architecture – If you’re building an algorithm from the C stdlib in pure Assembly (with no help), what is the best workflow for debugging/iterating?

I am a JavaScript developer mainly, so I am familiar with object-oriented code and dealing with things you can see easily and interact with, like the GUI, even HTTP requests, etc. Plus you can put breakpoints around and inspect the object properties and such, or log it to the terminal, etc.

However, I would like to start getting good at Assembly. I have heard of GDB but have never needed to use it because I don’t do any Assembly hardly.

I would like to practice by building things like (simplified) malloc, etc., plus simpler C stdlib functions like strcat and whatnot. Ideally, too, I would like to avoid using any built-in stdlib functions to help me in the debugging process (like using printf to print stuff out). If you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT recommend that I do that, that’s one thing, but I would like to get a deeper sense of what it was like to be a programmer in the early days when the tools just didn’t exist.

My question is, how did they debug this stuff when they were working on something like this Malloc I got from github:

        .zero   4
        .zero   8
        .zero   8
        push    rbp
        mov     rbp, rsp
        mov     edi, 0
        call    sbrk
        mov     QWORD PTR last_valid_address(rip), rax
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR last_valid_address(rip)
        mov     QWORD PTR managed_memory_start(rip), rax
        mov     DWORD PTR has_initialized(rip), 1
        pop     rbp
        push    rbp
        mov     rbp, rsp
        mov     QWORD PTR (rbp-24), rdi
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR (rbp-24)
        sub     rax, 8
        mov     QWORD PTR (rbp-8), rax
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR (rbp-8)
        mov     DWORD PTR (rax), 1
        pop     rbp
        push    rbp
        mov     rbp, rsp
        sub     rsp, 48
        mov     QWORD PTR (rbp-40), rdi
        mov     eax, DWORD PTR has_initialized(rip)
        test    eax, eax
        jne     .L5
        mov     eax, 0
        call    malloc_init
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR (rbp-40)
        add     rax, 8
        mov     QWORD PTR (rbp-40), rax
        mov     QWORD PTR (rbp-16), 0
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR managed_memory_start(rip)
        mov     QWORD PTR (rbp-8), rax
        jmp     .L6
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR (rbp-8)
        mov     QWORD PTR (rbp-24), rax
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR (rbp-24)
        mov     eax, DWORD PTR (rax)
        test    eax, eax
        je      .L7
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR (rbp-24)
        mov     eax, DWORD PTR (rax+4)
        cmp     QWORD PTR (rbp-40), rax
        jg      .L7
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR (rbp-24)
        mov     DWORD PTR (rax), 0
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR (rbp-8)
        mov     QWORD PTR (rbp-16), rax
        jmp     .L8
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR (rbp-24)
        mov     eax, DWORD PTR (rax+4)
        add     QWORD PTR (rbp-8), rax
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR last_valid_address(rip)
        cmp     QWORD PTR (rbp-8), rax
        jne     .L9
        cmp     QWORD PTR (rbp-16), 0
        jne     .L10
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR (rbp-40)
        mov     rdi, rax
        call    sbrk
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR last_valid_address(rip)
        mov     QWORD PTR (rbp-16), rax
        mov     rdx, QWORD PTR last_valid_address(rip)
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR (rbp-40)
        add     rax, rdx
        mov     QWORD PTR last_valid_address(rip), rax
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR (rbp-16)
        mov     QWORD PTR (rbp-24), rax
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR (rbp-24)
        mov     DWORD PTR (rax), 0
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR (rbp-40)
        mov     edx, eax
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR (rbp-24)
        mov     DWORD PTR (rax+4), edx
        add     QWORD PTR (rbp-16), 8
        mov     rax, QWORD PTR (rbp-16)

I can imagine perhaps printing (using the Linux write syscall) individual bytes one at a time. But that’s far from anything I could use to visualize better what is going on. I am used to being way higher level and seeing the objects in an intuitive level (functions, objects, variables, etc.). But here everything is just bits and bit sequences (8, 16, 32, 64, etc.).

What are the best ways of debugging this to aid in your workflow? How did others in the past do this when the tooling wasn’t available? How can you take advantage of low-level tooling (perhaps, like GDB) to do this? (Should you use GDB)? Or can you whip together a reasonable debugger on your own using only Assembly to help you somehow? Nothing fancy, but enough to help visualize something.

The second part of the question is, what do I try to focus on? That is, what do I want the debugger to do that will help me be more proficient? I am not sure what a good debugger would even do at this level. Maybe it just prints out the whole memory layout? And I then dig through the hexcode with my eyes? Is that what they did? Or do you get more strategic somehow?

Or do you just simply need to be able to run the code in your head, and that’s it? I can’t think of much in between.

My use case for this is to learn how to do Assembly like the ancient people did. But another use case would be to build out an OS on a bare-metal raspberry, I’m not sure if debuggers would work there (but perhaps they do). Either way, I would like this.

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What is a Facebook store?

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photo editing – Underwater: Pure picture with color grading or separated layers?

As I really enjoy underwater photography, I am wondering how does one end up with a final image like the one I share bellow:


Original Image

After Edition:

After Edits


As Lightroom doesn’t have a Channel Mixer (which would be really helpful), I am wondering that the photographer is probably using Photoshop or GIMP. Here the photographer can copy a blue/green channel and convert it to red.

Then it can proceed to the Editings in Lightroom (which is already good for editing pictures at the surface, as one doesn’t looses the colors as underwater).

I know that Tint can also be used for photos less than 10m deep, but it is not the best alternative.

However, in this case, it seems that the photographer is using two separate layers and adds the people separately, so that he can get a darker background.

How does one end up with an image like the one shown above after effects?

Is this only pure picture and color grading?

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nodelist – How do I divide bodycontent in two halves and insert html in the middle using Pure Javascript

I’ve done it with jQuery, but need to do it with PURE JS.

jQuery example:

$(document).ready(function() {
  var bodyContent = Math.floor($('#content').children().length);
  var bodyContentDividedInTwo = Math.floor(bodyContent / 2);

   $('#content').children(':eq('+bodyContentDividedInTwodedInHalf+')').after(`widget goes here`);

This is where I’m stuck with my PURE JS example:

 var fullBodyContent = document.querySelector('#contentBody');
        var bodyContentSplitInHalf = fullBodyContent.childElementCount / 2;

       bodyContentSplitInHalf.insertAdjacentHTML('afterbegin', '<h1>Yeeeeeeesssss!</h1>');

Then I get the obvious error of it not being a function. Because its a nodelist.

Please help, I know this is an easy one. But for some reason I always struggle to figure this out.

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