Force Close – "Google Play Services Stop Time and Again"

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SEO – Google's Structured Data on Business Compared to "Google My Business"

For best search engine optimization, the typical small business owner would probably like to use Google My Business and forget the structured data. For the most part, Google only really cares about structured company data of larger brands, so that the integration of structured data does not bring tangible SEO benefits.

That is, the implementation of structured data has no disadvantages. If your business is big enough, Google will focus on getting rich snippets and even knowledge graphs.

However, as a rule of thumb for a local business (of minor national / international importance), I would use Google My Business and not care about structured data.

Field syntax "Google Sheets / Pivot Table Editor / Filter / Filter By Condition / Custom Formula Is"

When I create a pivot table in Google Sheets, there is one Pivot Table Editor I can use to configure the pivot table.

The bottom of the editor's interface is filter (which allows me to add filters). If I add a filter, I have to select a column from the source data. After I have selected a column, I am able Filter by condition and Filter by values,

By values is simple enough – it presents a checklist. Under the condition works well with options like Contains text and Text ends with, But the last option in the by values List is Custom formula is, This option interests me, but is not fully documented on the Help page (

What is the syntax of the formula? How do I reference the line in the source area of ​​the pivot table to which the filter is applied? I did a test that I attend = M3 = 5 and if I set the value 5 to cell M3 of the worksheet where the pivot table is located (not the worksheet that contains the source area), then the filter is all-passed, otherwise it is not passable. What is the meaning of it? How do I relate to the value of the cell in question? That would be very useful! Then I could use a formula like = AND(!="Financial", !="Income") and other such constructs, but at the moment it is (the Custom formula is Option) is almost useless.

Authentication – How secure is it to use "Google Docs long url" as an authentication scheme for orders in my online store?

For the sake of simplicity, I would like to create an authentication scheme "Google Docs long url" for my Internet shop for the users instead of the complete authentication with login and password. So you can view, track and possibly change your own orders:{view|edit|etc}

The very_long_and_random_string_here will have about 50 characters. It will be unique for each order.

The page contains the e-mail address and the date of the user. The very confidential information is not displayed in clear text, it is partially displayed, partially hidden.

Is this URL authentication scheme secure enough?

Are there any reservations? Is there serious No no

Note that my question is different from: How unlikely is a Google Doc link guessed?

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