GERMANS WHO LIVE TODAY are not responsible for the world wars. But the Americans are for slavery and what happened to the natives. Why this?

Both nations and their industries continue to benefit from the damage and slavery they have done to this day.
Germany was left off the hook, not to let them radicalize again.

I would have divided it into several nations, if possible, because they are shitty. Just like in the US, both nations are constantly creating hostile situations and trying to take control of nations, which implies their superiority.
The only way out is to divide them into smaller, preferably hostile nations. that should keep her picky and out of the hair of the civilized nation

Why are people in California puking on the sidewalks? Is it a liberal thing?

Yes, it's a liberal thing. Liberals deal with cultural relativism and similar identity politics. They think that by resigning themselves to increasing crime and shitting in public, they show that they are open to all cultural values ​​and prove that they are not bigots. It is the same liberal argument that has made Sweden the capital of rape in the Western world.

This is the main reason why, despite the wonderful climate and dramatic geography, I would never consider moving to California.

Why can not you just admit Trump supporters that Nazis and Confederates are bad?

They admit that the Nazis were bad. I do not think Republicans would argue otherwise. They admit that the Confederation was bad because their stronghold is their support in the south. After the Democratic Party transformed itself into a bourgeois party in the 1960s, the white people of the South, who had previously been loyal Democrats, switched to Republicans. Now the greatest source of republican strength lies in the white south. For the most part, since the end of the Civil War, the white Southerners had refused to admit that their side was wrong. They're making the war pretty quick, from a fight against slavery that everyone agreed is evil, to a fight against regional independence. In order not to regard themselves and their ancestors as bad people, they tried to gloss over the war. This tradition continues today.

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David Koch died at the age of 79 and no trace of a tear was shed by anyone with a touch of dignity. How is it that someone who is so rich can do it at the age of 79?

David Koch?

The USSR has David Koch. Our patriotic goal is to be the antidote to these communist bastards! If you want to be a true patriot, you MUST free the United, God Blessed and Free States of the Great American Nation from this communist plague known as David Koch