Canada – Who has right of way in a 4-stop "Intersection" sign that is not marked as "All Way"?

In Canada we usually have "All Way" stop signs at 4 way intersections, but I found this strange intersection.

Let's say four cars arrive in that particular order and there are pedestrians crossing. What is the priority order?

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These signs are not marked as "All Way", only normal stop signs. There is only one main street. I always had the impression that the boys from the main street had priority.

uicomponent – magento 2.3 inlineEdit ui component grid What is the "all in column" field for?

I am developing an admin grid for my custom module with active inlineEdit instead of the usual edit link in the action column. The grid works perfectly and the inlineEdit also works as intended. My only question is about the "All in Column" field that appears when I'm in edit line mode. I can not understand what this field is for. When I write something in this field, the "Save changes" button is disabled so I can't save anything.

What is this field for?

Plugins – How to Remove "All, Publish, Draft and Expired" in the Event Dashboard

I was looking for ways to completely remove the All, Publish, Draft, and Expired events for users other than Me, Administrator.

So the scenario for me is: I have registered users. When you log in to my website and access the event area (WP Event Manager), I want you to not see these links (All, Published, Draft and Expired).

I hope someone can help me. Thank you in advance.

Enter image description here

Enter image description here

Multi-Factor – Should I offer "Any n or" or "n Random" MFA or just "All MFA" in my web application?

I am building a new web app and am currently working on the multi-factor authentication part. I would like to offer a selection when it comes to MFA, and I've been thinking about what choices I can offer. I have a plan, but I am concerned that two of the options I would like to offer look safer but are actually less secure than the base option.

When setting up MFA for the account, I thought of a form like ((...) represents a form field):

In addition to every login, require MFA every (d) days.
Require (All | Any n | n Random) factors, where n is (f)

Required All MFA is certainly the safest, but it is Any n or n Random better or worse than All MFA with a factor less?

For example, 2 factors that you do not know which one to ask for are worse than 1 factor you are always asked for. Does this also apply to 3 factors, where 2 random factors are queried, as opposed to 2 factors, which are always needed?

It certainly adds additional hurdles from the perspective that you might need additional code, but you can just keep trying (with some delay) until you're asked for the right code, so this may not be a big hurdle.

On the other hand, if I guess, I have more chances to get it right if I do not have to factor in everything. With the Any 1 of 2 factors For example, I've doubled my chances of guessing, since it can match both factors.

Should I have only All MFA, or should I also show the other options?

Thanks a lot! – In the Notes app (iOS 12.4) remove the folders "All on my iPhone", "Notes" and "Recently deleted"

In the Notes app I use offline, I write a note and put it in a folder I've created called "Ool's Folder." Let's say I delete the note and create another one.

At this point, four (!) Folders are displayed, "All on my iPhone," "Notes," "Ool's Folder," and "Recently Deleted."

How can I show only one folder, "Ool's Folder". I've tried deleting the swipe-left method, but it works only for "Ool's Folder" and not for any of the three folders I actually want to delete.

Gmail – Delete all emails from "All emails" without labels if "has: nouserlabels" does not work

My Gmail account has approximately 3,000 emails to be deleted.
All important emails I have stored in folders with labels.

Of course, I do not want to delete these important emails, so delete all emails without labels is my desired result.

Before you flag this question as a duplicate, I have displayed similar messages here:
Question 1
Question 2

In all cases, we recommend that you deactivate the conversation view and use the search term has:nouserlabels, However, this has returned about 50 emails that have since been deleted but no longer provide search results.

I have folders with subfolders and subfolders, so I've tried to work around this with usign !in:parentFolderName but this did not work to include subfolders …

Can someone help?

sharepoint online – set permissions so that ordinary users can only edit their own blogs instead of managing "all blogs"

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