security – Android SmartLock – Proximity to home wifi

I have seen other topics similar to this that are locked to further comments but the conversation goes way sideways. The issue is whether I can have my phone unlocked when I’m within range of my home wifi. This is preferable to using GPS where I burn battery and have someone tracking my every move. The conversation gets hijacked about the security of wifi vs bluetooth which shouldn’t matter; this issue needs to stay on whether I have to provide credentials to my phone to unlock it. The argument is correct – someone could break into my wifi – that’s a separate issue. Someone could break into my house and have access to my unlocked phone, but then I have a bigger problem to worry about. Please allow wifi proximity to activate SmartLock. Yes, Google would love to have me turn on my GPS but that’s not in my best interest.

annotations – Finding nearby Table I: Place Types in proximity to user’s current location using Google Places API on iOS – SwiftUI

Problem: I’m pretty new to SwiftUI and to coding mobile in general so far, but I’m attempting to create an app that finds ONLY nearby place types (restaurants, parks, cafes) from the Table I Place Types Google Places API offers: place types. These locations would appear in the radius around the user’s current location and each place would be annotated with a marker/annotation automatically when the app is opened (no search bar is used). There would also be a refresh icon on the screen that would update these Table I place type locations (restaurants, parks, cafes…) around the blue pin marker, as done in the tutorial.

What I’ve Tried: I have been searching on Google, Stackoverflow, and Github for examples or tutorials with the tutorial by raywenderlich coming the closest to providing the answer. My only issue with this: tutorial is that it is coded partly using storyboards (which is something I want to avoid for now). If someone can steer me into the right direction on how to implement the fetchPlaces function in the MapViewController into the new SwiftUI (without using storyboards, if possible), I would greatly appreciate it, as I am really struggling to figure it out on my own and with the help of Google’s documentation.

This image is taken from the raywenderlich tutorial as an example. It shows ONLY restaurants and cafes in a radius around the user’s current location on opening the app. The refresh icon in the top left corner refreshes these locations around the blue pin marker in the middle of the screen on the map.

P.S: I have tried using Apple’s MapKit instead of Googles Maps SDK for iOS, also with no success. However, any advice using MapKit instead of Google Maps would also be appreciated. Either or is fine with me.

When I create a proximity search filter in views I receive an error when I enter values for both the distance and origin

SQLSTATE(HY000): General error: 1 no such function: LEAST: SELECT “node_field_data”.”created” AS “node_field_data_created”, “node_field_data”.”nid” AS “nid” FROM {node_field_data} “node_field_data” LEFT JOIN {node__field_geofield} “node__field_geofield” ON node_field_data.nid = node__field_geofield.entity_id AND node__field_geofield.deleted = :views_join_condition_0 WHERE (“node_field_data”.”status” = :db_condition_placeholder_1) AND (“node_field_data”.”type” IN (:db_condition_placeholder_2)) AND ((( 3959 * ACOS( LEAST(1, COS( RADIANS(57.674118041992)) * COS( RADIANS(“node__field_geofield”.”field_geofield_lat”) ) * COS( RADIANS(“node__field_geofield”.”field_geofield_lon”) – RADIANS(-2.9515190124512) ) + SIN( RADIANS(57.674118041992) ) * SIN( RADIANS(“node__field_geofield”.”field_geofield_lat”) ) ) ) ) <= 5)) AND ((“node__field_geofield”.”field_geofield_lat” IS NOT NULL) AND (“node__field_geofield”.”field_geofield_lon” IS NOT NULL)) ORDER BY “node_field_data_created” DESC LIMIT 11 OFFSET 0; Array ( (:db_condition_placeholder_1) => 1 (:db_condition_placeholder_2) => organisation_services (:views_join_condition_0) => 0 )

Why does the proximity sensor suddenly light up brightly?

According to the manual, the "light / proximity sensor" is located on the top right. It is clearly visible as white light in this photo – that is expected. What is NOT expected is that it is also clearly visible to the naked eye ?! It is a tiny red dot that as such is impossible to photograph.

This sensor was never visible! Why is it now visible?


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Enter the image description here

Views – The secondary option "Better exposed filters" is shown reduced when the page is loaded. This only happens when the proximity field is added. Why this?

In Views, I added a filter using the proximity field and added it to the secondary option of the more exposed filters. However, the filter is always folded under load. It is not with any other field. Can you please help me determine why? Thank you very much.

unreal 4 – How can I show or hide a particle emitter (actor?) depending on the player's proximity?

Essentially everything is included in the title – I have a cylindrical effect from a particle emitter, but it can be any object with a shader, and I want it to show and hide the closer I get to it (it appears, when I get closer).

I would like to do that with blueprints.

I imagine modulating the opacity, but where is the best place to do it? In the object? or the player blueprint?

Website Design – What should the proximity of the items on this product listing page be?

I've defined the product list page below because I'm having trouble figuring out which information to associate with which more. For example, should the filter group on the left be closer to the products on the right and further from the title or equidistant from both? Should the title be the same distance to the filter and the products / filters? I think that's the relationship between things. Suggestions for improvement are definitely welcome! Enter image description here