proxy – Can I use IPSec for anonymous browsing (like in commercial proxies)?

In class, we learned how to set up a VPN between two remote sites using IPSec in tunnel mode. I have a VPS for hosting my website (with root access), but if I set up a tunnel between my PC and the VPS, then my source IP will still be clear between the VPS and the internet when I browse the internet, right? (traffic is encrypted only between left and right parameters of ipsec.conf file, which are my PC and the VPS)

How do commercial proxies (such as Hotspot Shield) solve this problem?

UK Proxies

Hi guys, I am looking for a solution for footlocker EU proxies. Please help me out.

I will need a server and subnet and a solution to make … | Read the rest of

encryption – nginx server that only proxies to my game servers

I have clients connecting to my WebSockets game server for an online browser game. Game servers are created and destroyed when players start games, and so each server can have a different IP address that I can’t control.

I need the WebSockets to be secure (WSS) so I have an nginx proxy with an SSL certificate. The client receives the IP of the game server but instead of connecting directly (insecure) it goes via my nginx server with the game server IP as a query param.

Here’s the problem: anyone can now use my nginx server to proxy to any IP they choose. What I need is a way to ensure nginx is only proxying to my game servers.

I don’t have control of the game server IPs since it’s an external host, but I own the game server code. My nginx proxy is hosted by me but the game servers are hosted by a provider.

My plan was to have a shared secret key on the game server and nginx and encrypt all traffic with that, but I’m struggling to find out how this could be done.

Is it possible, are there any examples of it being done?

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web application – Is using proxies to circumvent rate limit to scrape data legal?

Im under the Indian jurisprudence and this is what the Indian Information Act of 2000/66F says on the matter,

Indian Information Act 2000/66F

Punishment for cyber terrorism.– Whoever,– with intent to threaten the unity, integrity, security or sovereignty of India or to strike terror in the people or any section of the people by–

(i) denying or cause the denial of access to any person authorised to access computer resource; or

(ii) attempting to penetrate or access a computer resource without authorisation or exceeding authorised access; or

(iii) introducing or causing to introduce any computer contaminant,

Since the administrator of the API has authorised only a certain number of API calls for a network, can it be construed as a violation of 66F clause 2 if we try to circumvent the rate limit even though the information is on public domain?

networking – Create IPV6 proxies using a VPS /64 subnet to each port

Recently I adquired a VPS that has a ipv6 /64 subnet, and I would like to use my vps to create some ipv6 proxies. What I want to acomplish is this simillar to this project:

But for some reason, it’s not working for me. I would like to generate something like 1000 proxies from that subnet, without any authentication or anything.

I have almost no experience on this area, so I would like to ask for advice or any help about this. Thanks.

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