[WTS] #1 Dedicated Server Provider & Secure SSLs in Mexico + Servers for VPN !

DigitalServer.com.mx is leading web hosting provider in Mexico now offering powerful dedicated services, secure SSL Certificates. You will receive super fast hosting along with real Mexican Ips as well as helpful professional customer and tech support team who work 24/7.

Our team offer nice Certificados SSL en Mexico, check out our Secure SSL Certificates:

==>> Comodo Positive SSL Certificate:
Validación de Dominio
Soporte con www y sin www al mismo tiempo
Emisión en 5 Minutos
$10,000 USD de Seguro
Re-emision sin costo
Sello Estático
ORDER NOW – $700.00/MXN yearly

==>> Besides, we are happy to offer these SSLs:
– Rapid SSL
– Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard
– Rapid SSL Wildcard
– Geotrust Quick SSL Premium
– Geotrust True BusinessID
– Symantec Secure Site
– Geotrust True BusinessID Wildcard

FOR MORE Details, follow this LINK: https://www.digitalserver.com.mx/certificados-ssl.shtml

We are happy to announce our NEW Servidores Dedicados!!!

Servidores Dedicados Premium
Super servers for applications and websites

Premium Servidores Dedicados under linux or Windows, DigitalServer atmosphere, offers you a range of low-cost servers with 100% internet connectivity and Premium support. If you wish to have autonomy and full access to your server, dedicated servers in Mexico are an excellent choice and opportunity, as the existence is limited.

[COLOR=Navy]Servidor Dedicado DSM-1[/COLOR]
Processor – Intel C2350 2 Cores a 1.70GHz
RAM – 4 GB
Serial ATA hard drive – 1 TB
Including IP´s – 1 IP Fija
Uptime 100%
Rent monthly [COLOR=Red]$1,850.00 MXN[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]Servidor Dedicado DSM-2[/COLOR]
Processor – Intel C2750 8 Cores a 2.40GHz
RAM – 16 GB
Serial ATA hard drive 1 TB
Including IP´s 2
Uptime 100%
Rent monthly [COLOR=Red]$2,250.00 MXN[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]Servidor Dedicado DSM-3[/COLOR]
Processor – Intel Xeon W3520 4 Cores a 2.66+ Ghz
RAM – 32 GB
Serial ATA hard drive – 2×2 TB en Raid 1
Including IP´s – 2 IPs Fijas
Uptime 100%
Rent monthly [COLOR=Red]$2,495.00 MXN[/COLOR]

Take a look at Digitalserver.com.mx Servidores Dedicados en México:

[COLOR=Navy]Servidor Dedicado en México DS-1A[/COLOR]
Processor – Intel Core i3/Core 2 Duo 3.06 Ghz + 4 MB Cache
RAM – 4 GB
Serial ATA hard drive – 1 TB
Including IP´s – 1 IP Fija Mexicana
Uptime 100%
Rent monthly [COLOR=Red]$3,450.00 MXN[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]Servidor Dedicado en México DS-2B[/COLOR]
Processor – Intel Single Xeon E3110 3.0ghz L2 cache 6MB
RAM – 6 GB
Serial ATA hard drive – 1 TB
Including IP´s – 1 IP Fija Mexicana
Uptime 100%
Rent monthly [COLOR=Red]$4,640.00 MXN[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]Servidor Dedicado en México DS-3C[/COLOR]
Processor – Intel Core2Quad Yorkfield 2.83GHZ 12Mb L2 Cache
RAM – 8 GB
Serial ATA hard drive – 1 TB
Including IP´s – 1 IP Fija Mexicana
Uptime 100%
Rent monthly [COLOR=Red]$5,795.00 MXN[/COLOR]

We are accepting PaymentWall as method of payment: https://www.paymentwall.com/
And payments from 192 countries, some of that are local payments.

If you have any question – feel free to contact our sales team!


Best reseller hosting provider

Hostnetindia. com provides the best reseller hosting as we provide unmetered bandwidth and ample storage space. We always provide the best for you and have 24/7 support for you.

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download – How to use dedicated data of Internet service provider for something else?

I have a normal speed based internet connection (after the allocated data quote ends the speed declines) with 50GB from my Internet Service Provider(ISP). In addition to that I have added another package with 100GB to the same connection for video conferencing platforms (ZOOM, Teams, etc…), which are dedicated to those apps only, however I get a lot of unused data from the 100GB package at the end of the month. Therefore, I wanna know a way to use those excess data dedicated to the video conferencing platforms for downloading other stuff such as torrents, movies, etc… Because if I download a torrent now the data amount will be deduced from the normal package 50GB

Please help!!!

[WTS] Attractive and reliable deals from a decent provider.

KVC Hosting was started in 2010 with the sole purpose of creating a host company that was affordable to all. Since its inception, the company has had steady growth due to our practical business model, so much so that we’ve increased the size of our data center in order to meet the demands of our clients. Putting customers first is what drives us, and this has led to us winning multiple awards for providing quality technology at a great price. We focus on providing cost-effective web hosting solutions, and our extensive experience in the industry assures that you will receive high quality and economical web hosting options that can be customized to suit your needs. We are proud of the trust that our partners and customers have placed in us and welcome all to give our company a try.
Be in charge of your own Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosting)! It will work just as if you have your own machine.

Our virtual private servers are affordable and powerful, offering you your own mail server and greater security control. SSD VPS Hosting is a great fit for businesses that are anticipating quick growth, huge website traffic, or who run highly dynamic, interactive websites.


Enterprise Cloud SSD VPS
100 GB SSD RAID 10
4 CPU XEON@ 2.13 GHz (8.52GHz)
6 TB Premium Bandwidth

300 GB SSD RAID 10
8 CPU XEON@ 2.13 GHz (17.0GHz)
22 TB Premium Bandwidth


Disk Space – 75 GB
Bandwidth – 200 GB
RAM – 4 GB

Disk Space – 225 GB
Bandwidth – 3 TB
RAM – 10 GB

Have a question?
Please feel free to contact us: sales at kvchosting.net

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amazon ecs – AWS ECS – What is the relationship between capacity provider and launch type?

As I understand, there are two classes of capacity providers: those that provide Fargate resources and those that provide EC2 instances. AFAIK, the AWS Management Console only allows you to create non-fargate capacity providers.

Thusly, I have set up a cluster using the “EC2” template and created a capacity provider. I then create a new task from a task definition that requires Fargate, and I specify a custom capacity provider strategy that only uses the non-fargate capacity provider I created inside my cluster.

I am somehow able to run that task on my cluster, and the console says it is running with LAUNCH_TYPE = Fargate, even though I specified only EC2 type providers?

How does this work? What rules determine the final launch type?

woocommerce – POD provider or supplier ecommerce store

We are printing suppliers looking to set up a Print on Demand eCommerce store similar to Printify or Printful. We are looking for the below features

  1. Seller or drop shipper registration
  2. Each seller can add products from our catalog to their account
  3. Each seller can integrate with their own store (Shopify or WooCommerce store)
  4. Seller should be able to automatically send orders from their Shopify store to our website.
  5. we should be able to send/sync product catalog to their store

Basically, we are looking for a fulfillment e-commerce solution for POD dropshipping supplier.

Best linux hosting provider

Hostnetindia. com is providing the best Linux hosting for your website. In this, you can enjoy as you have unmetered transfer, unlimited FTP Accounts, host unlimited website, unlimited email accounts and you can have good disk space. Linux web hosting services are easily customizable according to your choice. You can buy it at a very reasonable and affordable price. You get a 24*7 support facility and you can ask your query at all times the team will be there for resolving your issues.

Best Regards,


VPS Hosting Provider is Required

Hi Guys,
I’m looking for a web hosting provider for someone who is starting out building websites.
What I’m looking for:
1] support multiple domains
2] good with WordPress
3] supports Cpanel
4] I’m good with $30-$40 a month
I’m just starting out and have no experience with web service providers, the only thing I have picked out is my domain name.
What are your views on Hostforweb.com , Dreamhost.com and also Hostry.com web hosts?
What hosting provider would you rather choose? Why?
thx for your help


Taking advantage of DDoS protection by tunneling traffic through a protected provider?

I’m looking to protect one public IPv4 address (let’s call it Host A) that belongs to a dedicated server in a datacenter that has a somewhat lackluster DDoS protection. I have a high level theory about how it could be done but would appreciate any input or even better options.

Basically I want to leverage another provider’s DDoS protection by tunneling traffic from Host A to Host B, and then pointing my client application to Host B

Could I set up a GRE tunnel between the Host A and Host B and achieve the protection that Host B has?