magento2 – Magento 2 | Questions regarding taxes

With the beginning of the next month theres a reformation of the tax system in the EU and we need to adapt a few critical changes in order to comply to everything. Basically we need to charge the tax percentages of the shipping country at the order (19% for germany, 25% for croatia, 20% for austria and so on). So far so good, thats possible with the magento default tax system and should’nt be a problem at all, but im currently looking at a problem which i cannot solve.

Scenario 1 (A dealer from Austra creates 2 order)

Order 1: Dropshipping to a customer in austra, therefore no tax should be charged since the dealer’s customer is in the main country of the dealer. 0% tax charge – intra community order.

Order 2: Dropshipping to a customer in croatia. Since the dealers customer is not in the main country of the dealer taxes have to be charged, in that case 25%.

How can I configure something like that in magento? We are running a store based in germany an sell all over the world. The main point of everything es the following:

  • Sales to a customer OR dealer in germany get taxed 19%
  • Sales to a customer within the EU get taxed according to the taxes in the customers country
  • Sales to a dealer within the EU AND shipping to the same country as the dealer get NOT taxed
  • Sales to a dealer within the EU AND shipping to another country get taxed accordingly to the country where the shipping gets to

Hope I can get some help with that.

gm techniques – How can I help players that aren’t used to or comfortable answering story-building questions posed to them by the GM?

You ask too much.

Before I get into the meat of this, an acknowledgement: yes, it can be hard to transition from a game where when the GM asks you questions they mostly just have “right” and “wrong” answers. Part of my standard spiel when I’m teaching PbtA games goes something like:

As part of this game I’ll be asking you questions about your character’s past experiences. This isn’t to set things up to your advantage or disadvantage, just let you talk more about your character and add color to the world. You can always say that you legitimately don’t know or don’t remember, or bat it back at me: “I’ll let you answer that.”

We all have to be okay with all the answers everyone gives to those kinds of questions.

That’s usually worked out okay, but people who show up for demos of a PbtA game are maybe a little more willing to engage with that sort of thing, just on principle.

However, there are good questions and bad questions to ask. What makes for a bad question has to do with

Crossing the Line

John Harper (designer of Blades in the Dark) has some relevant commentary on this from the earlier days of Apocalypse World. Sorry for the long quoteblock but I think it’s pretty well set up. (emphasis and censoring mine)

In Apocalypse World, the players are in charge of their characters. What they say, what they do; what they feel, think, and believe; what they did in their past. The MC is in charge of the world: the environment, the NPCs, the weather, the psychic maelstrom.

Sometimes, the players say things that get very close to the line. Usually this happens when the MC asks a leading question.

MC: “Nero, what do the slave traders use for barter?”

Player: “Oh man, those (guys)? They use human ears.”

That’s a case of the player authoring part of the world outside their character, however — and this is critical — they do it from within their character’s experience and frame of reference. When Nero answers that question, he’s telling something he knows about the world.

Compare that exchange with this one, which is crossing the line:

MC: “Okay, Nero, so you get the box of barter away from the slave traders and haul into the back of the truck.”

Player: “Cool. I open it up.”

MC: “Okay. What do you see when you open it?”

Player: “Um… uh, a bunch of severed fingers?”

See the difference? In the first case, the MC is addressing the character and asking about some knowledge he has. In the second case, the MC is fully turning over authorship of the world in-the-moment to the player, which is not part of the player role in AW.

When you ask a player “Why is Tlex after you?”, it probably just seems to you like you’re asking them to describe some past pecadillo, which is well on their side of the line. The problem is that in order to answer that question, they need to know why Tlex would go after anyone, which is firmly on your side of the line. Intentionally or not, you’ve left them to define that, too.

How Not to Cross

“Who is Tlex?” is a legitimate question, and not something you’re supposed to leave up to a player to define. It’s on your side of the line. You can see how the past events leading up to things might be different depending on your answer to the question, like:

Tlex is a bounty hunter. A really high-end one, only works contracts from the back room, 500 coin and up. So, Tik-Tik, any clue who from your past is 500-coin interested in you?

Tlex was a bounty hunter, working high-end contracts, but she made enough to retire on. Or at least, she would have enough to retire on, if she wasn’t constantly bribing local officials to look the other way while she “tested herself” on strong targets. So, Tik-Tik, where and when was your last big boast?

Tlex was a bounty hunter, but then she found religion, and by “religion”, I mean “the cult of Sussurax, Bleak King of Sorrow”. So, Tik-Tik, any idea how you got on the cult’s bad books, or did your name just happen to cohere out of some incoherent sobbing?

Tlex is a bounty hunter, and you’ve worked with her in the past, but the last job you were on went disastrously, grudge-holdingly wrong. What happened out there?

Asking provocative questions is a good skill to develop, as a GM of PbtA games, but you always need to think about what’s in the answer you’re expecting your players to give you. If you’re asking them to cross the line, fill out things more from your end so you can meet them halfway.

gm techniques – How can I help players that aren’t used to or comfortable answering questions?

You need to be more open with information and improv.

Often the confusion comes because a player doesn’t really have enough information to make a decision. It’s hard to quickly off the cuff come up with a load of information that fits the scene. Some people can, but it’s a lot easier if you add in a bit of spicy information that helps them make a decision.

So, if you say.

As you browse the wares, you notice the imposing form of Tlexkirash the hunter only a few stalls away. Tik-tik the elf, why does she want your head?

They can see the weird name but don’t know what race you imagine they are, or what they want in general. You’re asking them to do a whole load of world building without much information. So, if they ask you

Who is Tlexkirash?

That’s a fair question. They have to improvise her race, her nature as a hunter, and a whole bunch of world building stuff to answer, which is a large mental load.

Do it like this.

As you browse the wares, you notice the imposing form of Tlexkirash the hunter only a few stalls away. Her massive trollish form looms over you, and you can see the pile of shrunken heads on her shoulder twisting to stare at you with fear, the heavy rune covered spear in her hand. Tik-tik the elf, what have you done to piss her off enough that she’s decided to add your head to her pile?

Note that there’s a few seeds of information- her size, her race, her collection of shrunken heads, a spear, and the fact that she is pissed off for some reason. That gives a lot more room to improvise something. It’s a large mental load if they need to improvise everything, giving them a bit of extra info helps a lot.

This fits the normal sort of agendas PBTA games have. For example, with dungeon world, your agenda is-

Make the world fantastic
Fill the characters’ lives with adventure
Play to find out what happens

You should make sure there’s enough fantastical stuff in their descriptions that they can respond.

If they reply they don’t know, clarify further without going into system philosophy.

They might just not understand the question. Say. “I don’t know your character as well as you do. Hypothetically, what would they have done that would annoy a troll?”

You don’t need to go in depth into system philosophy. Most people know how they could annoy someone.

Teach them with praise. If they do it right, or improvise some good details, compliment them. “I loved how you improvised that detail, makes my job a lot easier.”

geometry – Questions from a Math Contest

geometry – Questions from a Math Contest – Mathematics Stack Exchange

licensing – Several questions about Unity license and revenue from games

If revenue from the game reached more than $100,000, but after a few months it dropped and now it’s much less than $100,000, can I “downgrade” (go back) to the Personal Edition?

You can downgrade once you have reached the end of your plan. This is covered here: How long does one have to pay the $125 per month subscription fee for Unity pro?.

Does revenue from ads count?

It is all revenue (from the Unity Personal page: “Eligibility: Unity Personal is for individuals, hobbyists, and small organizations with less than $100K of revenue or funds raised in the last 12 months.”). This means that if your aunt gave you 50k to start your company, and the government gave you 49k to start your company, and you made 1k in revenue from ads on your web site, you need to upgrade.

Does revenue from microtransactions count (buying in-game items)?


If revenue from in-game ads counts, what’s with ads on the web page where you download the game? Do these also count as my revenue from the game?

It’s all revenue, not only from a single game.

Does revenue from merch, soundtrack and things like that count?


If I “downgraded” from Plus or Pro to the Personal Edition, do I have to remove games made with Plus or Pro from e.g. Steam, Epic, GameJolt? If not, do I have to update the game with Personal Edition (so the game has Unity logo again)?

No, you don’t have to remove them, and you do not have to “downgrade” them.

If my revenue is more than $100,000, but I stopped using Unity, do I have to still pay?

You still need to pay until the end of your plan. This is also covered by the question linked above.

html – What’s the simplest way to creating questions and answers with Flask?


I have a Flask app and I need to add a Q&A section to the website. It doesn’t have to be a full-fledged forum. The typical use case would be if a user have a question on a topic of the app, he has a way to ask on this Q&A section, and the app’s owner can go and reply to the question, and potentially the Q&A can go back and forth a few times, just like many other comments, blogs, and stackoverflow can be a good example. But my requirement can be much simpler.

What will be the simplest way to go about this in Flask framework? Any example or tutorial would be very helpful.

Visa questions: I am currently working in France and going to join Germany soon

Do I need to go back to India and apply for German Visa from there ?

No. As long as you have a legal residence in France, you can apply for a visa at the German Embassy in France.

Les citoyens d’Australie, du Canada, des États-Unis d’Amérique, d’Israël, du Japon, de Nouvelle-Zélande, de la République de Corée et du Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d’Irlande du Nord ont la possibilité d’obtenir leur titre de séjour obligatoire après leur entrée sur le territoire allemand. Tous les ressortissants d’autres pays résidant en France doivent en revanche faire une demande de visa long séjour à l’ambassade d’Allemagne à Paris avant d’entrer sur le territoire allemand.

If I can apply from inside France, then what will happen to my French residence permit, provided Germany issues me a VISA ? Isn’t it a situation where I have a visa from Germany and a residence permit of France ?

They are independent events. Nothing in general prohibits you from possessing multiple visas or residence permits from different countries. Of course, conditions apply to your French residence permit. When you actually move away from France and intend to do so definitively, the residence permit may cease to be valid.

Where may I find official information about this situation ?

The German Embassy in France will provide you with the most up to date information.

Do github ban users for commiting bad repositories just like stackoverflow for asking bad questions?

Define bad. If by bad you mean low quality, no. They don’t care- github is an acceptable place to use while you learn. You can also use private repos to not share the code if you wish.

If by bad you mean possibly illegal (virus, ransomware, etc) they do have an Acceptable Use Policy and could choose to ban you for violating that. Here’s a copy of it

Some questions about SFP+ fiber networking in general

Ok. So I’m completely new to the world of fiber. I’ve used Ethernet all my life.
We’re looking to upgrade some of our infrastructure, and I’m thinking of getting a few of these:

10G Dual SFP+ NIC

for our servers and a couple of these to connect them

POE Switch with 4x10G SFP+ Uplinks

But I’m a bit confused about this transceiver stuff.
Do these NICs and Switches just have holes in them that I’m supposed to put transceivers in?
I’m used to regular switches with regular ethernet, I get a patch cable rated for the speed I want and plug it in at each point and call it a day.

I know I want 10G Fiber to and from my servers, and then 1G Ethernet is fine everywhere else.
What am I missing? Am I just worrying for nothing?
What kinds of wires do I even need? There are so many, and with ethernet I just know all this stuff already. But I don’t even know what to search for when it comes to fiber.

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