japan – Forgot to submit Record of Purchase card at Narita

Last time I went on holiday to Japan, I bought some souvenirs and took advantage of the Tax-Free exception for tourists. I knew the procedure to follow regarding the paperwork, so as instructed, I planned to leave the Record of Purchase card at the airport before leaving the country. However, once at Narita, due to a set of reasons, I totally forgot about it, and by the time I realised of my mistake, I was mid flight.

All the purchases that I made were legit, and the amount of money that they discounted was minimal (around 2000 yen). My question is: if in the future I go back to Japan, will there be any issue about this when entering/leaving the country (like having to pay a fine or being questioned by customs)?

trains – Where can I purchase Thalys tickets without using its website?

Are there well known places/agencies where I can buy Thalys train tickets without having to suffer the bugs, annoyances, and lack of accessibility on thalys.com/vsct.fr?

The site has form validation that rejects perfectly valid email addresses, and payment rejection when the bank claim that no request was ever made.

My plan is to travel from Paris to Brussels, in case there might be an alternative, but I believe they are the only ones with that route.

Edit 1: my plan of not buying online and hoping that ~30 days would still get me a good price was a huge mistake. A ticket for a trip 29 days from now, is costing €148 instead of ~€40!

gm techniques – How should players purchase supernatural backgrounds when using a Prelude?

Hunter: The Reckoning has a concept of of a “prelude”. A prelude is essentially a one-shot or one-session adventure which tells the story of how a normal, mundane human became called to the Hunt. It’s like a superhero origin story, where the player character gains their first edges.

Two approaches to preludes are described in the Hunter rules (pg.221-223). In one case, players create their characters like in most games. They can assign all their powers and various scores before play begins. In the other, more thematically appropriate option, players create mundane characters and the Storyteller assigns supernatural powers and other benefits during the prelude.

I’d like to use this second version in a Hunter game I’m planning. During this introductory sesssion, I’ll assign powers and abilities to the characters based on their activities. However, I’m confused how to advise players to purchase backgrounds. Some backgrounds and abilities are supernatural (like patron) or more appropriate for experienced hunters (like occult knowledge). Should I allow players to purchase these before hand or restrict them?

Some options I can foresee:

  • I should allow players to purchase them before hand, even though this isn’t thematic. Doing otherwise would restrict their strategic choices in an unpleasent way.
  • Players could withhold some their points from character creation to spend later. This seems both thematic and enhances player agency, but means that initially some characters will be stronger than others.
  • Players could spend all their points on mundane options, and I can assign supernatural options as the Storyteller. This doesn’t sound ideal, since some options (like the Mentor background) are best chosen upfront. If I assign a high Mentor score to someone it would unbalance the group.

How should I handle this situation? Do the Hunter rules or some other White Wolf guidance explain this? Is there an experienced-based way to handle this?

Magento2 Enterprice multicurrency website i want to checkout page country dropdown only india to be set when product purchase like inr

Magento2 Enterprice edition multicurrency website i want to checkout cart page country dropdown only india to be set when product purchase like inr (indian Rupies). so please given me a solution .

Custom Woocommerce Shortcode based on Purchase

i am a newbie in wordpress and woocommerce and now i have a project that i used elementor to build it and now i need to add a button that i want to show if the user bought a specefic product and hide when the user didnt buy the product.
i found a solution in elementor that i can add this kind of if with shortcode. what kind of shortcode can i use or how can i creat my own customized shortcode
thaks in advance

Help writing a plugin to track user purchase and post back that using API?

I am writing a plugin to track user purchase and post back that using API.

First the user visit a third party listing site and logs in.
Then he clicks the listing and visits a wordpress store with this plugin.
I need to store that user info for 30 days.
In that window period if he makes purchase i will pay commission to the third party listing site.

Can you suggest any code examples or free and paid plugins to look at.

How to implement this AWS RDS Purchase recommendation?

I have 2 RDS databases size db.t2.medium. I went to AWS recommendations and got this:

So far I’ve done only EC2 reservations. I am not sure how to proceed from here.
First I guess I have to make the reservation on RDS menu for 8 db.t2.micro reserved instances…

And after?
How can I modify existing databases to assign them 4 db.t2.micros to each one?
enter image description here

  • I see where to change the instance type…. but I will be replacing one database db.t2.medium with another one db.t2.micro…
  • Maybe storage auto-escaling will do the trick?

google play store – Does a marketplace app, where users pay the third party (also users) through our application be considered as in app purchase?

I am planning on building a flutter app and as the title says does a marketplace app, where users pay the third-party (also users) through our application be considered an in-app purchase? The transaction will be facilitated through a payment gateway like Stripe. The third-party provides value (non-physical) to users through our application. We plan on taking a 2% commission on all payments made to these third parties. Since we are planning on taking just 2%, if we have to pay 30% then we just have to take payments from web. Can we do that?

How much are “sufficient funds” to purchase return ticket for a New Zealand visa?

I am an indian citizen, i have a plan to travel to new zealand next year.

I have a question regarding the return/onward flight, the immigration site states that i should not purchase my flight ticket before i get my visa and instead i can prove that i have sufficient funds to purchase one.

My question is, how much is the minimum funds in order to be considered as sufficient to purchase the flight ticket? Should i better make a flight reservation (the confirmed one, not the purchased one)?