Hey Liberals —– It's been THREE YEARS ago —– open or EXCLUDE !!! —– "WHERE IS THE PROOF AGAINST TRUMPF?"

Here's an overlooked point (from people like you). , , "The evidence" is piling up (instead of being "put on the table") as Trump constantly commits new violations. , , He steers the Müller report in his direction and then initiates an "investigation" to denigrate the same Müller report that "relieved" him. , , then he is sure of the "presidential immunity" and while he is squeaking about the "Russian collusion" he is encouraged to further develop the "presidential immunity" and presidential power with the cause of Ukraine.

And meanwhile, regardless of the legal letter (or "evidence"), it behaves like an irresponsible, rude, rude, and raw person you need to defend, which will certainly affect your ethical point of view, regardless of what you say about the " other side".

"Where do I start if I want to make money online?"

Many people probably face this very question. And it can be difficult to answer.

There are many ways to make money online – but which one works best for you as an entrepreneur?

It must be something that appeals to your interests, but also happens to be profitable.

What tips do my DP colleagues have? I recently published an article that talks a bit about it, but it's not extensive.

Bottom up!

applescript – script that searches for apps while the window is open and asks for "Where is Electron" in Electron apps

I have a script that prints the package IDs for all apps with windows open. When an Electron app is open (for example, VSCode), the script asks for "Where is Electron?" And displays all apps in the application folder except Electron apps. How can I solve this problem?

The code:

Set bundles to {}
Report the application "System Events"
Set names to get the name of each process whose visibility is true
Tell the end
Repeat with name in name
Set bundles to bundles & ID of application name
Repeat end

postgresql – Postgres – Using an alias for subquery projections in a "FROM clause" on a "WHERE clause" does not work

For example, if you have a table to store users of your application, call these users with the two fields "ID" and "E-mail."

Select the ID and send it by e-mail
from (
Select ID, send e-mail
of users
where electronic_mail = & # 39; & # 39;

Postgres complain that

ERROR: column "electronic_mail" does not exist

Disclaimer: This example is deliberately simple and stupid, just to indicate the problem that arises. You can imagine that I have to think through a json column. I think an array of complex elements to get a single scalar value of each. (I can share some code if you want to see it).

This is quite strange for me, because I really do not understand what the complication would be, probably something is not aware of me. As far as I work with Postgres, the alias columns can be easily used in a where clause.