List Manipulation – Monitoring the progress of training through PutAppend

I would like to export the lap loss during model training for each practice lap. Currently I'm using the method shown in the Documentation Center for TrainingProgressFunction and PutAppend:

logFile = CreateTemporary[];
appendToLog = PutAppend[[[[<|"Loss" -> #RoundLoss |>, logFile]&;
(* I skipped the output "Batch" -> #AbsoluteBatch *)
trainingData = {# 1, # 2} -> {# 1 + Sin[#1*#2]} & @@@
random True[{-1, 1}, {50000, 2}];
nice Rain[
NetChain[{1000, Tanh, 1}, "Input" -> 2], trainingData, MaxTrainingRounds-> 10,
TrainingProgressFunction -> appendToLog];
(* I train 10 laps *)

Although I train 10 laps, the log file consists of 9 entries, the last lap loss is eliminated

logDataLength = length[ReadList[logFile]]9

Is there an alternative way to include the last issue? I can create a function that appends the last issue to the existing list. However, if you want to export the weights and biases of a large neural network (eg a total of 15,000) for each round, this becomes quietly awkward.

Many Thanks!