Hi! I’m New :D | Forum Promotion

Hello FP!

I have been a lurker for a short time now and figured it is time to actually get my feet wet, so here goes!

Past forum Administrator and Enthusiast. Fell out of the game while pursuing other life ambitions, and I seem to have a lot more free time on my hands now for some strange reason? (Spoiler: COVID19). You can find more detail in my “For Hire” thread I decided to make as my opening post here on the community.

Looking forward to reading much more here, and now being able interact with you all :).


Paid/Free – Community Manager/Admin/Mod for hire! | Forum Promotion

Hello, and welcome to my thread :).

Name: Hungry Ego (Mike)
Age: 30
Location: Ontario, Canada
Experience: Administrator for General Forums (personal and others).
Strengths: Community Management, Member and Leadership Management, Hype Man.
Weaknesses: Programming. I know basic codes. What I lack in technical skills I make up for in communication, leadership, and dedication. I should also add that even though I am not “technical”, however I do enjoy learning and will spend time learning how to achieve the desired output.
Availability: ASAP. I do currently work a full-time Monday-Friday day job. Due to COVID-19 I have found myself with a lot of “free time” at home. I am the type of person to stick to their commitments while being open and communicative.
Topics/Genre: Business, General, Gaming, Select Niche topics (PM to discuss)
Is your Topic/Genre not listed above: Still feel free to PM me. Investing time in new hobbies and will actively contribute where possible.
Compensation: TBD



WTB – Paid Forum Posting | Forum Promotion

Hi there,

I am the operator of https://envyforums.net/ and looking to buy some paid forum posting (I’ve DMed a few people here who I’ve seen offer it) to help seed my forum with content. If anyone is offering this could they reply with their rates below and I’ll DM as interested?

On a side note, if anyone is interested in helping me with advertising/promotion related things I am also willing to pay for those services depending on what you have to offer.

Thanks in advance,

Request for Feedback: Envy Forums | Forum Promotion

Hi there. I am working on starting a new forum and wanted some initial feedback on what I’ve created so far.

Forum Title: Envy Forums
Forum URL: https://envyforums.net/

  • Setup server
  • Created a domain name
  • Installed XenForo & a Premium Theme (expensive but the site looks pretty at least)
  • Created a few categories/forums and wrote a few posts in them.

I know there’s so much still to do before the site is a thriving forum but what else should I do to get my community seeded with content?

Hi there | Forum Promotion

I’m catgirl, I’m semi-new to forum promotion. After a few attempts to recover my old account (maybe deleted because I haven’t been online in a few years, idk but I don’t mind starting fresh, mods please message me if you’d like my old username / emails to lookup my old info if it still exists internally). I’m coming back to connect with forum admins, old friends, and for help with starting my new forum. I look forward to meeting everyone again :))

JoyFreak gets an update! | Forum Promotion

I’ve been away from the Forum scene for a few months now, I do come on to check and reply as much as I can on JF and various other communities.

I decided to give JoyFreak a slight makeover.

We’ve included a “classic” theme for our users. The only difference here is the navigation location. This also includes a dark version. Furthermore, we’ve removed a few clutter.

The classic theme is now our default theme but the users have the choice to revert back to the “modern” theme if they wish to.

Thanks for reading.

Any feedback is welcome!

Solved – SSL certificate has expired | Forum Promotion

Checking into this now.

Edit: This should be corrected now.


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