url – What protects IIS query string validation?

Recently, we had a bug in one of our systems because IIS rejects query strings with (URL-encoded) parameter values ​​that contain the sequence & #, It does not refuse & #,

We're tired of overcoming this limitation (for example, if the user enters a formula for a rule to evaluate, we must try to encode characters smaller and larger than we do, but I can not see a complete list of things We may not have it as a parameter so that every now and then a user can not do something legitimate because the request is 500s).

We're thinking of turning it off completely (setting requestValidationMode to 0.0), but we do not know what it actually protects us from.

Does the first one protect something important that is not triggered by the second? We do not put user input into HTML unencrypted or mix it into SQL text or anything stupid.

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Can / How Blockchain manages and protects data?

I was wondering if Blockchain can / should be used to store data that can only be inserted, but the data should only be readable by those for whom the data was authorized.

So I thought that a blockchain would contain elements other than header information for lookups. To make it a little more efficient, I would say that the header contains ID and block type. If the block type is Data or Authorization, Access, or Bucket

The "data" block contains the ID as well as all other data encrypted using a secret along with a SHA sum to verify the result of the encryption.

The "authorization" block provides the ID and an asymmetrically encrypted version of the secret for the data block + data block ID. It also contains a hash of the public key. This would be done by n-fingerprint hashes and a hash algorithm identifier (this will help reduce the likelihood of duplication if the block chain size becomes too large) (n> = 2)

The "access" block combines multiple permissions so that those with the same hashes are grouped together. It also combines buckets (discussed later) that are used by the access block. The "access" is thus usually the smallest sentence and one of the most important parts that need to be dismantled. The largest set of "permissions" wins the dismantling.

The "bucket" block is like the access block, but combines the information stored in multiple "data" blocks into a single larger block. So no big scan of the blockchain needs to be done to find the data. Like access, the biggest bucket wins.

By the way, I'm not sure if this kind of question would be better off here or something like programming stack exchange. If so, please move it there or to another location if necessary.

dnd 5e – Before which truth-finding magic (except the realm of truth) protects a ring of mind shield?

A ring of mind shielding has the following effect:

As you wear this ring, you are immune to magic, allowing other creatures to read your mind, determine if you are lying, knowing your alignment, or knowing your creature type.

Jeremy Crawford has unofficially stated on Twitter that this ring does not protect or connect to the magic of the Zone of Truth: https://www.sageadvice.eu/2016/06/24/does-a-ring-of- mindshielding protection against a zone of truth /

Suppose that judgment is true, What is the complete list of spells or other magic against which the ring clause clause provides immunity?

My motivation behind this question is to discover if there is such a magic at all or if this clause of the ring text is indeed superfluous.

USB drive – USB bootable CD protects against rootkits?

I have an infected computer that I try to diagnose. The attack is probably very sophisticated, and I'm not sure if it happened in the BIOS, in the mbr, in the active partition, or in any other area. The attack is ongoing, but I have to figure it out during the incident.

I'm considering using a USB bootable operating system to diagnose the device.

I have not done this for a while, but what is the typical boot sequence when I try to load the operating system from a USB device?

The reason I'm asking is that if my bios / mbr / other partition is infected, even if I load from USB, my computer and its information are still at risk.

Many Thanks

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SQL Server – In this scenario, TDE encryption protects my SQL database from hackers

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