usability – How can I phrase questions to user tests to not give away the solution?

Say if it’s a travel site, tell them to book a flight and a hotel.

Just give them the final objectives.

And then tell them to “think aloud” ( not what they think about xyz, but “I am pressing the red button”)

If you want to ask questions as you go along you end up asking mangled English “why did you press the ‘thing,’ you just pressed”

You can’t call the thing by what it does because that gives the game away.

Insurance Fraud Prevention – General Forex Questions & Help

Fraud Costs Us All

The cost of insurance fraud nationwide for all insurance carriers and their customers is substantial. In fact, the Coalition against Insurance Fraud estimates that insurance fraud costs Americans $80 billion a year.

While we know that very few claims are fraudulent, we do take our obligation to our customers and shareholders seriously by guarding against the increased costs of fraudulent claims and other insurance transactions.

We all should be dedicated to the anti-fraud effort through fraud detection, investigation and cooperation with local law enforcement authorities. You can play an important role in that effort.

Be aware that someone or a group of individuals are circulating fraudulent correspondence containing counterfeit checks appearing to be genuine. Read on Malaysia/Hong Kong/Jakarta insurance fraud protection for more tips on Axis Capital, a group of companies with branches in Bermuda and many more. The counterfeit checks may accompany a letter that the recipient has won a lottery, sweepstakes, drawing or similar event.

In some cases, recipients receive a check in connection with a bogus job offer.

How the Scam Works

In lottery-type scams, the letter accompanying the check tells the recipient that he or she has won a large amount of money and to call a person listed in the letter. That person will instruct the recipient to cash the check enclosed with the letter and then wire a tax payment overseas to release the prize payment. The prize will never arrive and the recipient will eventually have to repay their bank the entire amount of the check cashed. The money wired is typically not recoverable.

In the job offer scheme, the job offer is bogus and the victim receives a counterfeit check that they are instructed to cash and then wire some money. Again, the wired money is typically non-recoverable and the bank will eventually ask the victim to repay the entire amount of the counterfeit check.

Both scams may get the victim to turn over personal identifying information like date of birth, social security number, bank numbers and the like, which may be used to conduct further crimes, such as identify theft, against the victim.

Very Delicious – General Forex Questions & Help

A new scientific study has shown that honey has special characteristics that help to defend against germs. Honey also has high capability to resistbacteria that evolved their immune systems against standard medications.

Honey, in the old and modern era, has always been used as a natural medicine for many diseases. This new study might be a new twist to use honey for medical purposes.
According to the study that has been done through Sidney University in Australia, Dekarter, a scientific teacher in the biological and microbial science college says, “our research has shown that honey can replace many of the antibiotics that are used to treat cuts such as ointments and different creams. Also, using honey for healing purposes will increase the aging period of antibiotics. “She also adds:” most of the bacteria that cause infections in hospitals are at least resistance to one type of antibiotic, which means the need to produce new and stronger antibiotics that are able to execute bacteria that cause diseases. “

Honey is a complicated compound that is consists of 800 molecules. This complication makes it difficult for scientists to fully understand the honey’s mechanism of resisting and killing the bacteria. scientist Dekarter says: “until now, we have not found the method the honey apply to resist bacteria, but most likely there is the molecule” Methylglyoxal “, which is part of the honey, that reacts with other molecules which we have not discovered yet , to become able to inhibit bacteria from multiplying and making new generations that have the ability to resist to antibiotics. “

Doctor Rose Koper, from the Health Science college of Wells University, has conducted a research regarding honey’s activity against bacteria, and she wrote the book “Honey facing cuts”. In her book, she says: “there are many factors that give honey the special healing characteristics, including high sugar level, low water level, and low acidity.”

Honey is a healing for people
My beloved for the sake of Allah! These new studies that are discovered by scientists and amaze them are not as surprising for us, because Allah Almighty has mentioned honey in his book, and revealed a chapter and call it “An-Nahl” which mean Bees. Allah almighty says: “And your Lord inspired the bee, saying:” Take you habitations in the mountains and in the trees and in what they erect * Then, eat of all fruits, and follow the ways of your Lord made easy (for you “winking smiley. There comes forth from their bellies, a drink of varying color wherein is healing for men. Verily, in this is indeed a sign for people who think “(An-Nahl 68-69).

In conclusion, we advise every sister and brother to always have honey available in their homes. Honey is useful for treating burns, cuts, pyorrhea and it, is good for skin, cold and virus infections. So, we must have honey and use it both for food and medicine; especially for children!

How Forex Signal System Can Help You Trade Like A Professional – General Forex Questions & Help


The forex markets is amongst the most popular and fast-paced and dynamic financial markets in the world. The daily FX market average turnover is reported to be around $5 trillion. With the right trading tools and knowledge, the forex market could be a money-spinner that guarantees a source of passive income.

While there are different tools you could leverage to trade the market for profit-making, trading signals are at the center of it. Forex signals are trade suggestions developed by veteran traders (also known as signal providers) to give newbie traders a direction on how to consistently take profits without losing their hard-earned money to market forces. 

If you check on Google, at present, you’d see a long list of trading signal providers on the internet. One of the providers that are currently revolutionizing the forex signal market is Forex Signal System. To help forex traders stay on top of their game, Forex Signal System provides high-quality and accurate trading signals for different categories of traders.

The head Behind Forex Signal System

The team behind the company’s successes carefully analyzes the forex market before generating trading signals that would respond in accordance with market reality. The team is led by Bulcsu Birkas, who is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Birkas is a professional forex trader, and he has a proven track record of achieving success in the financial market. 

Forex Signal System has amazing trading tools that can help you stay on top of your game, including currency converter, forex market hours, and profit calculator. Aside from the ease one is able to use, these tools can improve your trading strategies in real-time. Other tools on the site are FX live chart and FX calendar. You can leverage the FX calendar to schedule your trading activities.

Why You Should Choose Forex Signal System

You should consider choosing Forex Signal System for the following are the reasons:

•    Alert System: Forex Signal System alerts traders by sending trading signals through Telegram channel, email, and users’ accounts on the website. There are plans to launch a mobile app soon. 

•    Carefully Produced Forex Signals: All the trading signals provided by the company are carefully produced after in-depth analysis. As a result of this, our success rate is above 70%.

•    Crypto Signals: Aside from forex signals, we also generate and provide daily high-quality and accurate crypto signals for traders on the Binance Exchange.

•    Affordable Service: The company offers bespoke trading signal services at budget-friendly rates that anybody can afford. 

•    Experienced Team: Forex Signal System parades one of the finest teams ever on the market with over 12 years of experience on the table. 

•    Customer Support: Forex Signal System has a customer support unit that ensures all users’ queries are resolved within the shortest possible time. 

Pricing Plans

ForexSignalSystem has one of the cheapest pricing plans in the industry. Their VIP plans contain all three signal types:

#1. 7-day Free Trial

•    Dashboard Signal – YES
•    Email Alert – YES
•    Telegram Alert – NO
•    Support – None

#2. Crypto 30

•    Price: $29 USD / 30 Days
•    Dashboard Signal – YES
•    Email Alert – YES
•    Telegram Alert – YES
•    Customer Support – 24X7

#3. Forex HANDPICKED 30

•    Price: $39 USD / 30 Days
•    Dashboard Signal – YES
•    Email Alert – YES
•    Telegram Alert – YES
•    Customer Support – 24/7

#4. Forex ALGO 30

•    Price $39 USD/ 30 Days
•    Dashboard Signal – YES
•    Email Alert – YES
•    Telegram Alert – YES
•    Customer support – Email


•    Price: $49 USD / 30 Days
•    Dashboard Signal – YES
•    Email Alert – YES
•    Telegram Alert – YES
•    Customer support – 24/7


•    Price: $129 USD/ 90 Days
•    Dashboard Signal – YES
•    Email Alert – YES
•    Telegram Alert – YES
•    Customer Support – 24/7

#7. VIP 180 (CRYPTO +Forex HANDPICKED +Forex ALGO)

•    Price: $229 USD/ 180 Days
•    Dashboard Signal – YES
•    Email Alert – YES
•    Telegram Alert – YES
•    Customer Support – 24/7

Wanting to start up with it? Signing here is relatively straightforward. Visit this link and register –, complete the registration form by entering personal details. Then, select a plan you are interested in. Review your details and submit the form to create an account.

Once your membership has been confirmed, you would start to receive trading signals to boost your profit margin and enhance your trading skills.

usability – How to phrase questions to user tests to not give away solution

For a site project I’m designing, I want to make sure people know where to find what they need so names of main sections must be clear. I want to test with a couple users, as many as I can perhaps. When phrasing a list of tasks for users to complete, what are some good methods to do so? (Without giving away so obviously which section contains what information)… As a rule should I always avoid using the words of each category/section on my site in my phrasing of each task to do?

usa – Can US citizen transit in Schiphol enroute to UK? (two questions)

  1. My US wife obtained spouse visa for UK however flights to Manchester, UK from Detroit seem to transit in Amsterdam. Can my US wife transit Amsterdam enroute to UK? Information on seems to just say transit through Amsterdam is allowed if final destination is outside the EU, and it’s up to the Dutch authorities to decide to allow onward travel to UK.

  2. We found another flight from Detroit to Heathrow with a stop in JFK. If my wife lands in Heathrow, I could drive down and pick her up however it’s a 4-5 hour drive from Liverpool. Would this cause issues at the border for her – the fact she is going to self-isolate in a location 250 miles away? We are not making any stops however I do think Border Force would take issue with this.

Finally, if anybody has made the journey recently from the States to the UK could you please give some advice on how you did it and where your layover was, and if you had any issues. We used to regularly fly Detroit to Manchester with a stop in JFK or Philadelphia however no flights with this route seem to be available.