forbidden lands – As a GM, how could I interpret Wits damage caused by pushed rolls?

I’ll give a short explanation for those non-familiar with Forbidden Lands.

There are no hit points as such, damage goes to attribute points.

Simplifying a bit, when you fail a roll you can “push the roll”, which
means you can reroll some dice but any 1 will cause you damage to the
related attribute (it’s a dice pool system).

Attributes are Strength, Agility, Wits and Empathy. Physical combat
damage goes to Strength.

Damage to Strength and Agility is usually easy to explain. E.g. if you fail a dodge throw, push it and get damage to Agility, maybe your leg got cramped.

I think I can manage charisma but haven’t had the need yet. People get sick of putting a nice face to negotiate with others. Maybe someone said something that hurt you. Looks relatively easy, depending on the situation.

I do not know how to explain Wits damage in most cases, though. I used “You try so hard to remember that your head starts hurting” after three damage in a single Lore roll (that’s a lot). It was good for comic relief but it would get old quick.

The books seem to associate Wits damage with fear, which does not help much.

How can I realistically explain damage caused to wits when pushing the roll?

windows – Openvpn: access remote ip in the same subnet as pushed vpn subnet

I don’t have access to openvpn server-side configuration.

To summarize, the server is pushing to the client this directive:

‘PUSH_REPLY,route-gateway,sndbuf 0,rcvbuf 0,ping 45,ping-restart 180,redirect-gateway def1,topology subnet,route remote_host net_gateway,inactive 900 7680,dhcp-option DNS x.x.x.x,dhcp-option DNS x.x.x.x,dhcp-option DOMAIN XXXXXX,ifconfig

Unfortunately i need to access the remote ip (same subnet as pushed openvpn subnet..)
what can I do?

I already tried to override the ifconfig on the client and adding new routes..

unity – How do you make objects be pushed away from you?

unity – How do you make objects be pushed away from you? – Game Development Stack Exchange

ios – TestFlight: Why isn’t individual tester getting notifications when new TestFlight builds are pushed to store?

I have an app on TestFlight, and I added an individual tester to version 0.1.3. I then pushed versions 0.1.4 and 0.1.5, and although this tester automatically appears under “Individual testers” for these last two builds, they didn’t receive any notifications about them, so they still have only version 0.1.3. They have auto-update set to ON. Does anyone know how I can resolve this?

What to put for primary occupation in the DS-160 form when uni date has been pushed back?

I was supposed to attend university starting fall 2020 but due to the pandemic my final semester exams were postponed and I had to defer my admission to spring 2021.

So, I graduated in September and I’m not working anywhere. I have my F1 visa interview in a week. Should I select ‘not employed’ and specify the reason that I recently graduated and am awaiting university to start? Or should I select the student option and fill in the details of the university I’m intending to attend in spring?

mining reward – LONGPOLL pushed new work – But no new block is found in actual

I tried to run solo mining on a Bitcoin clone coin. cpuminer says

LONGPOLL pushed new work

but actuality, Block is not generated and the block number stays the same.
According to my knowledge, new work pushed means that a new block is found. But when I see mining info on the coin, the last block height is the same as it was.

Note: Mining on this coin is not done for few days. What’s wrong and how can be fixed.

“blocks”: 164537,
“currentblockweight”: 4000,
“currentblocktx”: 0,
“difficulty”: 62182.77027320505,
“difficulty_pos”: 4.007620157825651,
“networkhashps”: 1148572.208578498,
“pooledtx”: 0,
“chain”: “main”,
“warnings”: “”

bitcoincore development – Does python-bitcoinlib and the Bitcoin Core functional test framework share code? Were changes ever pushed down/upstream? of the Bitcoin Core functional test framework contains a comment that it was initially modified from python-bitcoinlib.

There doesn’t appear to have been any code sharing beyond that and certainly not any later changes pushed up/downstream.

I asked Kanzure (previous maintainer of python-bitcoinlib) on IRC about it and he said:

python-bitcoinlib is forked from a thing that was itself incorporated into bitcoin core’s functional test framework or the thing it was forked from was from code in the bitcoin core repository, i forget the lineage exactly but python-bitcoinlib came later

Scheduled messages pushed from database to API

I’m building a system with a dataflow, as described below. It is reasonable, or can it be improved, especially I would like comments on the job that moves messages from the database to the queue.

Users can post messages with a timestamp in the future. When the timestamp is reached, the message is published to an API endpoint.
The schedule’s granularity is 5 minutes and delays of up to 10 minutes are not an issue. The volume is no more than 100 messages per scheduled timeslot.

When the users post the message, it is stored in a database.

Then a single recurring job polls the database every five minutes for messages that are ready to be published.
The messages are then published to a queue where multiple consumers can process the messages and publish them to the API. When messages are moved to the queue, they are marked as processing, and when the consumer has published to the API, they are marked as processed with the status code from the API.

Would you see the single job, moving from the database to queue as a bottleneck? or do you see that operation as fast enough to accommodate many many messages?

To scale the single job to multiple jobs is there another way than locking the table?

8 – How State is specific to the specific environment, when its actually pushed to all environments with DB sync?

When you copy your development/testing database to your production
database, you’re effectively replacing your production site’s state
with your development site’s state. Therefore if you put your
production site in maintenance mode, then import a database that says
the site is not in maintenance mode, then your site will stop being in
maintenance mode.

Conceptually, state is specific to an environment, so long as you
aren’t copying your database when you push changes from development to

Your solution may be to avoid doing these database imports altogether.
If you are just making configuration changes on your local development
site and just need to push those, you can export the site’s
configuration to code, commit it to version control, push that config
to production and then import it. (See for info.)

If you are creating content in the local development environment that
you need to push to production, then you may want to look at using the
Migrate API.

If you absolutely must push these database updates but want the
production site to remain in maintenance mode when you do it, then
you’ll need to put your development site into maintenance mode before
copying its database to production.

reactjs – Input value is rendered twice as one element when pushed into an array

When I type a word into the input and press the Append button, the word is then pushed into an array.

However, the word is rendering twice as one element in the array. “Foo” would be pushed into the array as [“Foo Foo”]

When Undo button is pressed, the element is popped. [“Foo Foo”] becomes [].

Please point me to the right direction.

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