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Free PST Viewer Tool is an advanced way to preview the Outlook data without the need for an MS Outlook application.
Preview the software support of all elements that make up the selected .pst file, for example: B.: E-mail, Calendar, Task, Attachments, Notes, Posts, and so on. You can preview these data items in a single view by selecting the Folder List icon.
The software not only allows the user to read PST files without Outlook, but also provides the ability to save emails as the most requested format, such as PDF.


Do you need to reduce the PST file size?

Yes !! You can reduce the size of Outlook PST files by splitting them into smaller parts. To attempt " SysTools Split PST software"It lets you split large and heavy PST files into smaller parts, and the software creates a NEW PST file for each spit file and you can save it to your own location, which lets you save the PST file by date, year , Folders and by size.

To attempt Free demo version Allows you to split 50 e-mails from Outlook. You can also check the reliability and stability of the tool before purchasing.

Some simple steps that you must follow:

1. Install the PST file and download it
2. Select the option – ANSI or Unicode
3. Select the option you want to share by – date, year, folder, size.
4. Browse the largest PST file you want to share
5. Select the destination where you want to keep spewed files
6. Click Share to complete the process.
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How do you access your Damages PST Outlook file for free? – Everything else

The PST Viewer Tool is an advanced software that lets you easily open and view your healthy and damaged PST files. It works flawlessly, even without the use of MS Outlook application. If someone wants to migrate their data to another system that does not have an MS Outlook application installed, this tool makes it easier for you.

Easy Repair of PST Files – Inbox Repair Tool – Everything Else

MS Outlook is a very popular e-mail client that stores all user mailbox data in a .pst file. However, due to some technical issues, this file is vulnerable to damage. In many cases, a minor corruption of the .pst file has occurred, which can be corrected with the Inbox Repair Tool. However, due to insufficient knowledge, users have lost access to their file and can use a third-party PST repair tool. To get the Inbox Repair Tool recovery, here is a very informative guide to the Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool.


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Download the PST repair software – everything else

If you lose access to your files in Outlook due to data corruption, you must consider Advance Outlook repair software. The PST recovery tool has the advantage of converting multiple files at the same time, resulting in faster recovery. It can also recover heavy files larger than 2 GB.
Download software here: –

To split a .pst file into small files with .pst file splitter software

Sometimes the big PST files slow down the performance of your Outlook. This can be very harmful to your Outlook and your files get corrupted. If you want to split your PST file, you're in the right place, because I have a third-party tool for it. This PST splitter tool can split your large PST file with just a few mouse clicks. All users can easily use this tool without technical assistance, since basic knowledge of accessing this tool is sufficient. This tool can support all the latest versions of MS Outlook. You should use this brilliant tool as this is the best for you. The PST file is saved to the Windows drive that stores the e-mail folders of an Outlook account. The file size of PST increases with the accumulation of e-mails in inbox and inbox folders of the Outlook mailbox more and more. Microsoft limits the size of the PST file to different versions of Outlook. This tool splits large PST files of your system or network.

Apart from these, this is a competent tool that removes certain emails from the large PST file and saves them in a new PST file. This means that several small PST files can be created. You can also view the emails of new .pst files in the e-mail folder that the tool created with the Outlook program.

What does the PST splitter tool do? –
If the 2 GB limit is exceeded, the data overflow error message is displayed. To overcome this problem, the Split PST File Tool is here to split large PST files into smaller file sizes. This tool splits large PST files of your system or network.

Note:- This evaluation version is now available for free to display the split process using the Share PST File tool. With the free trial, you can save 5 emails per folder in the new PST file. You must purchase a full version to save the entire PST file in different PST files.

Download link: –[url=][/url]