ios appstore – Re-Downloading an app after switching Apple ID country: Does the old app data stay (stored files, level progress in games, …)?

I need to change the country of my Apple ID, and I already found that fortunately any apps that did cost money will be available for free download after I do this (as long as the app exists in my new country of course).

But I couldn’t find out whether the data of the app is also kept when I redownload an app I already have on my device – like the progress in a game, any data that is stored like photos or documents etc.

Does anyone happen to know?

command line – Increment a progress bar in a windows10 batch file

I’ve excerpted a part of the batch file that I’m using. I was experimenting with making progress bars, instead of numerical counts output by timeout.

My question is, how can I dynamically modify the string in a loop, rather than having to retype every step of the string?

echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

REM This is to set variables that represent backspace and carriage return.  I begin strings with these, instead of ending strings with only CR, so that the cursor isn't flashing under the first character of the progress bar.  Beginning each string with a space, and ending each with !CR! only is another possible workaround.

for /f %%a in ('copy /Z "%~dpf0" nul') do set "CR=%%a"
for /f %%a in ('"prompt $H&for %%b in (0) do rem"') do set "BS=%%a"

            <nul set /p"=(          )" & Timeout /t 1 >nul
<nul set /p"=!BS!!CR!(■         )" & Timeout /t 1 >nul
<nul set /p"=!BS!!CR!(■■        )" & Timeout /t 1 >nul
<nul set /p"=!BS!!CR!(■■■       )" & Timeout /t 1 >nul
<nul set /p"=!BS!!CR!(■■■■      )" & Timeout /t 1 >nul
<nul set /p"=!BS!!CR!(■■■■■     )" & Timeout /t 1 >nul
<nul set /p"=!BS!!CR!(■■■■■■    )" & Timeout /t 1 >nul
<nul set /p"=!BS!!CR!(■■■■■■■   )" & Timeout /t 1 >nul
<nul set /p"=!BS!!CR!(■■■■■■■■  )" & Timeout /t 1 >nul
<nul set /p"=!BS!!CR!(■■■■■■■■■ )" & Timeout /t 1 >nul
<nul set /p"=!BS!!CR!(■■■■■■■■■■)" & Timeout /t 1 >nul

As you can see, I currently type eleven commands (well, copy/paste then modify each line) to create the progress of a progress bar.

I would prefer to have a loop that adjusts the width of the bar to the number of times it will loop, then replaces the leftmost space with a block each loop. It would let me re-use this for a wait of any length, or even to show the progress of batch processes that I don’t want to flood the screen with, without needing extensive modifications each time.

Unfortunately, I’m not honestly very knowledgeable about batch; I know enough to hack things together with some Google-Fu, but my search terms are not giving me good results with this, and I am not sure that what I’m trying to do is feasible. Any help, even just a starting point, would be appreciated.

iphone – App deletes all progress after closing

I recently downloaded the game “Lost City” from Apple Arcade and after closing the app it deleted all my progress. At first I thought it was a one time thing but it happened the next time too (and for the other four times I tried it). I really don’t know how can I fix it because it basically makes the game unplayable.
I tried a few things:

  • Reinstalling the app
  • Restoring data from iCloud (it says I have no data saved from this app)
  • Deleting the app, then restarting the phone and installing the app again

Also, Game Center saved my achievements and high score, IDK if it’s relevant but it’s something. I’m out of ideas, any help?

[TSK] – Scroll Progress Bar

A new scroll progress bar to indicate the window scroll position


  • Scroll bar on top navigation
  • Enable / Disable the scroll bar individually for normal pages or for pages inside the Admin Control Panel (disabled by default)
  • Style settings individually for normal pages or pages inside the Admin Control Panel for the different browser versions (default settings can be found inside each of the description fields)



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index – How to find progress of database reindexing on PostgreSQL?

When running:


which could take several hours, or even days, depending on the size of the database, is there anyway to get a rough estimate of its progress?

I’ve seen some forum posts claiming you can query index creation status with a query like:

FROM pg_stat_progress_create_index p 
JOIN pg_stat_activity a ON =;

The _done/_total columns in combination with phase does provide a rough progress percent. However, this only lists the progress of the currently updating index. It doesn’t tell you how many other indexes are pending update, much less how much work there is to do for each.

wordpress – Auto-expandable search box and pre-loader progress bar in CSS

I am not very familiar with WordPress and CSS, however, I am trying to describe the scenario.

my system info is mentioned below:

php 8.0.7
WordPress 5.7.2
woocommerce 5.4.1
elementor pro 3.3.1
theme: twenty-twentyone (base theme) no child theme I have created

I use code snippets to modify functions instead of the child themes to do some modifications.

Now I am looking for a search widget that will expand a little while the user will start typing which is known as auto-expansion of search box, it requires some custom CSS which can be added for the custom CSS within elementor pro. however, within elementor pro there is no option to put the JavaScript which is a problem but I can use the essential addon to do so but it is possibly not available globally. but search box I will add on the header so it will be available for all the pages.

is there any option for a preloader progress bar in elementor pro using custom CSS? I know about the (global) custom CSS widget is available for elementor pro but what short of CSS we must add over there for the preloader progress bar (eg. YouTube preloader) which will show up in the browser panel instead of reading the progress bar and it will reflect in all the product and blog pages.

How can I design a sticky timer using a progress bar that stays on top when the user srolls?

I’m designing an app that uses a progress bar to display the time elapsed since the beginning of a step. The steps are detailed under the timer, and when the user scrolls, the timer needs to sticky at the top of the page.

Here’s what it looks liks currently. Disregard the Continue and Stop button. Circled in red is my timer component. At the right, there’s the current time / the total estimated time in HH:mm:ss. The colored circles are placed on the timeline at the time that the steps must occur. The user can read more information by hovering.

timer/progressbar image

Here’s what it looks like when the user scrolls down. In light blue is the appbar:

stickied timer

As you can see, it becomes hard to read the time when there are items underneath it. How can I improve this design? thanks.