How to translate a machine (a Turing machine) into the program of a high-level programming language?

Each program in a high-level language ("industrial") can be called a kind of Turing machine. I suspect that there is a universal algorithm for doing so (for example, one can take the Cartesian multiplication of the domains of all variables, and the resulting space may be the state space of the Turing machine, though dealing with computer-representative floats is possible.) A tricky example Is there such a general algorithm or system? Https:// is an example of the programming language for Turing Machine and for the transpiler that translates C programs into the language of Turing machines or some sort of Turing assembler language can be found at But what about the other Can the Turing machine be rewritten in a high-level programming language that uses functions, function compositions, and higher order functions?

Of course, there can be infinite results in this conversion – from the naming of the variables and functions to the data structures, the content of the functions, etc. But there are metrics for the quality of the software code and maximizing such metrics. The result is a more or less clear answer to this problem.

Such a transformation is very much in the present context of reward mazines for learning reinforcement (eg, – symbolic representation of the reward function (as opposed to a tabular or deep neural representation) current. Such a symbolic representation considerably facilitates the transfer of competence between different tasks and introduces the conclusion during the learning process. In this way, reward machines reduce the need for data and the need for learning time.

It can be said that extracting first and higher order functions are fairly difficult tasks, but this task is addressed by higher order meta-interpretive learning, e.g.

So – are there any research trends, work, results, frameworks, ideas, algorithms for converting the Turing machine into a program in a high-level programming language (and possibly back)? I'm interested in any answer – be it through functional, logical or imperative programming.

ubuntu – Open a file or file with a specific program through the console – Linux

Hello, I'd like to know if there's a way to open a file with a particular application from the command line, either by creating an alias or some other method. I'll give an example that I want to open a file called "index.html", but not I want to open with vin or nano, but with the Atom text editor.

In short, it's about opening a file with an application that we define with an alias or something similar.

I would be very happy about your answer: D

Computability – Can I check if the length of a C program that can generate a string is below a certain number?

I was asked this question:

Complexity (S) is the length of the smallest C program that generates the string S as output. Is the question "Complexity (S) <K" decidable?

In terms of decidability, I only know the Halting problem and just learned about Rice's theorem while searching online (although I think it can not be applied here?). I could not reduce the problem to an indefinite problem that I know about. Thanks in advance for any help

c ++ – How can I stop / quit the program immediately?

The user is asked if he wants to return to the main menu. If the user enters n / n, only the next solution will proceed if the program is to be terminated immediately. Below is the code I used for the program. Please help me find a solution for immediately terminating the program if No is chosen as his / her choice. Thank you very much!

void number()

int b=0;
int groupChoice=0;
float ave(groupChoice);
int trials(groupChoice);
float result,sumRes,dAve;
int sumTry=0;
char choice;

cout << "nNUMBER OF TRIALS" << endl;
cout << "nHow many groups? ";
cin >> groupChoice;
for (int j=0;j> ave(j);
    cout << "No. of trials for group " << j+1 << ": ";
    cin >> trials(j);
cout << "nGroupsttAve. Distance(x)tNo. of trials(w)tx(w)" << endl;
for (int i=0;i> choice;
    if (choice=='Y'||choice=='y')
    else if (choice=='N'||choice=='n')

I need a program that sounds easy, but I have no idea

At the end of the year you have the list of students of a course, which is loaded from a file with the information of each:
• Name (up to 20 characters)
• Group
• Partial qualification 1
• Partial qualification 2
• Partial qualification 3

It is desirable to know all the information of the 4 best students of this commission. In addition to those who have failed (average rating less than 8), this information should be displayed on the screen.
Also, display the list of students' names in descending order according to the last note. This information should be displayed on the screen.

In the end, the results should be stored in two files, one file all approved and one unapproved in the other.

NOTE: The average grade is used to identify the 4 best students. Arrangements should be used.

Performance – Program in JAVA to generate a random alphanumeric string

This code generates a pseudo-random alphanumeric string of a certain length.
I would welcome suggestions on how to make it more random. Did I also commit violations of conventions, exceptional cases and the like?
Is there any way to make it faster?

public class Test
    public static String getRandomAlphaNum(int length)
        String charstring = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789";
        String randalphanum = "";
        double randroll;
        char randchar;
        (double i = 0; i < length; i++)
            randroll = Math.random();
            randchar = '@';
            (int j = 1; j <= 36; j++)
                (randroll <= (1.0 / 36.0 * j))
                    randchar = charstring.charAt(j - 1);
            randalphanum += randchar;
        return randalphanum;

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array – Creates a program for entering n elements in C # without using list or sql in

Hi folks, i'm learning c # agr and would like some help if possible!

I need to create a supplier registration program, but I can not use either list or slq. So I thought about using vector, but I think I did something wrong because it did not work.

This was the class you created for the provider.

Class RegisterSupplier
public string name;
public string telephone;
public int QuantityBuy;
public float ValorBuy;
public float ValorVenda;
public int code;

    public string nome { get => Nome; set=> nome = value; }                                                
    public string telefone { get => Telefone; set => telefone = value; }
    public int quatidadecompra { get => QuantidadeCompra; set => quatidadecompra = value; }
    public float valorcompra { get => ValorCompra; set => valorcompra = value; }
    public int codigo { get => Codigo; set => codigo =value; }`

This is an object that I create each time the user clicks the button, but I do not know how to save and repeat this information.

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
CadastroFornecedor c = new CadastroFornecedor();
c.Nome = textBoxfornecedor.Text;
c.Telefone = textBoxtel.Text;
c.QuantidadeCompra = i=int.Parse(textBoxcompra.Text);
c.ValorCompra = b=float.Parse(textBoxcompra.Text);
c.Codigo = a = int.Parse(textBoxcodigo.Text);

Any help, thank you, so lost.