sharepoint online – Power Apps custom form question on formatting

I’ve designed a custom input form for a Sharepoint list in Power Apps, and I had two questions on formatting:

  1. My formatting in preview mode looks fine, however once published in the Sharepoint list itself the field heights, text positioning, etc. is changed. Any idea how I can ensure that the formatting of the form remains consistent from Power Apps to Sharepoint? For reference, the formatting is shown below.

  2. Upon opening the form in Sharepoint, certain fields (see Issue Type, Priority, Status in the images below) in the form are highlighted/selected without any action on my end – any thoughts on how to remove this?

Custom form in Power Apps previewer:

enter image description here

Custom form in Sharepoint:

enter image description here

Thanks in advance!

sequences and series – Yet another “what’s the next number” question…

2, 6, 14, 29, 51, 97, 180, 250, 278, ?, ?

These are the answers to a topological enumeration problem for $n=1$ to $9.$ The sequence is increasing and bounded; it’s very possible that 278 is the final value but my intuition says it isn’t.

I am currently working on $n=10$ and $11$ ($n$ represents the cardinality of an otherwise arbitrary topological space) and expect to have those numbers in a reasonably short time (less than a month). If they are not equal, then I am out of luck for the time being because it would probably take my current laptop at least a year to calculate the value for $n=12$. My intuition says they will be equal.

The three evens followed by three odds followed by three evens pattern is surely coincidental, but just in case it isn’t, my stab is that the next two values will both be 281.

Guesses are welcome. I will describe the problem once I have the next two values (assuming I am able to compute them).

Should I show all options from a “single-choice question” in a read only form?

My team and I are working on many forms for a B2B app. We have a lot of questions and we wonder how to display our read only forms.

Today, our problem is focused on “single-choice question”. Once the user selected an option, according to you, what should we display in read only version ?

  • Only the user’s choice
  • The same list of options with the user’s choice highlighted

It also works, I guess, for multiple choices question.

I can provide screenshots or more details if needed.

Thank you !

html – Rock, Paper Scissors JavaScript question

I am very new to coding and have stopped my coursework for a while to get some repetition in to solidify what i understand so far.

Below is my attempt at a rock paper scissors game, where I am trying to replace the innerHTML of a strong tag that has a class=”player” to the value of the button I click on (so either rock, paper or scissors.)

However when i click a button the HTML text changes to “undefined” and i am not sure why.

Can anyone help?


for (var i = 0; i < document.querySelectorAll(“button”).length; i++) {

document.querySelectorAll(“button”)(i).addEventListener(“click”, function() {

var playersChoice  = ("Rock", "Paper", "scissors")

document.querySelector(“.player”).innerHTML = playersChoice(i);


Question – Article Writing | Forum Promotion

I’m thinking of writing some articles for the FP blog. What is the current FP$ rate, and do you think this needs to be revised? Perhaps there could be alternatives, like PayPal USD$ cash incentives?

Thanks for the idea Alex – this is something I am currently finalising as part of the Marketing Team and will be announcing in the announcements forum in due course. There will be a small FP$ incentive, alongside a linkback and author bio segment. There won’t be any PayPal or USD$ incentive at this moment in time.

If you’re interested further, before I announce the formal procedure to submit pieces to me for review, do drop me a PM and we can discuss further :] Likewise for anyone wanting to get involved early so we have some ‘relaunch content’ ready in the pipelines!

dnd 3.5e – Trip Mechanic Question

Do weapons with this description provide a free trip attempt after a successful attack (Dealing Damage), or is one just using the weapon instead of the unarmed attack hitting the touch AC, dealing no damage?

The latter—you can use the weapon to perform a trip attack, but the only differences from performing it unarmed and with such a weapon are those explicitly listed in the section following your first quote, about tripping with a weapon:

Tripping with a Weapon: Some weapons can be used to make trip attacks. In this case, you make a melee touch attack with the weapon instead of an unarmed melee touch attack, and you don’t provoke an attack of opportunity.

If you are tripped during your own trip attempt, you can drop the weapon to avoid being tripped.

(Trip special attack description, Player’s Handbook pg. 159)

So the only differences are that you don’t provoke an attack of opportunity, and you don’t risk being counter-tripped. Well, and the fact that you are using the weapon, which may matter if, for example, the weapon has reach, or provides a bonus on trip attempts, or otherwise has properties that apply to melee touch attacks and/or trip attacks. But for (most?) weapons, damage isn’t one of those things that applies to those things.

Note, however, that there are ways to get free trips after a successful attack. This kind of thing is even the signature property of many canine monsters (including dogs and wolves):

Trip (Ex): A wolf that hits with a bite attack can attempt to trip the opponent (+1 check modifier) as a free action without making a touch attack or provoking an attack of opportunity. If the attempt fails, the opponent cannot react to trip the wolf.

(Wolf monster description, Monster Manual pg. 283)

A player character can gain this ability through certain forms of shape-changing magic to become such a creature, or with the Knockdown feat (which works the same but requires that you deal a minimum of 10 damage with the attack).

If the above answer is yes, a free trip attempt after dealing damage, then; if one has the Improved Trip Feat, do they still get the free attack after a successful trip?

The answer is “no,” but since there are other ways to achieve that, this is still a relevant question—and the answer here is “yes.” Creatures with such free trip attacks still benefit from Improved Trip’s extra follow-up attack, so an attack that leads to a trip can then cause a follow-up attack.

Note that you cannot trip a creature that is already prone, and if you do not trip a creature, you do not trigger Improved Trip’s follow-up attack. Therefore, at least against a single target, you only get one extra attack this way.

It’s also worth noting that attacks of opportunity happen before the thing they interrupt—which means if you take an attack of opportunity against someone trying to stand, you are attacking them while they are still prone and cannot be tripped. So you get your attack, but don’t get to trip them, can’t trigger a follow-up Improved Trip attack, and they get to stand up afterwards and then act however they like while standing. (If they provoke another attack of opportunity after they’ve stood, and you can still make an attack of opportunity, e.g. because of Combat Reflexes, then you can attack, trip, and attack again. This is the basis for “trip-lockdown” builds, and it’s fairly effective as far as it goes.)