What are the main Google ranking factors?

What are the main Google ranking factors?

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  1. What are the main Google ranking factors?

    Please share some facts and ways to do it

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Is off-page SEO like commenting on blogs and backlinking still suitable for ranking on Google?

Not really. These links do not work for the following reasons:

1. These have been highlighted by Google as spam or "black hat" linking techniques
2. For these links, as well as other links from blogs, etc., rel = "nofollow" commands were usually set up to prevent those links from being "counted".
3. These are blog comments, the flow of trust from these forums and blog posts is initially low, so it's not worth it.

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Increase your ranking for any website or blog profile. More social signals, backlinks and websites with high domain authorization. Links are not everything in search engine optimization, but search experts attribute a large portion of search engine-related factors to algorithms. Professional search engine optimization when measuring the value and profile of a website.

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Create a unique article for your blog FULL with keywords to improve your ranking in Google for $ 10

Create a unique article for your blog FULL with keywords to improve your ranking in Google

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How to improve website ranking with on-page SEO?

In search engine optimization, on-page optimization refers to factors that affect your website or the collection of Web pages in natural search results. These factors are controlled by you or by coding on your page. Examples of on-page optimization include actual HTML code, meta tags, keyword placement, and keyword density.

On-page search engine optimization
1st page title
2. Meta descriptions
3. Meta tags
4. URL structure
5. Body tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.)
6. Keyword density
7. Image SEO
8. Internal linking

I hope it helps.

Why is link building important for ranking in SEO?

No, any kind of link building is not important for the SEO ranking. If you create links incorrectly, it will be harmful to your site. No-follow spam backlinks created by commenting low-quality blogs can never be important to SEO rankings. Rather, they make your website spammed and punishable by major search engines.

Therefore, creating high-quality links is important to the search engine optimization ranking, as it increases your DA, PA, and traffic to your site. In addition, search engines are informed that your website is supported by authorized websites.

Keyword Ranking – Social Media Marketing (SMM)


You've already heard about SEO and wondered why you want SEO for your business. SEO is not the latest trend in online marketing, but the continuous and continuous process.

If you want to run the online business and compete, SEO is the best option for you. There are so many reasons to run your company's SEO. So strap on and let's understand why Seo is important.

Importance of SEO?


Everything you want to get more leads for your business without spending money advertising your product. This can only be done through SEO. Whenever people are looking for your product or service, you should be at the forefront of search. This is the best way to gain people's trust. In this way, you can go straight to the people who are already looking for your business or services.

This is done only by search engine optimization. The key point is, the more you optimize your service, the more customers find it. If you're new and unfamiliar with SEO, it's best to hire a good SEO agency that works for you.

2. traffic generation

Traffic generation is directly proportional to visibility because you know visibility is disregarded. In order to generate more traffic for you, it is best to achieve a top result. It helps to build the trust of the people.

SEO helps you achieve the best result. In terms of your services, SEO includes various techniques such as image optimization, keyword analysis, content optimization, videos, etc.

3. Demographic targeting

If you are doing business in Maharashtra and are getting a request for the Banglore, it is quite difficult to convert this request. But what happens if you receive requests for service from your area. It will easily turn them into trusted customers. So to get the right customers, it's best to be visible in your area. This is done only by SEO to get accurate knowledge about the SEO contact to Best SEO Services in your area.

4. Branding

We all know that branding is everything these days, visibility is directly proportional to branding. If you want to be known for your product, you should be visible to customers. We already know that Google is everything nowadays and the ranking on the first page is the blessing for the services. SEO companies will do this for the minimum cost.

5. Minimum costs

Spending on marketing is a big concern for businesses nowadays. It is the dream of every company to achieve the best result with minimal cost. Getting the best marketing SEO result is the best option for you.

6. Exposure

SEO gives your business more attention to your brand at a minimal cost. Greater awareness of your product on Google helps social media to increase customer confidence. Search gives you the best visibility of your product for a specific customer.

7. Insights of the customer

SEO helps you understand what customers are looking for, what they are looking for on your site, which pages they are looking for, etc. To find out more, hire SEO experts for your business.

8. ROI

The business is essentially focused on the return on capital. With SEO you achieve a higher return on investment. Advertising costs and marketing require more investment and time to achieve a result. So SEO ROI is more than any other marketing strategy.

9. Advance in competition

SEO helps you track your competitor's activity and the latest trends in the market to stay ahead of the market. Even if the competitors do not optimize, there is a greater likelihood that the customer will be ranked and named.

10. Measurable results

Last but not least, SEO delivers the best and most measurable result within a very short time. If you want an accurate result with minimal time, SEO is the best option for your business. It is advisable to hire an SEO agency to get the best results for your business.


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