Proposal for a marketing automation tool

Hi folks, I hope everyone is fine under the current circumstances. I need your valuable help. I need to set up marketing automation for one of my customers (send some emails and SMS to contacts, then open and then send a WhatsApp message). I did some research, but I didn't find any software that integrated the 3 media. Can anyone suggest someone who meets this need? Or maybe you can suggest a way to overcome this? I have Agile CRM and Active Campaigns …

Proposal for a marketing automation tool

Automation – The proposal for automatic rules for Android turns on the ring when the connection is disconnected

Android recently introduced automatic rule suggestions. When I connect to my home WiFi, a tile was created to turn my ringtone on. However, when I disconnect, the rule sets the phone to vibrate. Is there a way to keep the rule when connecting, but to activate it when I disconnect?

I have a Pixel 1 and Android 10.

Wallet Security – Proposal for Airgap Bitcoin Core – Comments?

Lesson learned the hard way: I lost a small amount of bitcoins because I foolishly backed up private keys to a file that was uploaded to a cloud server. My wallet used to be a bitcoin core.

At the moment my keys are in the electrum with an air gap laptop wallet and an observation wallet.

I would prefer to use Bitcoin Core because having my own blockchain is preferable.

I know you can use Bitkey, but as a Windows user, but it seems too complex.

I am considering the following solution and would welcome comments.

I am currently using Bitcoin Core with an empty wallet on my internet connected desktop PC. The blockchain is on a separate SSD hard drive, and I'm running the empty wallet to keep the blockchain up to date.

I would then keep a wallet with the keys for my coins on the laptop with an air gap. If I wanted to send or receive bitcoins, I would move the SSD to the laptop. The SSD would use a SATA to USB connector, so it would be easy to connect. Once I did the sending or receiving, I would move the SSD back to the internet PC.

I assume that the blockchain on the SSD would re-synchronize the send and receive transactions.

I could use Electrum Personal Server, but that means doing other things that I don't understand. Armory is another option, but I would prefer to stay at the core.

Is my approach feasible? To back up? Overkill?

Question about the business proposal

Hello everybody,

I wonder if anyone could help me. I have founded my own online teaching company and would like to contact schools to offer my services.

The thing is, I know this word "business proposal", which appears to be a colorful brochure that explains what I'm doing. Some websites say that it must contain several points, including a summary, etc. The graphic designer I found does not include all of these points in its brochures, which worries me a little. Is there a model I can follow or can I improvise?

I have heard of another term "sales pitch" that appears to be a summary of the former and is contained in two sentences. Then there is also a potential email or a call. My difficulty is that I don't know how they all fit together.

Should I send e-mails to schools with an appealing title in the subject of the e-mail and then a short e-mail explaining briefly which solution I could bring them (individualized) and a brochure in PDF with it? Can I call them later and ask them what they think of my email, OR should I contact them by phone first and then send a suggestion?

Thanks a lot! As you can see, I'm lost in it. My appearance is linguistics and I'm trying to learn a completely new language, that of business talk!

vpn – Road Warrior IPsec from Android: No suitable proposal found

I tried to set up a VPN from my Android phone to my home router, but errors appeared in phase 1: No suitable suggestion was found.

Here are my router settings for phase 1, what should I set them to?
I have a XIAOMI Redmi 6A with Android 9.

Thank you very much

Phase 1

Dedicated server proposal Web Hosting Talk

Hi folks, I need a suggestion below my current configuration.
I have two dedicated servers on cpanel clusters.

1. Xeon V5 with 32 GB RAM and 3 x 256 GB SSD-RAID 5, 150 hosted accounts, Litespeed and 90% hard disk used, RAM 6 GB used
2. Xeon V5 with 64 GB RAM, 2 x 512 GB NVME Raid 1, 20 hosted accounts, Litespeed and 15% hard drive used.

Now I want to bring the two together:

Xeon E-2176G, 64 GB RAM, 2×960 GB NVME Datacenter Edition, but I want to upgrade with other 2×960 GB NVME because I need more space.

Is better to use
Raid 5 with 4 hard drives or
2x960gb raid1 for / home
and 2x960gb raid1 for / home2?

Thanks for your help