cmd.exe – Hide PsExec window when starting from cmd

I’m executing a command as another user on the same machine using PsExec from cmd like this:

PsExec.exe -u myuser -p mypass timeout 4

When I do so, a new cmd window opens and stays open until the command passed to PsExec has completed. How do I prevent this new window from opening or showing?

The closest I got was with the following, but this is still unsatisfactory, as the new window is visible for a few moments before minimizing:

PsExec.exe -u myuser -p mypass cmd.exe /c "start /min timeout 4"

The only other question I found regarding this was starting from PowerShell, but I’m in the standard cmd. I’m on Windows 10, PsExec v2.2.

Passwords – Is PSexec from Windows 10 still possible?

While I was playing with responders on my private network, I managed to find the NTLMv2 hash on my host computer and even crack it using some custom rule sets and hashcat. However, I do not seem to be able to use these credentials to gain access to my computer. So far, I've tried wmiexec out of impacket, MSF PSexec, and CME, and although CME logged in to the machine (unlike the others), it did not run any of the scripts I initially entered as a parameter.

Does that mean that Windows 10 is completely safe from attackers, even if some lenders are known?