How do I protect the list in Sharepoint?

If you go to … List settings, then Permissions for this listsee how the permissions for the list are configured. It is likely to inherit permissions from the site (this is the default setup).

What you want to do is click the button Stop inheriting permissions. This maintains permissions, but changes to site permissions are not reflected in the list.

The next step is to remove any users or groups that shouldn't have access to the list and ensure that all users do should Permissions have the correct permission levels.

Network – Does TLS (Transport Layer Security) protect against deliberate manipulation or accidental damage?

It depends on where the data was changed and all the results you mentioned are possible. TLS messages have a public structure. Example: TLS record:

Enter the image description here

and if its structure is broken, the entire message is considered broken. This does not necessarily mean whether encrypted data has also been manipulated.

If only ciphertext has been manipulated so that the entire structure remains valid, this can lead to a decryption error. If the user data has been manipulated and decrypted successfully, the signature verification fails.

If the MAC field is manipulated, this leads to an error in the signature check. MAC only protects user data and is only used if the user data has been successfully decrypted.

Manipulations are recognized in both cases. Only the reason for detection depends on what was manipulated exactly. RFC 5246 defines a number of messages:

enum {
   unsupported_extension(110),           /* new */
} AlertDescription;

In Trump's America, healthcare workers carry garbage bags to protect themselves. Aren't you ashamed?

Hospitals are responsible for their PPE. Governors are responsible for the readiness of their states. The CDC provides guidelines for healthcare workers. Governor Cuomo of New York should take some responsibility for the terrible health conditions in his state, rather than blaming others.

The news that the pandemic was coming was public information. Everyone got the same information. It was never a secret. Stupid people act like Trump is the only responsible person. Every member of the authority should equally share responsibility.

cPGuard Security Plugin for cPanel and DirectAdmin || Protect the server only for $ 3.60 || Free trial period

We are happy to announce the release of cPGuard Version 3 for DirectAdmin

OpsShield has evolved cPGuard to help people implement the best solution to protect their cPanel / DirectAdmin servers on a budget. cPGuard has various functions and mechanisms to protect your server from various problems.

If you want to migrate from your existing solution to cPGuard, please contact our sales department to get an unlimited license for USD 7 / month / license

cPGuard now supports reCaptcha verification to stop DDoS brute force attacks. With our reCaptcha module we stop almost 1 million attacks a day. You can read more in our KB

Virus file injections and brute force attacks are one of the main problems that most server owners face today. The implementation of a defense mechanism on your server can vary depending on your technical skills and budget.

OpsShield has evolved cPGuard to help people implement the best solution to protect their cPanel servers on a budget. cPGuard has various functions and mechanisms to protect your server from various problems.

What makes cPGuard so special?

1. Price-performance ratio : – Unlike the competition, we charge a lot less to ensure that the solution is affordable for all server owners and hosts. We offer Standard license for
$ 6 / month and unlimited license for $ 11 / month [20% discount for license purchases over 5 years].

2. Quality of the software : – Although we ask less, it does not mean that we compromise on quality. Our team consists of experienced engineers in back-end and font-end development
and support wings. With every license we also offer unlimited support.

3. Consumes very little server resources : – We monitor all public files on your server and do not add hooks to the FTP / HTTP service to scan files uploaded via corresponding files what happened to other uploads? Even with the complete watch, our process uses very little resources. cPGuard runs perfectly from large servers to small VPS. It is not shown
in "top" and consume more server resources.

4. cPGuard is a security package : – cPGuard is a security package and offers several options for securing various components. Few of them include:

on. WAF : – The WAF contains more than 500 rules that can stop most attacks. It can add special protection for your WordPress / Joomla websites. The WAF rules are updated regularly
b. File scanner : – Our scanner stack is equipped with signature-based scanning, pattern matches, storage location, blacklists etc. You can even optimize the scanner by adding your own signature
via the cPGuard user interface.
c. Dealing with soft links : – cPGuard offers an efficient option for recognizing a warning of the soft links created under WebRoots
d. IP reputation checks : – Your IP addresses are checked against various RBLs and your domains are tested against blacklists.
e. Brute force mitigation : – cPGuard protects WordPress / Joomla websites from brute force attacks
f. xmlrpc.php attack reduction
G. CSF integration : – You can integrate the CSF firewall into the cPGuard firewall and adjust many CSF settings via the cPGuard user interface.
e. IP reputation checks : – Checking the domain reputation
f. RootKit scanner : – Automatic rootkit scanner every day with rkhunter and chkrootkit
H. much more….

5. Protection against incoming spam emails : – By adding cPGuard sRBL to Exim, the number of incoming spam emails is reduced to a large extent.

6. Virus cleanup : – With our virus cleaning cloud service, you can save time cleaning up the injection and restoring files

7. cPanel interface : – The cPGuard cPanel plugin helps your customers to scan files and to know the virus files recognized under their account. You can brand this option in cPanel with
it will appear like your custom scanner.

8. Set cPGuard according to your requirements
: – You can instruct cPGuard to monitor additional directories, add your own signatures, use the brand's cPanel interface, etc. You can manage each directory
Functions and can be switched on and off according to your wishes.

9. Fastest manual scanner : – cPGuard offers an option to scan your directories / users. Our manual scanner is the fastest scanner available, 7x faster than MalDet and uses very little resources

10. Scope of notifications and reports: – You will be notified for each event detected and a daily report will be created. You can disable certain notification emails and only receive notification emails that you like

11. Continuous development… check CHANGELOG

How do I test the software with a $ 0 payment?

We offer a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL that allows server owners to use all of the software's features. You can also use all upcoming functions without payment within the test period.

How much does cPGuard cost according to TRIAL?
We have 2 packages. Our basic package is $ 6 / server and the unlimited package is $ 11 / month.

How do I buy a 30 day free trial?
Go to ours DARE and buy the TRIAL package. Once the package is activated, you will receive a license and installation instructions in your email.

Do you offer a discount?

20% discount on all licenses if you have 5 servers

30% discount if you are a service provider and need more than 25 licenses

cPGuard is still expensive for you?

Contact our sales team with your existing solution and its prices. We offer a discount in the cPGuard license if your existing solution is cheaper than cPGuard.

Any questions?
Please send an email to sales [at] and we will be happy to answer you!

Why do masks protect health workers but not the rest of us?

Ordinary masks do not protect anyone.

Healthcare workers must use special masks that only protect them for a few hours. These masks are not sold to the general public (there are many of these masks, and since they need to be replaced every few hours, there isn't even enough for healthcare workers). So if you can buy a mask, it's one that doesn't protect you, and it doesn't protect health workers either.

Hardware – How do I clean an iPhone to protect myself against corona virus?


It can be tempting to wipe your phone's screen with some alcohol or a disinfectant wipe. But there You risk damaging your device's screen.

"These phones are coated to prevent oil or grease from your hand from sticking to the phone," Jason Siciliano, vice president and global creative director of smartphone protection service SquareTrade, told Business Insider. "Using alcohol or such everyday solutions directly on a phone or on the glass can harm him."

So what can you do to protect yourself when using your electronic device?

If you're looking for an alternative way to kill germs, You can try looking into a UV disinfectant like Phone Soapwho uses UV-C light to break down germs and bacteria. It's a relatively small box that looks almost like a solarium for your phone, which it emits with UV-C light for disinfection.

Although you shouldn't use cleaning products on your mobile device, depending on the materials it's made of, you may be able to do so on the case.
Enter the image description here

Security – Protect core Windows processes

Microsoft Defender included an option to isolate the Windows kernel. This function is not compatible with some device drivers (in my case video drivers). My question is, is there any other way than Microsoft Defender? The aim is to protect system processes from access if this should not be the case. Using an anti-virus program is not an option, but I'm open to other security tools

Lens – Protect yourself with a portable jammer

Practical signal jammers are jammers that break the connection between mobile phones and active transmission towers – and are highly illegal. For example, they are only used in German prisons to prevent calls from smuggled cell phones.

Fortunately, everyone who fights mobile phone users has bad cards: misery is expensive, difficult to find and noticeable. In addition, because of their high transmission power, they can be targeted relatively easily – like the illegal amplifiers used by CB radio operators, the so-called burners.

However, this effort is by no means necessary, as the IT specialists at the TU Berlin have just shown at the Usenix conference: In theory, eleven mobile phones and certain open source software are sufficient to paralyze the entire network by another small mobile operator in one Big city like Berlin. Here is the summary of the conference.

The software is an open source baseband. The baseband is essentially the modem firmware installed on every mobile phone and smartphone and manages basic communication with the portable jammer network.

When a call comes in, the network operator starts a program called paging: all masts near the potential recipient send a message that is received by all registered cell phones. The message: "I have a call", supplemented by a clear identification of the destination. If this message arrives on the right mobile phone, it replies with "here, here". The call is forwarded to the corresponding cell and reaches the recipient's mobile phone.

The trick that computer scientists use: The manipulated baseband simply answers every incoming call with the signal "I'm here", regardless of the actual recipient – and faster than the actual recipient. This means that the calls cannot be found. The same applies to SMS messages. Theoretically, text messages could even be intercepted and read due to the cracked encryption of the GPS jammer standard. Particularly tricky: This way criminals could also access mTAN for online banking.

Incidentally, this attack only works reliably in the GPS standard. The same trick could theoretically work for UMTS and LTE networks, but so far no hardware or software is required for a test.

By continuously updating the jammer, it is more suitable for people to solve various problems. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to this data, so that many life and work problems can be solved perfectly.