vuejs2 – How to deal with analytics on PWA when deployed both as a web app and as an apk in the play store

How should I use analytics in one PWA Web App? If I add Analytics from Google Analytics to Webapp and publish it to a server, how should I track usage later if I want to publish it to the Google Play Store?

Here is the scenario:

  • I use that PWA from a subdomain.
  • then I publish the PWA from the Google Play Store as TWA,

My concerns:

Should I use the Google Analytics snippet for the web to track subdomain-based PWA and Firebase analytics for my Google Play Store app?


Can I track both versions at the same time with a single method?

I found this FAQ from Chrome Developer about using Google Analytics

The CPA Library follows the basic usage pattern of Google Analytics and is familiar to existing Google Analytics users. However, unlike Google Analytics' web-based official JavaScript libraries, the CPA library uses an "app-centric" model that works better with packaged apps. Among other things, the library provides methods for certain types of hits, such as event and appView, and can be used in both closure-based and traditional JavaScript projects.

I use Vuejs as a frontend with pwa Template, not sure if it applies to my use case. Any suggestion or any direction would be greatly appreciated.

pwa studio – How to set up a copy of Venia Concept to work locally

I'm into PWA Studio and I want to find out how easy it is to copy Venia-Concept and use it as a stand-alone REACT app. Instead of downloading the entire Monorepo containing all the other packages.

So far, I've tried it below, but an error is issued stating that Babel can not find it.

git clone venia-temp
cd venia-temp
CP -R packages / Venia concept ../
cp babel.config.js ../venia-concept/
cd ../venia-concept/
Install yarn
Build a yarn run

$ Yarn-thread clean && yarn-thread build: esm && yarn-thread validate-query && yarn-thread build: prod
$ rimraf dist esm
$ BABEL_ENV = Development babel src -out-dir esm -root-mode & up; & # 39; up; --source-maps --copy-files
/ bin / sh: babel: command not found
Error Command with exit code 127 failed.

Any ideas what causes this problem and how can I get it to work?

I know I could use the venia consumer example or fallback studio, but I'm interested in how it works.

When I run Add yarn Babel-Cli -D I pass the last mistake, but a new one comes …

Build $ yarn run
Yarn run v1.13.0
$ Yarn-thread clean && yarn-thread build: esm && yarn-thread validate-query && yarn-thread build: prod
$ rimraf dist esm
$ BABEL_ENV = Development babel src -out-dir esm -root-mode & up; & # 39; up; --source-maps --copy-files
SyntaxError: src / RootComponents / CMS / CMS.js: Unexpected token (6:15)
4 | Export standard class CMS extends the component {
5 | render () {
> 6 | return ;
| ^
7 | }
8 | }

Subdomain – Canonical URL of PWA – refer to maindomain?

We launch several versions of our PWA at the following URLs: (always refers to the latest stable version)

Our users start this version via our website:

All the* PWA pages have the canonical URL:

With the idea to link to these versions, the advantage is transferred to the main website.

Our website home page currently has the following two URLs: (english version) (french version)

My questions are:

  • Does it make sense to show the canonical URL on our homepage? Should we refer you to their respective release pages?
  • Should the canonical URL of the PWA refer to the / en version of the website? It will only be forwarded to / if the browser language is French

seo – Can I prevent the loading of HTML text and header in PWA when Javascript is enabled?

We have limited resources and can not use server-side technology on our website. We use PWA technology. What is our solution for pages indexed in Google?

Can we load some headers and body tags if js is off and prevent them from loading when js is enabled?

I read the John Guide:
But it is not clear what we can do if js is disabled and if js is enabled?

And there is also a contradiction to John's post in this link:

Google said you test your pages using the js-less browser and see if your site is reachable and viewable without js.

What should we finally do?

AdSense does not allow for simple PWA

I've created a very simple PWA Progressive web application. The goal is not to have content to read, but a calculator to compare the prices of different bulk products in the supermarket. Since you have virtually no content, AdSense does not approve your account. Suggestions to be approved?

Microsoft – Replace Edge with Chrome in UWP PWA design

I'm working on a UWP project that originally took over UWP-PWA. However, Microsoft Edge plans to replace its core with Chromium, which may stop the current progress of full PWA support (2019/01 now supports only the "Fetch API").

So I'm planning to take a step back with Project Centennial: The new UWP app includes a Win32 application that embeds the CEF to use Chromium PWA.

Is that a good plan? Security concerns (eg, caching of services) that I should be aware of?

PWA setup with magento2.3 – Magento Stack Exchange

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PWA setup in Magento 2.3.0

For more reference

Let's start with the installation of Magento 2.3 with PWA

1. Enter the following command in DIR / var / www / html / (m203 is my Magento 2.3 directory):

composer create-project --repository = https: // = 2.3. * --stability = beta m203

2. Install Magento from the command line:

bin / magento setup: install --base - url = http: // localhost / m230 --db - host = localhost --db - name = m230 --db - user = root --db - password = root --backend -frontname = admin --admin-firstname = admin --admin-lastname = admin --admin-user = admin --admin-paassword = admin123 --language = en_US - Currency = USD - Time Zone = America / Chicago - Usage Amendments = 1

3. Create a base pwa design for which it is the parent [PWA Venia theme.][25]

  • Now we clone the pwa theme repository.

4. Create a directory App / Design / Frontend / Magento / pwa and copy all files
and directories of the basic topic here.

  • Let's check if the basic design is available or not.

  • Do the following: php bin / magento setup: upgrade

  • And navigate to your Magento Admin-> Content-> Designs
    [![enter image description here][26]][26]

5. Download the PWA Studio project.

6. Navigate to the root of the Magento installation and create a pwa symlink folder
Link to the module directory of the project (pwa-studio / packages / pwa-module).

ln -s / var / www / html / PWA / pwa-studio-master / packages / pwa-module app / code / Magento / Pwa

7. Also link the topic directory. Navigate to the root of the Magento installation and create a pwa symlink folder that links to the project's module directory (pwa-studio / packages / venia-concept).

ln -s / var / www / html / PWA / pwa-studio-master / packages / venia-concept-app / design / frontend / Magento / venia

8. Now navigate to the venia-concept directory of your pwa-studio project .env.dist in a new one .env File and update the variables with the URL to your Magento development store.

cd / var / www / html / PWA / pwa-studio-master / packages / venia-concept


9. Install venia theme and Pwa modules:

run: php bin / magento setup: upgrade

We can see that the venia theme has been successfully installed.

[![enter image description here][27]][27]

10. Configure the venia theme from Admin-> Content-> Configuration

11. Navigate to the path (/ var / www / html / PWA / pwa-studio-master) Run:

install npm


npm install webpack-dev-server -g

12. And finally to navigate / var / www / html / PWA / pwa-studio-master / packages / venia-concept

start npm

Congratulations! You have set up your development environment for the Internet
Venia-themed project.