[ Books & Authors ] Open question: Are there clean Charles Dickens books for teenagers?

I tried to find a good book by Charles Dickens that my teenagers can read, but these things are nothing more than dirty! The language is disgusting … the gross, evil references are unique. Has this guy really become famous by cursing a storm and saying dirty things about people at every opportunity? There must be at least one clean book, right? What can my kids read about this guy?

[ Politics ] Open question: Experts from literally zero agree with Trump's statements about yesterday's corona virus. Does the conservative bother? Are Hannity and …?

… Miller really the people we want to lead this answer? And Trump's appointed CDC chief who believes HIV is God's judgment to be gay? https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/trump-s-rosy-view-coronavirus-contrasts-his-own-health-officials-n1142601 https://www.politico.com/news/2020 / 02/26 / Trumps-Coronavirus-Credibility-Voter-Investors-117743

Why do some men question laws that benefit women?

Any law that creates "equal, level playing field" should have an opportunity to limit the power given to be fair / just. All laws, social movements, and solidarity efforts to the benefit of women do not limit this power to being "equal" to men. it is just an undefined, unrestricted, unmeasured power given to this gender. How will women ever know if they have "as much power as a man" if this cannot be tracked, documented or measured? It seems to me that you only want to grant power but do not consider equality or justice at all! Maybe the problem is the assumption that men have unlimited power? I think that is very irresponsible for your 3rd wave movement. Perhaps the movement needs to understand that granting unlimited power to one gender does not fix the problem, but creates a new one (Misandry and Matriarchy) that only reverses the problem of being sexist against men instead.