Computer Architecture – If the Intel Pentium processors were not made compatible with programs written for their predecessor, it could have been designed as a faster processor

I find this question when solving a government job question bank. If someone could give the answer along with a little explanation, that would be very helpful.

Questions: – If the Intel Pentium processors were not made compatible with programs written for their predecessor, they could be designed as a faster processor.

  1. The statement is true
  2. The statement is wrong
  3. The speed can not be predicted
  4. Speed ​​has nothing to do with compatibility

(I did not find a tag as a microprocessor or anything like that, so I have to keep it under the tag-computer architecture, sorry, but I did not have enough reputation to make a tag.)

Crypto Connect LLC – – Hybrid programs

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Crypto Connect LLC


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a Date: 06.04.2019 10:14:56 (UTC + 3)
Receiver cmdlet: cryptoconnect /
Comments: Open the Connect post Crypto
Order number: 31
Payeer ID: 97658965
Payment system: Payeer
Amount: 30.00 USD


PinapFile Pay Per Install – Install programs and get paid


PinapFile is a pay-per-install program that pays users for every installation of the PinapFile software.

How to use?

1) A user clicks the link and downloads the PinapFile installer
2) A user installs the PinapFile software
3) Then the real files are downloaded

Example: (Hacxx Torrent Search Engine)

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PinapFile Pay Per Install – Install programs and get paid

Colors for some programs in Ubuntu really strange (sRGB color profile)

I installed Ubuntu a few days ago with Windows, which I used for several months. I have the problem that in some programs some colors are just weird. Especially dark and blue colors. In Chrome, I was able to fix the problem by walking chrome: // flags and set "Force Color Profile" to "sRGB". I also have the problem in the standard image viewer and Visual Studio code. Here's a picture:
Screenshot of Chrome (displaying colors correctly) opened in Image Viewer and Visual Studio Code

This only occurs in certain programs and not in the entire operating system!

ux designer – finance graduate programs to ischools

I am a computer science student and would like to continue my university studies in HCI and eventually become a UX researcher. Since most HCI programs are located at information schools and not at engineering and computer science schools, I've been wondering how student financing works differs from ischools to engineering schools? (if there is a difference)

bash – How to combine or automatically compile different programs like python3, R (3.5.6) and sageMath 8.3

I have written three files on different programs

  2. file2.sage
  3. file3.r

I will give input, then I would like to perform the following steps automatically

  • is read and after progress there is output1.txt
  • file2.sage reads output1.txt and outputs output2.txt after the progress
  • file3.r reads the file output2.txt and outputs the file output3.txt after the progress

I tried bashing programming as fpllowing

! # / usr / bash /


Sage file2.sage

r file3.r

and then I ran the bash program as a program over

  • chmod + x bashprogram
  • ./bashprogramm

It does not work. I did not use it do Feature on Ubuntu. Maybe it will help, but I do not know how to do it.

Deployment – Best Practice for Deploying VUI Programs in Multiple Locations?

I do not know if this belongs here … But I've written a custom Alexa for Business Skill for my organization. They are happy with how "hq" works. But now we are developing the same skill for about 10 different locations. The capabilities of each site should be able to respond, for example, to dining facilities within that particular facility.

What is the best practice here? I suggested that we create a new skill for each location. That's what I thought up:


Targeted code for specific use cases

More reusable pieces of code to accelerate future development

Avoid writing code to avoid unwanted / inappropriate functions and AWS resources
(Reduction of the central code base) *

Improved readability / writability / maintainability

More detailed control of access to various AWS resources across the enterprise

All errors in updates affect only one place


All similar updates
need to be replicated via skills

Possible misinterpretation of the call name
(Could be fixed by fixed naming convention)

Every advice is appreciated.

macos – Newly installed programs are always displayed with external drives in the Finder

When you download an application, it is often in a "disk image" (a .dmg file). This is a virtual volume that will appear on your desktop after startup just like other hard drives.

You need to copy the application from there to your / Applications folder. (Hard disk images often include an alias for your application folder, so you can just drop the app into the folder.
If the image contains an installation application or installation package, you must run the installation application.

Once you have done this, you can eject the disc image and throw the .dmg file into the Recycle Bin. If you have not copied or installed the app, you must first make sure it's done.