Battle Madness Info Site Forum promotion

Hi Guys,

If you are a seasoned FPer, you know we are running our Site Battle Madness competition in March. I have already sent PMs to all sorts of people to get enough entries to get this competition going, but I figured I should post a public topic if I forgot to PM someone who has a forum / Blog / site is owner.

So if you want to enter your site in SBM, please send me a PM as soon as possible so that I can add your site to our listing. If you've already spoken to me about SBM via PM, you can ignore this topic. You are registered and can start.


Do you use paid advertising on Facebook or do you advertise more organically? | Forum promotion

I recently worked on a Facebook page with a friend and found that Facebook gives you the option to pay to promote your content to more subscribers. The amount you pay is based on the number of potential customers you consider attractive. It also uses the categories you put on the page so that users can find your page among other pages. Do you think it's worth it? Would larger or smaller companies benefit from it, or both?

Effects of social media on forum pages Forum promotion

Many people suggest using social media to promote your website … but how does that really work for a forum? For example, if you can post on Facebook, why not just use Facebook instead of creating a forum?

I created a forum because I don't want to do the whole Facebook / social media thing. Because I honestly want to be able to control the content and the advertising. I don't want to enrich the rich with my content.

How can you use social media to post your content on a forum without losing posts on these social media websites?

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Active member:
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$ – graphic designer needed! Continue reading! | Forum promotion

Hi there. Looking for some work to do. I will tell you what to expect, then PM me from here with your past work if you have any lol.

Cost / deal:
If your prices are over $ 45- $ 50- £ 1000 : pLogo / mascot profile picture

  • Related games
  • Badges & emotes
  • If you are interested, please write me a PM from here and then we can discuss it from there. :] :]

    Forum Index Redirect Auction # 12 | Forum promotion

    Forum Index Redirect Auction
    The auction ends weekly at the end of each week on Sunday 11:59 p.m. (EUROPEAN SUMMER TIME)
    Competition status:

    At this auction, you are offering FP $ for the opportunity to advertise your website link for one week after the end of each weekly raffle for the duration of the following week in the Forum Promotion forum index in the "Forum Redirect Auction" advertising space. The member who offers the most FP $ before the auction ends wins.

    Please check the following rules before bidding.

    Bidding rules:

    • Must have at least 10 posts on FP – Only members with 10 or more contributions may bid.
    • Must have appropriate FP $ to match your bid – If you don't have the appropriate amount of FP $ that matches your bid, your bid will be void and a note will be added to your account.
    • Bids must be made in increments of 10 FP $ or higher – All bids that are less than $ 10 FP from the previous bid will be ignored.
    • Auction ends – Count only bids before the end of the current week. Those who bid after the auction closes will be declared invalid.

    You offer:

    Just reply to this thread below with your bid!

    Community of the Month # 35 – Vote | Forum promotion

    competitive information

    Community of the Month is a monthly competition where members can vote on which website or forum is most deserving of recognition.

    voting rules

    • You must have done at least 15 posts via FP within the last three months for voting in CoTM.
    • You may only vote for one of the websites listed below (which were submitted in the first half of this month).
    • You may not vote for a site that you have submitted to CoTM.
    • You cannot vote for a site where you are an administrator.
    • You must not ask others to vote for a website that you own or on which you are an administrator.
    • You may not create duplicate accounts or use someone else’s accounts to vote for a site.
    • Any other tactic to obtain additional votes may result in the votes being discounted and / or further action taken.

    competition prizes

    • Display: The winning website will appear on the community billboard for a month.
    • Sticky: Your promotional directory topic is retained for one month.
    • Recognition: A medal is shown on every post you write on FP for a month.
    • Free service: You will receive a free service of your choice for FP.

    Submissions to this month's competition

    Site name:

    Lash Shelter: Survival – Fan Forum
    Site link:

    Site name: Hidden forest
    Site link:

    Site name: The fireside chats
    Site link:

    Site name: Promotion Sea
    Site link:

    Site name: VGR
    Site link:

    Site name: Destroy Repeat
    Site link:

    Site name: AdminTechForum
    Site link:

    Site name: Christianity Haven
    Site link:

    Site name: WWE forums
    Site link:

    Site name: Admin loop
    Site link:

    Site name: Seahawks Huddle
    Site link:

    Site name: Free forum ranks
    Site link:

    Site name: Bayside gamers
    Site link:

    Site name:
    Page URL:

    Site name: Revillution – your entertainment portal
    Site link:

    Site name:
    Site link:

    Site name:
    Site link:

    Site name: Code forum
    Site link:

    Site name: game boards
    Site link:

    Vote for your favorite site!

    To vote, reply to this topic with the name of the site you are voting for! Votes are accepted until 5:00 p.m. US Central Time (11:00 p.m. GMT) on the first day of the next month,

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    If you would like to advertise on Forum Post Exchanges, my prices for the following sizes are as follows. These prices can only be found here on Forum Promotion.

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    88×31 partner picture – Usually included in the price for the forum sponsor group.
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