raid – SSD and MegaRAID 9271 today?

I happened to get new server that equipped with LSI 9271-4i RAID card with BBU and 1 Gb of onboard cache, and two SSDs in mirror on it.

Surprise for me, this well know RAID card have no firmware updates since 2015 or so, and I really wonder if it can handle SSDs well, including TRIM support and awareness on SSD state/health.

If I suspect right, SSD support is not there, so I afraid I’ll get disk without proper alignment as well?

Mind to share you ideas on this. I can not deny this card, and I’ll use Debian 10 on this server if it does any difference.

windows – Rebuild Fake RAID on dual boot system

I installed Ubuntu 18.04 as a second OS on a computer which had Windows 7 already installed. The computer had an Intel RST FakeRAID level 5. After a good deal of messing around, I finally followed the instructions in the top answer to this question. This worked fine… until one of my hard drives failed.

I replaced the drive, and booted into Windows, where I rebuilt the RAID volume with Intel Rapid Storage Technology.

Now Windows boots and functions perfectly fine, but Ubuntu will not boot.

According to this page, mdadm is supposed to be able to handle Intel RST. So why doesn’t the rebuild work for both operating systems? What is the correct way to rebuild a Fake RAID on a dual boot system?

hetzner software raid 1 failure

Hi guys

Today some of websites are gone. I checked my server and found 1 year old data.

It seemed like somebody replaced the server with 1 year old backup.

After contacting hetzner they told me that your drive is missing and has to be replaced.


Will I be able to see my data if the drive is replaced?

Since I was using software raid 1, shouldn;t both drives be synced with no data loss?

What is safest way to recover broken software raid 1.

appreciate your guidance.

Windows freezes when accessing optical drive when SATA mode is set to RAID

I have a Asus X570-E motherboard with a couple drives connected in raid on the SATA bus. I’ve set the SATA mode from AHCI to RAID, and configured the raid successfully.

However, today when I connected an Optical Drive I’ve discovered that having the SATA mode set to RAID and having an Optical drive causes Windows to freeze and crash whenever accessing the disk. Not bluescreen or produce an error, but freeze Windows Explorer and various other programs until I hard restart, or wait a good 5 minutes. I.E. Opening windows explorer, opening device manager, opening VLC and attempting to play the disc, or anything else that might cause windows to poll the Disc Drive.

Turning off RAID on the motherboard causes the disc drive to work normal, and setting it as disabled in device manager will also avoid issues. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to keep my discs in a RAID, and have my disc drive work?

My Disc Drive is a Pioneer BDR-207D, with updated firmware and using the generic CDROM driver from Windows (6/21/2006). Has anyone had this problem before? What workarounds would you suggest while keeping my discs in a RAID?

raid – How to connect additional drives to HBA controller?

I have a HBA 330 IT controller which has 2×4 12 Gbit/s SAS (or 6 Gbit/s SATA) ports, available through two SFF-8643 mini-SAS ports. Though it has only 8 ports, it can aparently support up to 32 drives. I wonder, how would I connect more than 8 drives?

I use it together with WD Red 8TB (cmr) drives for a FreeNas RAID-Z.

Currently I have 4 of these SATA drives attached at one of the two mini-SAS ports.

now I would like o add 8 more drives (for a total of 12 drives).

I have an 8-drive enclosure that has two backplanes, each of which can be attached through one SFF-8087 connector.

So, here are my questions:

  • how do I split from one 4-lane SFF-8643 connecor (on the conroller side) to two 4-lane SFF-8087 connectors (one for each backplane)?

  • since the SAS ports provide 12 Gbit/s per lane and my SATA drives only use 6 Gbit/s per lane, can I expect for these 8 SATA drives sitting on one SFF-8643 to perform equally well as the other 4 drives sitting on the oher SFF-8643 port?

  • is it okay to place all 12 drives into the same RAID-Z2 array, even though 4 of them are directly connected to one of the ports, while the other 8 are connected through some sort of splitter to the other port?

  • is his kosher?

raid – How I can see all the hard drives in the HP dl360 G8 server

First, I'm new to the server field.
I bought used HP dl360 for the home laboratory. When the seller said it had 3TB. When I checked from home I only see 2TB and I asked this seller and he told me that I need to configure Raid 0 to see another 1TB. I honestly have no idea about raid.
As I said, Raid 5 is configured.
I appreciate your help very much.
Thanks a lot

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