XML Sitemap Best Practice for Multilingual Websites – Should I list my URLs in any language or is it sufficient to use rel = "alternate" + hreflang?

I am working on the sitemaps of a multilingual website and have doubts about the best way to refer to each language version of a page.

For a bit of background, the site points to around 20,000 places with community commentary and descriptions. The website is available in 5 languages ​​(website.com/fr; website.com/it …)

Currently, my sitemap only refers to English pages and in the sitemap on every page I have specified for any language (as well as English) as recommended by Google.

In the Google search console, about 75% of the pages with valid coverage are described as "indexed, not submitted to the sitemap", so I think the alternative link with the "hreflang" attribute is not enough to display the page for " to "Google" to index it.

Do I have to list and use the pages in all 5 languages ​​in my sitemap? at every link?