python 3.x – How can you provide a path for URL patterns in Django3?

I am trying to learn Django, but the instructor is using Django 1.X.X.
So far I have been able to update Django 3.X.X to get it to work.
But I'm stuck now.

Especially in the following URL pattern code:

urlpatterns = (

The first way works. The second doesn't.
When I click the URL nothing happens. No error code, nothing.
I think there is a problem with the syntax? Is it different for Django3?

I checked the documentation and couldn't find anything wrong.

Thank you very much.

nginx – Provide some js / html files through PHP-FPM

I have a Docker-Compose setup with Nginx and WordPress. I followed one of the tutorials on the internet and everything seems to be working fine.

BUT I have a critical plugin that generates some HTML / JS files directly from PHP. Meaning contains HTML code

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