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bitbucket – Jenkins – How to trigger QA tests job build by changes on another git project

I know this is a frequent topic, but I couldn’t find a straight-forward answer for my case. I just started with Jenkins, so I need help to achieve the setup described below.

I have:

  • One maven job that is sourced from GIT repo and is executing my QA tests. (let’s call it #QAjob)
  • then…
  • One project on BITBUCKET which is the website project (#WEBproject)
  • Another Android/IOS project that is being built on the APP CENTER (#MOBILEproject)

I want to achieve the following behavior on Jenkins:

  • When somebody pushed to BITBUCKET #WEBproject on the STAGING branch – I want to start #QAjob
  • When somebody’s started build on APP CENTER has completed on STAGING branch – I want to start #QAjob

I’ve set up my #QAjob, it pulls my tests code from GIT and executes the tests correctly. So I just need to set up these triggers when the job will get executed. I figured out that there are webhooks on BITBUCKET and APP CENTER that can ping a job when the push was done, but I don’t know how to use it to accomplish the described setup.

Thanks, everyone!

8 – How can I limit access to static pages in my project?

I have a site I created with Drupal 8, lets say https://example.com/.

I have “embedded” a static site (a bunch of static pages linked to each other) as a “subsite” of example.com, i.e. accessible as https://example.com/whatever/, by ‘simply’ putting all its files in a subfolder of the D8 site, i.e. docroot/whatever.
I’d like to limit access to this “subsite” to the users that are registered to my D8 site.

How can I do that?

Unity 2020.1.8f1 cannot build xcode project for iOS

We recently updated a project to Unity 2020.1.8f1
But it will not build the xcode project for iOS because of missing plist key value pairs.
This is really weird cus, before, I would build the xcode project, then fix the plist stuff, then build to iOS.

Here are the errors Im getting when I try to build.

enter image description here

WebCamTexture class is used but Camera Usage Description is empty. App will not work on iOS 10+.
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr, Boolean &)(at / Users / bokken / buildslave / unity / build / Modules / IMGUI / GUIUtility.cs:189)

Microphone class is used but Microphone Usage Description is empty. App will not work on iOS 10+.
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr, Boolean&) (at /Users/bokken/buildslave/unity/build/Modules/IMGUI/GUIUtility.cs:189)

I tried adding this script to Editor folder in assets

    using UnityEngine;
    using UnityEditor;
    using UnityEditor.Callbacks;
    using System.Collections;
    using UnityEditor.iOS.Xcode;
    using System.IO;
    public class AddStuffToplist {
        public static void ChangeXcodePlist(BuildTarget buildTarget, string pathToBuiltProject)
            if (buildTarget == BuildTarget.iOS) {

                Debug.Log("adding plist stuff");
                // Get plist
                string plistPath = pathToBuiltProject + "/Info.plist";
                PlistDocument plist = new PlistDocument();
                // Get root
                PlistElementDict rootDict = plist.root;

                rootDict.SetString("NSCameraUsageDescription","Natcorder unity asset uses this");
                rootDict.SetString("NSMicrophoneUsageDescription","Natcorder unity asset uses this");
                rootDict.SetString("NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription","Natcorder unity asset uses this");

                //rootDict.SetString("Privacy - Photo Library Usage Description", "Natcorder unity asset uses this");
                //rootDict.SetString("Privacy - Microphone Usage Description", "Natcorder unity asset uses this");

                // Write to file
                File.WriteAllText(plistPath, plist.WriteToString());

I get exactly the same errors if I use Privacy – Microphone Usage Description or NSMicrophoneUsageDescription as the key for example.

Also the debug line I added “adding plist stuff” never shows up in the console, so maybe this script is not working?

android – Best Project for Card Game App

I want to code an app so my friends an I can play a card game while we are in quarantine. The game in question is the game of mus (a spanish game of cards).

Is there another open source game (preferrably on github) which I could use to build my game on top of?

Needless to say, I will give proper credit to the authors.

PS: In principle it should be an android app.

docker – openshift is running all containers with uid 101 instead of taking an uid from a project range

Openshift cluster is installed in AWS using this doc: https://docs.openshift.com/container-platform/4.5/installing/installing_aws/installing-aws-default.html

When running a pod in any project – it is always started with the same UID 101:

$  oc run -it -n knative-serving --image busybox test1 sh
If you don't see a command prompt, try pressing enter.
~ $ id
uid=101(101) gid=0(root) groups=1000600000

This is a problem when user 101 already exist in an image – in this case it has a GID 101 as well, which prevents from accessing FS (fs permissions are for GID 0).

Expected behavior is that containers are created with UID from a project’s range and GID 0.

Openshift is updated to the latest version: 4.5.14

src/main/java and src shows error (red x) in spring tool suite gradle project

enter image description hereI have imported the folder from github and the installation required for the project are

  1. Java 8, STS 4, Gradle, Gulp, Node.js, Postman

On importing the project into STS, I get an error (red x sign) on the src/main/java folder and src folder of the project. To verify if it is an installation error, I have also tried uninstalling and installing the software but still the same.

On the problems view, i can see 100 of 799 error with the type as Java Problem