Microsoft Excel – I need to update my code so the chaining returned in column C ends when the data in column "A" does not contain anything

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Calculus and Analysis – Is it possible to use Mathematica to find the derivative of a function with respect to an "ax" where "a" is a constant?

Mathematica evaluates the derivation of the most complicated functions in a fraction of a second. But while we are performing an analysis, we may sometimes be able to distinguish or integrate a function in relation to an "ax" instead of "x", so that in these cases it is possible to derive the function in relation to To find "ax" where "a" is a constant.
For example, the fractional operators have the scaling property that:

$ frac {d ^ qf (ax)} {dx ^ q} = a ^ q left ( frac {d ^ qf (ax)} {d (ax) ^ q} right) $

Why can not a validator in Shard "A" in Shard "B" verify the accuracy of historical transactions?

This question is about splitting blockchains. A method for scaling transaction throughput.

In this article about the fragmentary block chains (link to the article) we read:

The core idea in Blockchains is that most of the participants
Operation or use of the network can not validate blocks in all
Shards. As such, whenever a participant needs to interact with a
special shard them in general can not download and validate the
entire history of the shard.

What is the reason an examiner in Shard A has this? can not download and validate the correctness of the entire history of the shard B?

In my view, this validator can download all historical transactions in any Shard (just like a non-split blockchain) and then check the history of all transactions by tracking every transaction.

What is the problem? (In general, all shards use the same consensus algorithms and all have the same block structure.)

To update: To answer the commentary, here are some examples of the broken-glass block chains:



(3) Ethereum sharding faq. "(2017). Https://




Unable to log on to Postbox via Postfix / Dovecot / MySQL: "Error initializing quota"

I am trying to set up my own mail server, and I have a Dovecot error: "Error: Error initializing quota". Does anyone have a solution?

Feb 16 01:10:25 outgoing dovecote: imap (ichanged@original.domain)<13083>:
Error: Error initializing quota: Quota trunk User quota: dict_init (sqlquota) failed: Dictionary URI is missing & # 39;: & # 39 ;: sqlquota