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sql – Ranking of zombie killers

As heads-up we have very different formatting styles for our code. You can ignore this difference and not consider it a comment on your style (unless you prefer, in which case please do so).


I do not like using short aliases for tables. I have never seen a single point and it is increasingly difficult for me to understand. You can get simple aliases (eg. q -> questions or a -> answers) for very few characters.

I also like it very much if every column of my output has an actual name, making it easier to understand. In that case I would alias COUNT(*) as (Zombie Kill Count) or so.

You can also use the alias in yours ORDER BYwhich I find conceptually easier to understand.


One thing that strikes me is that you use a feature in yours WHERE Clause. This can cause the cardinality estimator to retrieve Really Confused (I do not know if SEDE is still using the old cardinality estimator, if so, this problem is magnified), and you may have some less than ideal query plans. One way to avoid this is to not include your column in the function. For example instead:

  FROM Posts
  WHERE DATEDIFF( MONTH, CreationDate, @startDate ) > 1;

You could do that

  FROM Posts
  WHERE CreationDate < DATEADD( MONTH, -1, @startDate );

In this way, the cardinality estimator can use the available statistics for that CreationDate Column without confusing it with the function.

If you group by a value that does not add a new level of granularity (Users.DisplayName does not really change the grouping) it can be more efficient to use an aggregate there; You get the same result but a cheaper grade.

SELECT MAX( u.DisplayName ) -- I'm cheaper than grouping on me

Play around with the APPLY Operator can also be fun; I have often seen how it went better than one NOT EXISTSlike so (with a GoodAnswers.Id IS NULL in that WHERE Clause to get an exclusive outer application). Note - this has not been tested, so YMMV. APPLY It can be quite situational, but I always enjoy writing it.

                FROM Posts OldAnswers
                WHERE OldAnswers.ParentId = Questions.Id
                  AND OldAnswers.CreationDate < @startDate
                  AND OldAnswers.Score > 0 
                ORDER BY ( SELECT NULL ) ) GoodAnswers

Overall, I have come up with something like this.

DECLARE @startDate date;
SET @startDate = CONVERT( datetime, '2019-07-21' );

       MAX( Answerers.DisplayName ) (Answerer Name),
       COUNT( * ) (Zombie Kill Count)
  FROM Posts Questions
    INNER JOIN Posts Answers
      ON Questions.Id = Answers.ParentId
    INNER JOIN Users Answerers
      ON Answers.OwnerUserId = Answerers.Id
                    FROM Posts OldAnswers
                    WHERE OldAnswers.ParentId = Questions.Id
                      AND OldAnswers.CreationDate < @startDate
                      AND OldAnswers.Score > 0
                    ORDER BY ( SELECT NULL )) GoodAnswers
  WHERE Questions.PostTypeId = 1
    -- Target old questions with new answers
    AND Questions.CreationDate < DATEADD( MONTH, -1, @startDate )
    AND Answers.Score > 0
    AND Answers.CreationDate > @startDate
    -- That didn't already have a good answer
    AND GoodAnswers.Id IS NULL
    -- Remove low quality/closed/deleted/community owned questions
    AND Questions.Score >= 0
    AND Questions.ClosedDate IS NULL
    AND Questions.CommunityOwnedDate IS NULL
    AND Questions.DeletionDate IS NULL
  GROUP BY Answerers.Id
  ORDER BY (Zombie Kill Count) DESC;

Some additional hints:

  • Unfortunately, I found it difficult to find information about the available ones
    Indexes on SEDE. The best resource I found was this post. It
    does not list indices on the Posts Table, although we have
    one on Users.Id, As such, there are no great suggestions that I have
    because this is followed; You probably do it as well as you can.
  • You have a pretty long time WHERE Clause goes on; That's probably going to dilute cardinality even more, but I do not see any sense

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What are the main Google ranking factors?

What are the main Google ranking factors?

+ Answer on thread

  1. What are the main Google ranking factors?

    Waiting for the suggestions


  2. -Rankbrain
    Speed ​​of the website
    -Domain Authority

  3. – Content
    – Backlinks
    – Relevance

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Search engines – Has done everything to optimize the SEO ranking of the site, but the site is not displayed

I have created a business website for one of my clients. The client offers young people and families therapeutic and behavioral services that address developmental, emotional and behavioral challenges.

The company is called Progressive Option Support Services. The customer wanted to tweak the site so that it appears at the top of Google's search results when searching for "Progressive Option Support Services." I have no prior knowledge of SEO, so I've followed a few blogs and articles on how to improve and implement the website's search ranking. Some of the things I did were:

  1. Use of the h1 tag on the website
  2. Provide a correct meta description, title, etc. for the site
  3. Make sure that there are no broken links.
  4. Give the alt attribute of an HTML pixel a correct value.
  5. Create a sitemap.xml and send it to the Google Search Console.
  6. Create a robots.txt file
  7. Make sure that the site has no problems with canonicalization.
  8. With the keywords that the customer wants to associate with the company on the website and the meta-description.

However, when the customer searches for "Progressive Option Support Services," the first thing they get is the Progressive Insurance website. It is not sponsored advertising, it is the actual progressive insurance website.

However, if you google "Progressive Leasing," you'll see the following search result:

Enter image description here

So I think the SEO optimization that I did for the site does not work. When I google "Progressive Option Support Services" in my browser, the website I created is displayed.

Enter image description here

So I do not know why the customer sees Progressive Insurance's website at the top of the search results while I see the actual website. The client and I are in different geographic regions (New Jersey, USA and Mumbai, India). Maybe that's the deciding factor in why she sees the insurance company and not me. But according to this logic, when looking for "progressive leasing," she sees the result for progressive leasing (the first picture).

Another question I had was how to display my search results as shown by Progressive Leasing, d. H. The sitmap below the search result?

Here is the github link to the website code:

Any suggestions and / or changes that help make the site appear are greatly appreciated.

Thank you all.

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