Firewall equivalent to "DROP l2tp" "ACCEPT L2TP if the policy is ipsec?"

What's the equivalent of something like that?

DROP udp – everywhere everywhere udp dpt: l2tp policy comparison directory in pol none
DROP all – everywhere everywhere ctstate INVALID
ACCEPT udp – everywhere everywhere multiport ports isakmp, ipsec-nat-t
ACCEPT udp – everywhere everywhere udp dpt: l2tp policy comparison directory in pol ipsec
DROP udp – everywhere everywhere udp dpt: l2tp
ACCEPT gre – everywhere and everywhere

I don't know how to "direct" firewall-cmd to DROP L2TP, BUT ONLY accept if it's IPSEC:
iptables -I INPUT 6 -p udp –dport 1701 -j DROP
iptables -I INPUT 5 -p udp –dport 1701 -m directive –dir in –pol ipsec -j ACCEPT

Any ideas ?

safari – How can a public WLAN load the "Accept Terms of Use" page for you to use?

For some time, I've found that my MacBook Air does not load public Wi-Fi sites. All bars in the Wi-Fi icon above are solid, but the page I can connect to will not load. Never really bothered me.

This week, my wife started chemo and radiation therapy. There is a lot to learn when that happens. I had my laptop in the clinic with me to organize some things and check some while she underwent radiation. But I could not connect to their WiFi. I've tried many ideas from my iPhone search, but nothing worked. No frustration I needed.

So today, before I went to the clinic, I searched online again for someone who had a similar problem, and I found this page.

On March 28, 2018, when someone with the same problem as me wrote JBIS wrote this: "Go This is the only way to ensure that it is displayed. " tilt Connect to the Internet and enter it in the search bar.

When they took my wife to the clinic for treatment today, I did just that, and it worked. Your Wi-Fi page was loading and I was able to do the things I needed to do while waiting for my wife. One of the things on my list, later, when she was resting, was to find a way to thank this side and the person who gave this endearing advice.

This site recommends that you need 50 points before you can comment – in my case, "Thanks, JBis" for a helpful response almost two years ago that has done its job today. Therefore, I could not comment on the original post.

We hope that this contribution will allow others to benefit from the solution and recognize the person – JBis – who shared it.

What is behind the sudden notification "accept cookies" on websites?

Cookies have been around for decades, and frankly, I believe that at least 90% of people on the Internet have no idea how they work. Why has in the last few years almost every website I go to a "cookie message" that I have to accept? A "cookie notice" was not necessary in the first 20 years they existed. So, what's the deal? Does this refer to the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO)?

el capitan – App-specific HIGHTAIL EXPRESS "Accept incoming network connections"

I am aware that this request is important for many applications.

On Hightail Express, I choose Decline when I'm asked to, and it seems to be working normally (but it's not great!). So I have allowed but no change to see. How do I find out exactly what makes admitting or rejecting?

By the way – If you search Google for "Hightail Express" to accept incoming network connections, almost nothing is displayed. Is that a stupid question?