key management – I want my customers to download the encrypted video file to a secured usb and play it directly in TV by providing unique key which i shared to them

You give up.

DRM doesn’t work. It’s fundamentally broken. The idea is that someone should not be able to view the data, but should be able to view the data. That’s just not possible; to play the data to show it on a screen, you have to be able to understand it. If you understand it, you can make copies to whatever format you want.

Hollywood attempted to introduce trusted hardware, so that the entire hardware chain, including the display, is trusted, and encryption is used everywhere. Oh well, that has really worked, has it? I mean, if you go to The Pirate Bay, you won’t find any movies released in the last five years?

Nope. Of course it didn’t work. Heck, you can even buy a HDCP stripper on amazon or ebay for 20USD.

DRM doesn’t stop someone from copying your content. It may however make legitimate customers pissed because they can’t play back the content they paid for.


headphones – Are old Apple Earpods capable of providing balanced audio (as defined below)?

headphones – Are old Apple Earpods capable of providing balanced audio (as defined below)? – Ask Different

international travel – Is the UK exempt from providing a negative PCR test when traveling to Spain?

I was planning on visiting the Balearic Islands (Mallorca) at the beginning of June (4-6th) from the UK.

Method of transport would be air, landing in Palma.

I did a bit of research and came across the following guidance on the website.

Mandatory PCR-Test – Arrivals

From Monday, 23/11/2020, anyone travelling to Mallorca from a high-risk country (which currently includes the UK) must be able to provide evidence of a negative PCR-test result on arrival at the airport. Please see here for a full list of countries currently considered to be high-risk.

Please note:

The test can only be taken up to 72 hours prior to arrival in Mallorca.

The test result can be presented in either Spanish, English, German or French.

Anyone arriving without evidence of a negative test will be fined and will have to undergo testing at Palma Airport.

Children under the age of six are exempt and do not need to present a test result.

Upon checking the Spanish Ministry of Health website regarding a full list of countries currently considered to be high-risk

I wasn’t able to find any information about the UK:

The airport guidance, judging by the latter bullet point highlighted in bold, suggests that everyone arriving must have a negative PCR test upon arrival, regardless of the country they came from.

Would that be a correct assumption?

But reading the Spanish Health Ministry’s website, is the UK considered a high-risk country or not?

What I’m trying to figure out is if I need to have a PCR test done in the UK prior to entry.

Function providing input and integration limits for NIntegrate

I am trying to define some custom function that evaluates the numeric integral of some complicated function. The problem is that I would like to include as an input the integration limits. A MWE follows

f[x_,y_]:= Exp[-2 x^2 y^2]
test[x_?NumericQ,IntL_]:= NIntegrate[f[x, y],IntL]
myIntL1= {y,-4 x^2,4x^2};
myIntL2= {y,-4 x^4,4x^4};

Then, if I evaluate for instance test[3,myIntL1] I get a problem concerning an invalid limit of integration.

Is there a clever way to fix this without defining several functions including the integration limits, such as

    test1[x_?NumericQ,IntL_]:= NIntegrate[f[x, y],{y,-4 x^2,4x^2}]
    test2[x_?NumericQ,IntL_]:= NIntegrate[f[x, y],{y,-4 x^4,4x^4}]


Of course, here everything looks simple, but in my case all the functions are rather long; some even purely numeric ones. Since I have multiple choices for the integration limits, it would be more practical to avoid defining test1[x_], test2[x_], ..., testN[x_]

Thanks in advance,

usability testing – How did providing an image gallery on search results effect your users behaviour?

Product description

Any kind of ecommerce site or marketplace where the primary user flow is:

  • A search page where the user searches / filters to find products that the user wants to buy with many product listings.
  • A product page that contains an image gallery and various calls to action to purchase or enquire.
  • A checkout or form funnel where the user converts.

Control Design

Currently the search page contains many product listings and each product has 1 image. The product page has an image gallery where users can view the rest of the product images.

Variation Design

Each product listing on the search page now has the ability to swipe or click through all the images of a product without going to the product page.


I am preparing to A/B test this feature and I’m curious to see if anyone else has attempted something similar and what results you found? How did it effect your users behaviour? If you did any qualitative research how did your users feel vs the quant data you collected?

The reason I’m asking is that my gut feeling and hypothesis says that this feature overall will result in a better user experience (which we will test qualitatively later), however there is a good chance that the number of product pages a user views will decrease. I also think that it won’t effect conversions negatively, as users will find products they like sooner.

I will add that the site I’m working on is a vehicle marketplace where we’ve found that images are very important in the decision making process of the user.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Example wireframe of control & variation

software engineering – Is providing an evidence of a resolved bug or a finished user story responsibility of a developer?

If you, as a developer, claim that the bug is resolved, then it is QA’s job to see if this is true, make sure that the bug is completely resolved and not only in some cases, and possibly to re-open a Jira, WHILE PROVIDING MORE INFORMATION.

For example, it happens that a bug happens in situation X, but also in situation Y. The original Jira reports the bug in situation X, and the developer fixes it. What your QA person does (asking for evidence that it is fixed) is pure nonsense. Your answer should be “do your job and test it”.

A reasonable QA person will test the fix and maybe find that it happens in situation Y as well. If they are good at their job, they will reopen the Jira and add that situation X is fixed, but they found another situation Y where the bug happens. They may decide that Y is different enough to make it a new Jira. A bad QA person will just say “not fixed” and reopen it and waste everyone’s time.

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