Can a cleric "multi class" between domains? [duplicate]

I have a player asking me if there is a mechanic that would allow them to take on a second domain, much in the same way a player can multi class. My gut here is no and I am contemplating instead finding out which 2 domains they wish to combine and then forming my own homebrew deity and domain that takes aspects of each, but not everything. But is there a RAW way that a player could take on multiple domains as a cleric?

Hash – is the password manager "Multi One Password" secure?

Is the password manager "Multi One Password" secure?

The tool side states that the tool "does not store passwords locally on users' computers or in the cloud."

How safe do you think the tool is?

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evf – How to activate the "Multi Mode Viewfinder" setting on the Fujifilm X-T1?

The Fujifilm website documents an "advanced feature" called the "multi-mode viewfinder". This allows the use of various search modes with the terms "Full", "Normal", "Vertical" and "Dual".

Dual is particularly interesting:

In "DUAL" mode of the viewfinder, you can view the subject differently than through a conventional optical viewfinder. In manual focus, Dual displays a split screen that lets you see both a normal view of the scene and focus-assisting view (Focus Peaking and Digital Split Image Focus) simultaneously, making focusing easy and accurate.

Dual mode

After searching forums and other sites on the Internet, I could not determine how to enable this setting. Going through all the different menus of the camera has also brought nothing to light.

Does anyone know how to turn it on?