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malware – Getting AVAST alert during program update/upgrade in Kali Linux

So i started to use VirtualBox in windows 10 and i would like to know if those alert from my windows 10 security program (avast antivirus), during my installation/upgrading of TheHarvester program at virtualmachine Kali Linux of VirtualBox will cause any threat or harm to my personal computer? ( I am really concerned about the others getting chance hacking into my pc XD )

And here are the blocked stuff from avast logs:

1)ELF:AirCrack-B (Tool) (http://kali.download/kali/pool/main/a/aircrack-ng/aircrack-ng_1.6-4_amd64.deb|>data.tar.xz|>data.tar|>.usrbinaircrack-ng)

2)ELF:Flooder-NY (Trj) (http://kali.download/kali/pool/main/e/ettercap/ettercap-common_0.8.3-7_amd64.deb|>data.tar.xz|>data.tar|>.usrlibettercapec_dos_attack.so)

3)Win32:GenMaliciousA-GHG (PUP) (http://kali.download/kali/pool/main/m/mimikatz/mimikatz_2.2.0-git20200208-0kali1_all.deb|>data.tar.xz|>data.tar|>.usrsharewindows-resourcesmimikatzWin32mimidrv.sys)

4)Win64:Malware-gen (http://kali.download/kali/pool/main/r/responder/responder_3.0.0.0-0kali1_all.deb|>data.tar.xz|>data.tar|>.usrsharerespondertoolsMultiRelaybinmimikatz.exe)

5)BV:Downloader-MA (Trj) (http://kali.download/kali/pool/main/s/set/set_8.0.3-0kali1_all.deb|>data.tar.xz|>data.tar|>.usrsharesetsrccoresetcore.py)

6)Win32:PUP-gen (PUP) (http://kali.download/kali/pool/non-free/w/wce/wce_1.42-beta-0kali3_all.deb|>data.tar.xz|>data.tar|>.usrsharewindows-resourceswcegetlsasrvaddr.exe)

assembly – Program to find the maximum number/factor in a list

I have written the following basic assembly program to find the maximum number in a list divisible by a number. Here is what I have thus far:

# Program: given a list or integers and a factor
# Find the max number in the list that the factor divides
# For example: INPUT: (3,9,27,50), factor: 3 | OUTPUT: 27
.section .rodata
nums:   .long 3,9,27,50,-1
factor: .long 3

.section .data
cur_value:  .long -1

# first three args: %edi, %esi, %edx
.section .text
.globl _start

    # SETUP
    # %r8 will store the array index 
    # %r11 will store the max value
    # %esi will store the factor/divisor. 
    mov $0,     %r10d
    mov $0,     %r11d
    mov factor, %esi

    # get current value and store it in %rdi
    # we'll also update our variable for `cur_value`
    mov nums(, %r10d, 4), %edi
    cmp $-1, %edi
    je exit
    movl %edi, cur_value

    # Call the function and increment the aray index
    call is_divisible_by
    inc %r10d

    # if it was NOT divisible (rax = False or 0) jump back to the beginning
    cmp $0, %rax
    je loop

    # if it was divisible, check to make sure it's larger than the current max
    cmp %r11d, cur_value
    jl loop
    mov cur_value, %r11d
    jmp loop
    mov %r11d, %edi
    mov $60, %eax

    # Return 0 (false) if not divisible; 1 (true) if divisible

    # A (dividend, %eax) / B (divisor)
    # dividend needs to first be moved into eax
    mov %edi, %eax 

    # divide by a register, immediate, or memory address
    # this is unsigned (positive), use idiv for signed
    div %esi

    # the resultant integer quotient goes in %eax, and the remainder goes in %edx
    # if %rdx is zero it means A is divisible by B: we don't care about %eax
    mov $0, %eax

    cmp $0, %edx
    jne end
    mov $1, %rax


It’s compiled using:

$ as file.s -o file.o && ld file.o -o file
$ ./file; echo $?
# 27

Here are a few particular questions related to this:

  1. Is it common to use named variables (such as cur_value in .section .data) or not? I use them while learning a bit so it’s easier to view the value of an easily-rememberable entity, i.e., I can just do x &cur_value in gdb to see what it is.

  2. What is the suggested way to handle an if statement. I’ve tried to do this in the is_divisible_by function — setting it to $0 by default and then ‘overwriting’ it if the true condition is met. — but this seems pretty hacky. I suppose another way to do it would be something like:

      cmp $0, %edx
      je set_true
      mov $0, %eax
      jmp clean_up
      mov $1, %eax
      jmp clean_up
  3. Is it common to have end-labels on functions and such? I find myself often adding an end or whatever to be able to ‘exit’ things easily.

  4. For labels within a main label (such as exit or end or set_true etc.), what is a good way to name these? I see gcc uses something like .L1029 but that seems not-too-friendly when writing my own and having to remember then.

  5. Would any of the above be better done ‘on the stack’ rather than using registers or named variables? I find it a bit more difficult to use the stack than registers as you cannot do something like mov mem1, mem2

  6. Finally, how could I extract the is_divisible_by function into another file and call it from within this main file.s file?

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python – How to automate building program for ARM CPU on x86_64 host?

I have problem with building one program binary files for armhf and arm64 CPU.
Program uses pyinstaller to build executable file. Curently I need to manually copy source code to ARM based device to build it, cause pyinstaller will only build binary file that will only work on CPU based on Host’s CPU example: Build on arm64 you will get arm64 binary (no cross compilation supported).
And here is my question is there a way to create ARM/ARM64 containers so it will compile program for me and push builded binary files to GitHub? 2 containers one for 32 bit ARM and one for ARM64.

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