Can I automatically put a specific word / phrase in front of page numbers in Google Docs?

I know that you can automatically set page numbers on any page in Google Docs and update them for you when they're moved. Is there a way to do that but also have a certain word in front of you? I'm writing an MLA work in Google Docs, and for MLA, the author's last name must be followed by the page number on each page in the top right corner. I could do this manually, but it would be painful as I might have to change several page numbers even with the slightest change.

Is there a way to do that?

Unit – How to put a player in a given position

So I'm developing this game (as part of a larger game) where the player has to collect all the coins before moving on to the next level. Right now I'm using the spacebar on the keyboard to move the player, but I want to move the player when it gets a key click from an Arduino. The problem here is that the player should only switch from one platform to the next. nowhere else. How would I do that? Would I have to code each position hard? There are different platforms in each level and there are four levels
Enclosed is the player controller script:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
//using System.IO.Ports;

public class PlayerControllerb : MonoBehaviour
    //SerialPort sp = new SerialPort("\\.\COM4", 9600);
    //player = GameObject.FindWithTag("Player").GetComponent().material;

    public float Speed;
    public Vector2 height;
    public float xMin, xMax, yMin, yMax;

    void Awake()
        //player = GameObject.FindWithTag("Player");
    /*void Start()
        if (!sp.IsOpen)
        { // If the erial port is not open 
            sp.Open(); // Open 
        sp.ReadTimeout = 250; // Timeout for reading

    void Update()

        // if (sp.IsOpen)
        { // Check to see if the serial port is open 

                //string value = sp.ReadTo("EOL"); //Read the information
                //float amount = float.Parse(value);
                //transform.Translate(Speed * Time.deltaTime, 0f, 0f);  //walk

                if (/*amount > 25f)*/Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space))  //jump
                    GetComponent().AddForce(2* height, ForceMode2D.Impulse);
                GetComponent().position = new Vector3
                    Mathf.Clamp(GetComponent().position.x, xMin, xMax),
                    Mathf.Clamp(GetComponent().position.y, yMin, yMax)
            catch (System.Exception)

        /*void ApplicationQuit()
            if (sp != null)


This is a screenshot of one of my levels:
Enter image description here

Any help would be appreciated

css – put all stylesheets in a theme folder

As Jacob mentioned earlier, you can name the CSS files in alphabetical order in the order in which you want to load them. Then you can use a function to read the list of files, sort them in alphabetical order, then go through them and sort them.

However, if you need to load all the CSS files and it's your topic, you can just paste them into a combined CSS file. You can use media queries to restrict the processed CSS file, even though the systems are now fast enough to load a large CSS file.

And if it's your topic, a CSS enquee loop should make sure all the CSS files you need are loaded in the order you want.

But a huge CSS file seems to cause fewer problems.

Samsung Galaxy S 8 – S8 firmware put on a S8 Active

I live in the UK, but bought an unlocked Samsung S8 Active from AT & T in America. I have a terrible reception in my house and I want to make Wi-Fi calls, but I can not because I'm not an AT & T customer and my mobile service provider (EE) does not support the S8 Active, just the regular S8.
I read that the Active is basically an enhanced version of the regular S8. Can I put regular S8 firmware on the S8 Active?

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Java – best way to create @PUT on multiple entities and compatible with RFC

I am trying to create the best possible PUT that allows changing multiple entities to individual Java jersey requests.
The idea is to send a request with multiple entity IDs as @PathParam values ​​and send a list of new entities in the payload as an ArrayList.

My problem is that I do not know how the RFC dictates how to create the URL with the entity IDs, and how to translate that into Jersey PathParams.

For example, the following example replaces entities with IDs 10 and 20 with the new ones:


curl -X PUT 
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' 
-d '({"name":"A","surname":"B"},{"name":"1","surname":"2"})}'

Jersey Code:

public Response post(@PathParam("receptacleIds") List receptacleIds, 
            List newEntities) {


  1. How best to create the URL to pass multiple IDs?
  2. How can I tell Jersey to break the URL for multiple IDs?


PHP – how to put different data with a while

I've created a code to get a database, and I've used a while cycle. The problem is that I want to create a table with two columns and I do not know how to do the while generation of the table with two td tags. Someone has an idea, like I can, here I leave the code

`$ TotalReg = $ connect-> query (" SELECT * FROM Tutorials ");

//Se divide la cantidad de registro de la BD con la cantidad a mostrar 
$TotalRegistro = ceil($TotalReg->num_rows/$CantidadMostrar);
//Consulta SQL
$consultavistas ="SELECT
                    ORDER BY
                    tutoriales.ID ASC
                    LIMIT ".(($compag-1)*$CantidadMostrar)." , ".$CantidadMostrar;
                   // echo $consultavistas;
"; while ($lista=$consulta->fetch_row()) { echo ''; } echo "
'. $lista(1) . '
' .$lista(3) . '
"; ?>

I need that in the time when I put another td in the tr, but with different data from the same query, I hope to explain