What is reseller club, i mean how does their program work?


It seems i am the only person unable to understand resellerclubs reseller program as i can’t find much information on it over the internet.

I completely understand their part as domain reseller but getting so much confused when it comes to their hosting reselling.

As i understand the conventional reseller setup via WHM, one have to purchase a reseller hosting package from which they can create cPanel accounts and sell those to clients at their desired prices. But as i registered with resellerclub as a reseller and topped up my account, they were already giving me options to sell their hosting but at the same time, they are offering Reseller Hosting Package.

So my confusion is, can i sell their hosting same as their domain names. Like i just have to keep enough balance in my RC account so if any of customer places order, the product will be purchased with my account balance. If it is so, it would be perfect for me to get started with my reselling website.

And if reselling their hosting is same as reselling their domain names (without purchasing any reseller hosting package w/ cpanel), can i integrate their reselling setup with my wordpress site, so customer will be purchasing all the hosting and domain stuff directly on my wordpress site instead of their supersite.

I have also seen “Resellerclub Mods” modules for WHMCS from which i am assuming that it is possible to integrate whole setup of RC (hosting & other products) into whmcs. Please let me know if it is true.

Sorry if you find these questions very basic or stupid but i am really new to hosting and seen whmcs interface first time yesterday.

Also, i stumbled upon their new Web-Pro Panel video, that was looking very promising but i think it is not yet available for everyone as i saw on youtube comment, they were asking someone to provide the reseller id so they will activate webpro panel on the account. So i am assuming it is in beta version yet but any kind of information on Web-Pro Panel would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you!

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Output is always 0 – C Program

I wrote the following coin change code and when I run it, the output always says that 0 change is needed, instead of displaying the right amount of change.

I’ve been trying to figure out the problem but was unsuccessful. Any help would be appreciated.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <ctype.h>

void collectData (int *money, int *product) // Asks user how much they paid and how much they gave to the cashier. //
  printf("nHow much was the product?n");
  scanf(" %d", product);

  if((*product < 5) || (*product > 95) || (*product > 'a') || (*product % 5 != 0))

  printf("nInvalid input!n- Number has to be a multiple 5.n- Number can't be less than 5 or more than 95.");

  else printf("How much did you give the cashier?n");
  scanf(" %d", money);

  if (*money < *product)
  printf("nInvalid input!n");

void calculateChange (int *money, int *product, int *change) // Calculates the amount of change needed. //
  int fifty = 0;
  int twenty = 0;
  int ten = 0;
  int five = 0;

  *change = (money - product);

  fifty += *change / 50;
  *change %= 50;

  twenty += *change / 20;
  *change %= 20;

  ten += *change / 10;
  *change %= 10;

  five += *change / 5;
  *change %= 5;

void printResults (int *fifty, int *twenty, int *ten, int *five) // Print the amount of change needed. //

  printf("nYou will get the following change:");
  printf("nFifty cents: %d", *fifty);
  printf("nTwenty cents: %d", *twenty);
  printf("nTen cents: %d", *ten);
  printf("nFive cents: %d", *five);

void endProgram (char *response) // Function to ask if user wants to end the program //
  printf("nWould you like to exit the program? Enter y or n (yes or no)n");
  scanf(" %c", response);
  *response = tolower (*response);

int main ()
  int product;
  int money;
  int change;
  int fifty;
  int twenty;
  int ten;
  int five;
  char response;

      collectData(&money, &product);
      calculateChange(&money, &product, &change);
      printResults(&fifty, &twenty, &ten, &five);

  } while (response != 'y');
      printf("nThe program is now quitting...n");

This is the part where the code tells the user how much change is needed:

  printf("nYou will get the following change:");
  printf("nFifty cents: %d", *fifty);
  printf("nTwenty cents: %d", *twenty);
  printf("nTen cents: %d", *ten);
  printf("nFive cents: %d", *five);

But it always displays 0 at %d, e.g. fifty cents: 0, twenty cents: 0, etc

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java – Program exception when I run a program with TextIO

I’m learning java and I wrote the following test program using Eclipse IDE

01 package Prog01Cal
03 import textio.TextIO;
05 public class Prog01CalcClas
07  public static void main(String() args) {
08      // TODO Auto-generated method stub
10      // Variables Declaracion;
11      int var1;
13      // Read line
14      var1 = TextIO.getlnInt();
16      // Print line
17      System.out.print("This is a Test Program");
18      }
20 }

Case 1:

When I comment out line 14 and I run the program, a window popup with this message:

Errors in workspace
Errors exist in required project(s):
Proceed with launch?

I responsed “Proceed”

And the program apparently run fine and print the line:

This is a Test Program

Case 2:

But when line 14 is not comment, the program got the following error:

Exception in thread “main” java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem:
at textio.TextIO.getlnInt(TextIO.java:547)
at Prog01Calc.Prog01CalcClass.main(Prog01CalcClass.java:14)

And the test program do not print anything

Just to clarify the project window in eclipse contains the following:

JRE System Library (jdk 14.0.1)
__________mainString() ) : void

Can somebody help me with this exception error?
I dont know whats wrong.

Thanks a lot in advence

How can I open a wine program if there’s no option to “open with”

You can go the directory containing the .exe file either via the cd(change directory) command , for example

cd .wine/drive_c/windows/

or just right-click the directory in your file manager and click Open in Terminal (most file managers like Dolphin or Nautilus have this option).

And then enter the name of the .exe program you want to execute for example

wine regedit.exe

all done !

Note : you necessarily don’t have to cd into the desired directory , you can simply run

wine .wine/drive_c/windows/regedit.exe

Have fun using ubuntu 😉

Does antivirus software detect screen grabbing functionality in a running program?

Screengrabs are not malicious in and of themselves. So, there is no need for anti-virus or anti-malware to be suspicious of that behaviour. Every OS has some sort of screenshot program. But unusual screengrabbing can increase the “score” for suspicion.

What anti-virus or anti-malware will do is look at the behaviour in context and comparison to all the other behaviour it has, or if it is a known bad binary, it will detect it.

I used to run a commercial, non-malicious PC spying package that took a screenshot every time someone hit the enter key or clicked the mouse. (This was a very specific use case for a specific threat on a single machine, and the machine had a poster informing users of this). I needed to whitelist the package’s processes in the anti-malware software we used because it was the combination of behaviours (screengrab hooked in the background to the keyboard and mouse actions in all processes and not just the screengrab program) that was suspicious.