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We offer a unique IP solution – unlimited access to local IP addresses from all over the US. Choose from over 70 available lines in different states and connect immediately. You can change the IP address with just one click. Benefit from using local residential IP addresses through domestic 4G / LTE, cable and DSL providers. Improve your productivity flow with our unique IP solution and get better results when ordinary VPN providers just do not deliver.

Below is a complete list of currently available locations (more to come soon):

  • Los Angeles, California)
  • San Francisco (CA)
  • New York, NY)
  • Phoenix (AZ)
  • Salt Lake City (UT)
  • Vernon (NJ)
  • Augusta (GA)
  • Philadelphia (PA)
  • Columbus (OH)
  • San Antonio (TX)
  • Chicago, IL)
  • Detroit (MI)
  • Baltimore (MD)
  • Indianapolis (IN)
  • Omaha (NE)
  • Las Vegas (NV)
  • Miami, Florida)
  • Denver (CO)
  • Des Moines (IA)
  • Richmond (VA)
  • New Orleans (LA)
  • Nashville (TN)
  • Seattle, WA)
  • Boston (MA)
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Networking – How do I redirect HTTPS traffic to a proxy on localhost: 443?

I'm building an HTTP server in C ++ with the Cesanta Mongoose c ++ network library. Essentially, I'm trying to redirect traffic from my web browser to a proxy on the local host. I recently added support for HTTPS by purchasing a certificate and domain and following the instructions to enable SSL with Mungo (https://cesanta.com/docs/http/ssl.html). The server now monitors port 443 and works fine. I've configured my web browser to forward HTTPS requests to localhost: 443, but the HTTP server does not seem to fire. If my server monitors port 8080 and the web browser is configured to send requests to localhost: 8080, the web browser fires, but https is not supported. Is there anything wrong with configuring the web browser to send requests to localhost: 443?

linux – System-wide proxy blocking specific requests

I want to set up an HTTPS proxy on my server that blocks all outgoing traffic to a specific domain except GET requests.

For example, suppose my server has a Ruby on Rails app, a bunch of cron jobs, and some utilities. I want to install a low-level proxy that lets all outgoing network traffic pass and blocks POST requests *.example.comRegardless of whether it's the RoR, cron job or CLI tool that creates the request.

iptables is a firewall and can not decrypt HTTPS requests, but otherwise has the correct syntax for it. I found mitmproxy and tinyproxy. It would seem that the right strategy would be to configure one of these modes as a daemon in transparent mode and find the right configuration to block POST / PATCH / DELETE requests *.example.com,

Could you point me in the right direction or provide a sample configuration for such a thing if you know one?

Strongly typed dynamic proxy for invoking dynamic objects

GitHub and NuGet

I want to use DynamicObject-derived types to execute REST API / NodeJS module calls. It would also help to capture the API form in a strictly typed way. So here's an interface proxy that hides low-level machines that do tricks like this:

public void Call()
    dynamic c = new ExpandoObject();
    c.Add = (Func)((a, b) => a + b);

    ICalculator proxy = Proxy.Create(c);
    Assert.AreEqual(3, proxy.Add(1, 2));

public interface ICalculator
   int Add(int a, int b);

Library code is:

using Castle.DynamicProxy;
using Dynamitey;
using System;

namespace Dynoproxy
    public static class Proxy
        public static T Create(this object source) where T : class
            var proxyGenerator = new ProxyGenerator();
            return proxyGenerator.CreateInterfaceProxyWithoutTarget(
                new Interceptor(source));

        class Interceptor : IInterceptor
            public Interceptor(object target) => Target = target;
            object Target { get; }
            public void Intercept(IInvocation invocation) =>
                invocation.ReturnValue = Dynamic.InvokeMember(
                    Target, invocation.Method.Name, invocation.Arguments);

The Gmail proxy option is not listed in Settings / Accounts

My customer uses Gmail (free account) for his business email address, which has been set up using one of his domains (Domain-A). There are two e-mail aliases in this account (one with domain A and the other with domain B).

He wants to add me as a delegate, but the delegate option is not listed in the Settings / Accounts menu. The technician who set up his account could not help. Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks.

Nginx proxy for low data throughput


nginx is used as a proxy to pass traffic through ports 80 and 443 to the appropriate systems, depending on the subdomain.

The HTTPS certificate is Letsencrypt.

It has been determined that data throughput on all websites is limited to approximately 400,000. This restriction also applies to access via LAN. Only with direct access to the individual web servers one has a full data throughput of several megabytes per second.

So far I could not find a solution.

No error messages are logged in the LOG files.

An example configuration can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f3evo6n2s6qs12w/AAA5xF4fU3SEhCLpkoW9SaR3a?dl=0

Can someone give an indication of how the cause of the error can be narrowed down?

Thank you in advance.

parent proxy chain from Squid – Server Error

There are three free proxies. I mean, they do not have a username password.
Suppose they are proxyA ip: port:8080 proxyB ip: port:3128 proxyC ip: port:5439,

I want my local squid proxy to use the chain of the parent proxy to connect to the Internet.
I mean SquidLocalServer->proxyA->proxyB->proxyC->Internet

How can I force the local squid server to use this parent proxy chain?

Linux – Is it possible to attack the main server using a reverse proxy server that acts as a URL rewrite only?

I have a content page https://www.mysite.com

I ask a client to configure a reverse proxy server connection on its server so that all content in the external-content subdirectory is retrieved from my site.

For example:

Invited by:

You do not want to do this to worry about exposing your LAN to the Internet. I understand that a reverse proxy server is nothing more than a sophisticated redirect, and that its main network is not exposed to directory traversal attacks, MySQL injection, and so on. Is that correct?

Suppose my site is very vulnerable. Is it possible to attack the core server through a reverse proxy connection that interacts in no other way than the above?

Is restricting traffic from the reverse proxy IP to just that subdirectory a workable solution?

Thank you in advance!

Fraud Google Drive Proxy P2P Script + Google Drive Advance Backup System at a Great Price | Proxies-free

3 days ago I saw the following: https://www.wjunction.com/threads/g…-advance-backup-system-in-cheap-price.241742/ and I added it by telegram.

That day I bought the tool, sent him $ 150 on Paypal. He told me he needs some sleep and will install him when he wakes up. All right, I bought the server, the domain also for it. After he woke up, he told me he needed another two hours to finish breakfast and other things. I said OK. Then he did not answer my messages.

I contacted him on wjunction and he said his Paypal account was limited and can not complete the installation. What? WHY? I paid for this shit. It is fully encrypted and can not be installed. I tried it and it means I have to buy the second part of the script.

https://imgur.com/a/o2yGiWK Telegram Conversations.

https://imgur.com/a/q0O6ezs wjunction

After I told him that I was going to dispute a dispute, he ignored me by telegram: https://imgur.com/a/LC4ZR4f

@ zalues101 please answer, why you do not return the money or install my script.

P2P Drive Plus Streaming Google Drive Proxy Script – admin section | Proxies-free

This guy is a cheater and this is the same user as this one:

I bought him the tool and paid a total price of $ 125. After paying him everything, he started making excuses, saying that his Paypal account was limited and could no longer provide an installation! Besides, he does not answer my Skype messages and does not want to give me back my money! So I paid $ 125 and got NOTHING!

I'll open a dispute over Paypal and give Paypal all the information and Skype chat and I'll get my money back. I will update this post after everything is solved. I have every proof in my demise and I will provide every detail to admins or users!

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM HIM! This guy is a scammer!