Google Search Console – "Temporary unavailable" when using "Fetch" as Googlebot from "Webmasters Tools"

According to Google, that's because:

  1. Retrieve, as Google can not currently retrieve your URL because the server has taken too long to reply.
  2. Or fetching Google canceled the fetch because too many consecutive requests were sent to the server for different URLs.

I've seen this happen a few times in the past. In most cases, it is a temporary problem that is eliminated after a short time.

Important note:

Note that the URL is not accessible to all by Google
Unreachable for retrieval as a Google Simulation tool.

AppleScript: Can I "fetch" highlighted text from

I'm trying to create a script that takes selected text into, paste it into the script and process something.

I do not want to have a GUI script emulating Command-C to copy the text to the clipboard. I want to be able to put a variable in my script directly on the selected text. This text may be in a "compose" window, or it may be uneditable text in a "read message" window.

At the moment, I've set up this mail script to ask for input. And I copy the selected text and paste it into the dialog box. However, it would be nice to skip this step and let the script get the selection directly.