Authentication – How secure is it to use "Google Docs long url" as an authentication scheme for orders in my online store?

For the sake of simplicity, I would like to create an authentication scheme "Google Docs long url" for my Internet shop for the users instead of the complete authentication with login and password. So you can view, track and possibly change your own orders:{view|edit|etc}

The very_long_and_random_string_here will have about 50 characters. It will be unique for each order.

The page contains the e-mail address and the date of the user. The very confidential information is not displayed in clear text, it is partially displayed, partially hidden.

Is this URL authentication scheme secure enough?

Are there any reservations? Is there serious No no

Note that my question is different from: How unlikely is a Google Doc link guessed?

seo – Why is the "user-specified canonical" URL between "GOOGLE INDEX" and "LIVE TEST" different in the Google Search Console?

I'm working on a site that has recently seen a drop in search traffic. When digging through, we noticed that our latest content is not indexed. When I check some of the URLs in the Google Search Console for new content, the reason for the non-indexing will be "Duplicate non-canonical URL".

From there, I see several cases where, using the URL Verification Tool, the User-Declared Canonical URL displays a different URL (for a completely different and non-contiguous content than years ago). Most curiously, when using the "TEST LIVE LINK" button, the "user-declared canonical" displays the correct URL.

I can verify that the canonical tags in the content are correct. I've confirmed that both in Chrome and via curl (just in case Javascript has changed some front versions of the rel = "canonical" declaration).

Why is the "user-declared canonical" tab different between "GOOGLE INDEX" and "LIVE TEST" in Google Search Console?

Problem with reCAPTCHA and Webform 8.x – User replied "Google no Captcha", but the solution was "1"

After releasing reCAPTCHA and sending the form, I get an error:
The answer you entered for the CAPTCHA was incorrect.

Last log message says:

webform_submission_ID post blocked by CAPTCHA module: challenge reCAPTCHA (by module recaptcha), user replied "Google no captcha", but the solution was "1".

I could not find a working solution. I've already tried updating the reCAPTCHA and Captcha modules to a newer version. Also trying to update the Drupal core.

Any suggestions?

I use Drupal Core 8.5.8 and ReCaptcha 8.x-2.3

Structured data from Google to business vs. "Google My Business"

From my perspective, there are two ways in which you can share information about your business / organization with Google:

  1. Use structured data on your site like "organization" and "
    Local Business "
  2. Register your organization and data in Google My Business.

I see that these data overlap strongly. So I think these are essentially all the data for the Google Knowledge Graph.

What's the difference for me as a website and business owner? Which method should be preferred? Or should I do both with data as similar as possible?
This is fine for basic information, but should I keep details such as business hours in both ways, structured data, and the Google My Business profile?

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