol data 7 days ago – and when I try to attach the pixel to the catalog, it's still grayed out and says "not ready".

The pixel is firing, and I've run the Facebook debugger for my website – and it seems he's getting the right data through. Can anyone guess anything else to look for?

There does not seem to be a contact form for Facebook Business when I visit the Customer Contact section. When you send a message to Facebook Business via Messenger, only an automated response appears …

magento2 – magento 2: Default sort order of products by attributes

I have to sort by attributes to say products like under one.

"Release Date"
"Product name"

Now I want to change the sort order based on default attributes. For example
1: Release Date -> Descending Order
2: product name -> ascending order
3: Price -> ascending order

I tried to use the xml code in the category layout XML update, but adding my product sorts all attributes in descending order. Can I define the sort order based on the attributes in the code below


Woocommerce grouped products, group all products of one category at the same time

I have a grouped product called Pizzas, and I have to link more than 30 ingredients to this product. "Simple products". Woocommerce currently has this option available. You insert three letters into the text box and show me a list of all available products to link.


There are too many ingredients "simple products" that I have to put together for product pizza, in total there will be about 50 ingredients to link, and there are more than 70 pizza varieties. I would have to do this task manually and that's very extensive.


  1. Is there a way to speed up this process?
  2. Any plugins that let me display the list of all ingredients as a checkbox?
  3. Is there a way to do this with the "Actions or Hooks" code that shows me all listed products with a checkbox to select them faster?
  4. One way to do this directly from MySQL with a query, eg. For example, inserting into the table where these options are stored.

I appreciate your help very much, please.

Set Theory – A Question on the Products of the Power of Sigma Algebras

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What marketing methods does Patek Philippe and Rolex use to promote their products?

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woocommerce – Looking for Woo Commerce products with punctuation in the title?

How do I change the default WooCommerce product search so that products with punctuation can be found in the title without including the punctuation in the query?

For example, if I have a product titled "Map of Hawai & # 39; i", I want it to be the best result for anyone looking for "Map of Hawaii".

Many Thanks

magento 1.9 – How can bundled products be programmatically filtered according to the price in magneto 1.9?

I try to filter bundled products by price in magneto 1.9. This is the code I used to filter. It does not work.

$ category_id = 135;
$ _productCollection = Mage :: getModel (& # 39; catalog / category & # 39;) -> load ($ category_id)
-> getProductCollection ()
-> addAttributeToSelect (& # 39; * & # 39;)
-> addAttributeToFilter (& # 39; status & # 39 ;, 1)
-> addAttributeToFilter (& # 39; Visibility & # 39 ;, 4)
-> setOrder (& # 39; id & # 39 ;, & # 39; ASC & # 39;)
-> addAttributeToFilter (& # 39; price & # 39 ;, array (& # 39; from & # 39; => 0, & # 39; to & # 39; => 5000))
-> load ();   

Suggest me how price filters for bundled products are carried out.

Many Thanks.

magento2 – Hide products in the frontend with the same manufacturer part number

I have 3 data feeds that I have in my business. Every supplier I use has a majority of the same products. Is there a way I can only display a product on the frontend that has the cheapest price? If possible, then if the cheapest no stock moves to the next price.

The image below shows an example of the same product in the store, where the MPN is the same, but the prices are different. Of course, the cheapest want to show at the front end.

Here is an example