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I am not the administrator! Register herev7Jct8t.jpgWelcome to 2Point4Daily======== QUALITY ADVERTISINGWe offer a wide range of promotional products and services. Present your budget and we will offer the best competitive prices in the market. USER-FRIENDLY SYSTEMWe appreciate all the user experience of our customers. We offer a simple account management platform, secured and DDos-protected system.TOP NOTCH QUALITY SUPPORTOur support group is available around the clock to answer your questions about your account. We have a 24-hour response time to all support requests guaranteed ========JOIN US!Quality AdvertisingEach promotional package costs $ 10, bundled with 100 traffic exchange credits, 1000 banner advertising credits, 100 text ads, advertising credits. Up to 2.4% daily discounts | 120% Cashback AdvertisingAll advertisers have the opportunity to earn profits from company-wide advertising revenue. Additional benefits, as long as members surf with 20 ads / day. Multiple Financing OptionsWe accept Payza, Solidtrustpay, Perfect Money, Bitcoin and PayeerLong Term ApproachWe offer 0% Repurchase Rule to all promotional cash discounts and low 5% deposit fees at 0% withdrawal fees ========8% placement commissionWe will pay you 8% commission, 3 levels deep! 5% – Level1, 2% – Level2, 1% – Level3Register here

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I am not the admin! 🙂 REGISTER HEREnyIyF16.gifOver:AdProfitizer looks long-term & individual! ** Leaders Special Get 1 month free update! Admin Info: AdProfitizer LTD by Nigel Dolgado from Lisbon – Portugal! Supported by additional revenue from external sources Revenue sources Exchange trading and the profitable ECurrency Exchange Business! 30% – 50% of the profits made by the trading platform back to the AdProfitizer reserve pool!Revenue Sharing:Billboards earn up to 3% daily or 90% per month up to 150% in cash! From Monday to Friday the daily income is 0.5% to 3% daily! Saturdays and Sundays are in the range of 0.5%! Days of the week are between 1.5% and 3%%!Platinium membership offers many monthly benefits:Surfing Not needed to earn! Daily Payout Limit: $ 500! Weekly Cashout: Unlimited! Commission: 6% Level 1 and 4% Level 2 and 2% Level 3! 1,000 surf credits: per month! 20,000 banner credits: per month!AdPanels:$ 10 worth of AdPanels reward you with cash bonuses! $ 100 AdPanels will reward you with $ 150.00. Cash of $ 1,000 AdPanels will reward you with $ 1,500.00 in cash bonuses! $ 5,000 AdPanels will reward you with $ 7,500.00 in cash Reward $ 18,000.00 in cash bonuses! Payment Managers: Payza, Payeer, Stp, Bitcoin and PM Verified Accounts! Instant payouts up to $ 500! REGISTER HERE

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I am not the admin! 🙂started: 08.12.2016Solid Trust SharexL8BwhP.gifSolidTrust ShareShare of sales 150% ROI We share sales and external income with our members.JOIN NOW – $ 1 FREE!We are the TRUE Revenue Share Program! We share revenue from sales (adpacks, ads) and external revenue (external ads, offer walls, rotators).Welcome to SolidTrustShare!SolidTrustshare is an advertising platform that anyone can earn. SolidTrustShare provides a solution for advertisers while providing users with the opportunity to earn money.Which payment processors do we accept?We accept Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, OKPay and Bitcoin.What does SolidTrustShare offer?Each member can earn from Paid to Click, Offerwalls and Revenue Share. Each Adpack contains promotional credits that you can use to promote your services, websites, or products.What are the benefits of SolidTrustShare?We offer fast payment and high quality supportSolidTrust share commission?Yes. We offer Referral Commissions for referral clicks – 50%, but from AdPack's 0% referral fee (for stability and high ROI).Super AdPacks – 150% ROI – 10% daily for 15 daysOur investment:5gTvOjj.jpgSolid Trust Share

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Earn money every day
Start earning money, but first change your thinking to make money!
An active mind can not exist in an inactive body. To be active, you have to do some movements. To earn some money, you have to be active and start today. It's not difficult, you have to move your hand up the website corner and click on Register. This is the first step … everyone else will come after!

Basic Pack
$ 5
Got 141% back
41 Directory list
4100 advertising credits
11% mediation commission
Minimum 50 points for Advance Pack
Maximum AdPacks: 100
Turn 5.00 USD into 7.05 USD

Prepaid Package
$ 20
Get 151% back
201 Directory List
10501 Ad credits
11% mediation commission
At least 125 for Investor Pack
Maximum AdPacks: 250
Turn $ 20.00 into $ 30.20

Investor Pack
$ 50
Get back 161%
401 directory listing
16100 ad credits
11% mediation commission
No requirements
Maximum AdPacks: 500
Turn $ 50.00 into $ 80.50
Mediation Commission:

Payment processors:
Paypal, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer, OkPay.

Our expenses:
The amount of $ 100 has been debited from your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U1651590-> U11763666. Note: shopping cart payment. Advertisement Credits Purchase – Username IncredibleEarnings .. Date: 15:55 25.09.16. Batch: 147741969.



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This ptc / gpt website is great for get small amounts quickly.

You can easily get $ 1 in Bitcoin. All you have to do is sign up and enjoy video games.

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Unlimited simple bitcoin payouts and a range of offers.

Surveys … Play Games … Pay … In Bitcoin

What do I like best about this site? Minimum wthdrl, $ 1.

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It's easy to pay via PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon, Payza, Skrill.

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SUPERPAYME – earn money with free money online Surveys, Online Tasks, Eash Cash Quotes. Make Money Work Online.

A good website where you can Earn some money online by just one few surveys and very little else.

This is really my withdrawal from SUPERPAYME to Bitcoin

tJIpp3w.jpg "class =" ipsImage "src =" https://i.imgur.com/tJIpp3w.jpg "/></p>
<p><span style=Consider my Bitcoin screenshot as a proof of payment.
That was mine 1 earned dollar and the easiest.

A1SZgjj.jpg "class =" ipsImage "src =" https://i.imgur.com/A1SZgjj.jpg "/></span></p>
<p><span style=Press the "cancel" button at 12:00
(19:00 at SUPERPAYME)
The amount will be displayed on Coinbase account at 18:59
(2:00 am at SUPERPAYME) less 3% fee

Si8fNBS.jpg "class =" ipsImage "src =" https://i.imgur.com/Si8fNBS.jpg "/></span></p>
<p><span style=Next Up? What will you do now? Get more BTC !!!

Processed from ranfurly

Double your pictures

Mypayingcryptoads – Mypayingcryptoads.com – PTS & PTA

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New Revshare by Trusted Admin – Uday Nara (Admin MyPayingAds) – Paid in March 2015.




+ MyPayingCryptoADS is a viral advertising site that delivers high-quality pro-traffic to your placed advertising within a short period of time. Are you an online entrepreneur looking for leads and / or sales for your programs or products? Look no further, MyPayingCryptoADS is the solution! It also offers a revenue share when buying ad packages, which brings you a double benefit. The ad pack plans are carefully prepared for their members in terms of long-term stability of the website with continuous and progressive profits. You will surely succeed. Do not miss the high quality traffic and the remaining revenue that this site can offer. Log in and use the services.

1]Adpack details:
– Cost for 1 adpack: 0.05 BTC
– Daily revenue: depending on the revenue generated by the program.
– Revenue Sharing Rewards: Up to 120%
– Adpack payout limit: a maximum of 1.0 BTC per day
– Minimum withdrawal per day: 0.01 BTC
– Rotating banner ad credits per adpack: 25,000 credits

2]Membership information:
– No membership: You can buy up to 20 adpacks
– 0.02 BTC / month (Explorer): Can buy 20-50 adpacks
– 0.05 BTC / month (Professional): 50-100 adpacks can be purchased
– 0.10 BTC / Month (Elite): Over 100 Adpacks can be purchased

Mediation Commission:
– Brokerage commissions (for adpacks sales): 6%
– Referral fees (for all other services): 10%
– Disbursements of mediation commissions: Unlimited

Payment processors:


Bitcoin120 – bitcoin120.com – PTS & PTA

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Exchange Traffic Exchange & Profit Sharing Welcome to the best place for advertising where each member uses cryptocurrency. Get traffic, referrals, leads and sales in the world of cryptocurrency. Search 20 traffic center sites daily to claim revenue share. Daily distribution proceeds up to 120%.

Features and Benefits of Bitcoin120
Traffic exchange in the ratio 1: 1;
– Sales share up to 120%;
-1×3 Fast Matrix Cycler;
-For each website you visit you will receive a visitor to your link.
– Sustainable concept, multiple times through free reentry earning!
– no limits, no forced new purchase!
Immediate and fast. Get Bitcoins instantly into your Bitcoin Wallets!

Sales share up to 120%, 1×3 Fast Matrix Cycler

Mediation Commission:

Payment processors:

Our deposit:



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I am not the admin! 🙂

Begin: 01/25/2017

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Revcorp is a revenue sharing company where you can buy adpacks and earn money every hour! or every second when you buy Platinum Adpacks!
We offer all our members a place to market their business. We offer all members the opportunity to expand their business around the world. Vital Trend Ads is a leading revenue sharing platform that can earn up to 115% to 200% in addition to promoting your business.

up to 115% -200% revenue share

Mediation Commission:
3% – 1%

Payment processors:
Bitcoin, Payeer, PerfectMoney

minimum investment
$ 1.00

Our deposit:

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Begin: 06/02/2017

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Welcome to RevShare120

Did you ever imagine being able to advertise and earn at the same time? Do you know that you can drive massive traffic to your website? RevShare120 can help you whether you need traffic, use leads on your website, or need financial help.

RevShare120 has a global audience and at the same time gives you the opportunity to earn a 120% return by participating in our traffic exchange and through our unique revenue sharing program that offers our members a 120% return on their participation.
Register now and benefit from our quality-driven traffic and potential hourly income.

120% return revshare

Mediation Commission:
Up to 14%

Payment processors:
PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Payeer

Our deposit:
————————————————– ————————————–
BTC amount: 0.08768 BTC
Hash: a804ef100679d8ea89e8095608c2e740113ed8ba18376b228de9cbef69241021
————————————————– ————————————–

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